New H2H format tested out at Pre-Worlds

The report back from Pre-Worlds as to the running of the new-format H2H is all good! See video …

Joe Willie Jones is there and had this to say:

“The spectators loved it… a very good show with lots of contact at the buoys. A few surprises … good strategies trumped strength on a number of occasions. Even before the race there was an immediate change as teams carefully scouted the course to plan their strategies.

What made it even more interesting is that Argentina ran their National Selections H2H the previous day – so we had the old and new format to compare in quick succession. It was night and day to compare them on every metric. The difference in the reactions between the two systems was extreme. The old system scarcely got a reaction. The new system had everyone shouting through the entire run. Spectators loved it.

During the Captain’s meeting I asked everyone their opinion of how the two systems compared. All agreed that it was better or much better than before.”

This a great confirmation that this is the right direction to be going – we look forward to the future of the H2H!