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Pantheon foundation invites you to unofficial European Kids Rafting Championship

Our  idea is to support and enlighten rafting among teenagers in the whole of Europe. Modern-day life styles are suppressing enthusiasm for active sports, so we gave ourselves a commitment to motivate and attract more kids and teenagers to active sports.

Rafting is a unique collective sport, which is connecting physical movement with a positive approach to nature. With this project we intend to support rafters who already have their families involved and want to involve their relatives into this beautiful sport. We would be grateful if you will come to support our unique project. We are open to new ideas and suggestions to make this project better.

  • Date: 2.-7. July 2018 (during IRF Euro Champs)
  • Location: Bratislava – Čunovo, Slovakia
  • Organizer: Pantheon Foundation
  • Head of competition: Michal Černý – Slovakia
  • Category: R4 Kids
  • Age: 10-15
  • Disciplines: R4: Sprint, Slalom (Every raft will have its own Guide which will be guiding the raft if needed.)

The water sport channel (the Divoká voda complex) is located 20km from our capital city, Bratislava. The range of difficulty of the channel is class 3 – 4. The channel is built right on the river Danube. The temperature of the water in July is 21°C and the air temperature is approximately 30°C .

For better understanding we are adding the map of the complex. We are focusing the championship mainly on the left channel of the complex.

  • Entry fee: 50€
  • Raft and equipment:  Rafts accessibility/ Rafts will be provided by the organizer. Any other necessary equipment is required by the participants.
  • Accommodation: Will be provided by the organizer for a fee
  • Schedule: The exact time of the races will be added later (depending on the number contestants). The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule.
  • Contact: Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

For more information visit our Facebook page: