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Nikki Kelly voted as Chair of the new IRF Athletes’ Commission

The IRF Athletes’ Commission is one of the recent changes to the IRF Bylaws, and the Chair of this commission would be a member of the Board of Directors (BOD). This first commission, as per Bylaws, was appointed by the BOD. From next year on this commission will be voted for by the athletes themselves.

The 7 members then voted for who the Chair would be. Here is the list of members of the IRF Athletes’ Commission and here are their bios:

  1. Nikki Kelly (Chair)
  2. Ales Danek (Vice-Chair)
  3. Fieke Reijntjies
  4. Ine Skjorten
  5. Lucas da Silva
  6. John Ancito
  7. Keita Yagisawa

Well done to Nikki and we look forward to seeing what this commission can achieve for the athletes – as a new commission they have the daunting task of getting everything off the ground. Any athletes who would like to make suggestions to this commission can contact Nikki directly. Here is a link to Nikki’s acceptance video for the International Whitewater Hall of Fame award.

As per Bylaw 47 – the duties and election of the IRF Athletes’ Commission is as follows:


  1. To represent the athletes in the sports related decision making bodies of the IRF.
  2. To act as a mediator between active athletes and the IRF Organisms.
  3. To represent the athletes in sport related meetings of the IRF Administrative Committees and Sub-Committees.
  4. To form the official opinion of the athletes concerning actual issues and to pass resolutions of the athletes.
  5. To work for the athletes’ representation in the IRF Member Organisations.
  6. To appoint when necessary, a spokesperson to represent the athletes during IRF Competitions.
  7. All proposals by the Athletes’ Commission are ratified by the IRF Board of Directors.


  1. Three (3) representatives from the European Region, two (2) representatives from the Pan American Region and two (2) representatives from the Australasia Region elected by athletes from their respective regions.
  2. The election shall take place during the IRF World Championships.
  3. The election process and the counting of the votes will be monitored by an independent individual.
  4. The Athletes’ Commission Chair is elected from amongst its elected members.
  5. IRF Member Organisations will be informed about the election three (3) months prior to the World Championships, and the candidates must be presented to the IRF at least 30 days prior to the World Championships.

Current details of the IRF Athletes’ Commission are found here.