Nada WRC 2010

Nada bows out for a break

Nada Matic has been a big and important part of the IRF’s rafting world since the start of 2012. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to her as she steps back from the IRF’s media position.

Nada became a part of the IRF’s media team purely through her love of the sport. Sue Liell-Cock describes how it came about. “I started receiving great recommendations of pictures to post on our Facebook page, and this then grew into a lasting working relationship with Nada with her eventually becoming the IRF Media Representative. Our Facebook following would not be where it is now if it hadn’t been for her dedication to rafting!”

As a past competitor she knew what it was like from the paddlers’ side. Many of you will be familiar with her presence at events, particularly the events in Europe. Armed with camera and a purposeful stride, Nada would capture the action with photos and video, and ensure these were shared far and wide for all to enjoy. She worked tirelessly with teams to write about them for our website. And she was always there in the background sharing the crucial information that we all needed.

Nada sums up her time with the IRF:

“It was a crazy journey from the beginning. The craziest, most unusual thing I’ve done so far. I was guided by incredible love for this sport. I met the world, I fell in love with many rivers, teams, rafters, gained many friends, gathered incredible experiences, we grew up and evolved together, I learned so many new things, but now is time to see what life will bring to me next.

Since life has connected us on the most unusual ways, sometimes under the most unusual

circumstances, it remains to see how it will do it again, and when we’ll meet again. :) So, let love lead you to everything you decide, be happy and well, stay safe, enjoy rafting and until we meet again.


The IRF thanks YOU Nada! We will forever be in your debt. We wish you well on your next adventure and hope to see you in a raft soon, whether it is for fun or for racing. Do visit us at one of our events in the future.