China welcomes raft racers

China welcomes raft racers from across the globe

China welcomes raft racers with two great events on offer this (Northern Hemisphere) Summer!

China is hosting two IRF events this Summer – both are subsidised and offer great prize monies. Summary details below – the Ziyuan Rafting Festival is now open for registration!


Ziyuan Rafting Festival

The Wupai River (home of the 2016 Guilin IRF World Cup) will be host to four days of racing and include raft racing, SUP and dragon boat racing! An event not to be missed!

R4 Raft racing will be in Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories only. Up to 15 international teams are invited to participate (minimum 10 teams required). Racing will be in accordance with IRF Category C Race Rules. Total prize pool is approximately $24,000 USD!!!

China welcomes raft racers to this “invitational event” – all flights, accommodation, transfers and meals will be covered by the organisers. The event runs from 27th June to 01st July inclusive.
IRF Ziyuan 2018 Information Letter

If your team are interested to attend, complete the IRF 2018 Ziyuan Rafting Festival – REGISTRATION FORM and return it before Friday, 11th May.


China welcomes raft racersYuShu Rafting World Cup

China welcomes raft racers to this Tibetan plateau event. This event will be hosted over five days of training and racing. It is STRONGLY recommended for teams to arrive an additional one or two days early in order to adjust to the altitude. The World Cup will take place from 09th August to 13th August inclusive.

R4 racing will take place in Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories. Up to 15 international times are invited to attend.

Subsidies are offered for this competition – the subsidy will cover approximately 75-80% of costs (dependent on flight and accommodation choices). Subsidies will be paid on arrival to YuShu.

Further details will be shared and registration will open in the next two weeks. If you have questions until then, send us an email.