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Pre-WRC in Argentina begins on Wednesday

The strong crystal-clear waters of the Alumine and Ruca Choroi rivers will test the sporty spirit, discipline, camaraderie, energy and sacrifice of the best athletes of the world and national Rafting.

Natural springs coming from the Andes Mountains in Moquehue, flow into Moquehue and Aluminé Lakes in Villa Pehuenia. Pure running water passes by Lonco Luan and Aluminé and become the tributary of Aluminé River together with the Ruca Choroi River. These two majestic and energetic rivers have become the venues of the Rafting Pre-World Argentina in the province of Neuquén.

White waters with powerful and challenging rapids flow across incredible landscapes formed by ancient Araucaria Araucana forests. That is why Alumine and Collon Cura Rivers are the ideal sceneries to enjoy rafting.

The localities of Aluminé, Lonco Luan and Villa Pehuenia-Moquehue are proud to receive the Pre-World Rafting Championship 2017 from 1st to 5th November, which will allow sportspeople, visitors and rafting-fans to discover these incredible landscapes, see the best rafting athletes compete together and “live the strength of the river”.

12 teams, 7 countries, 4 Continents

11 international teams from the Czech Republic, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Brazil and locals from Argentina will test their power against the spirited Aluminé and Ruca Choroi.

The Brazilian Open Men’s rafting team, who have recently been crowned as World Champions for the 7th time, will come to Argentina to get to know the waters of the rivers Aluminé and Ruca Choroi and the wonders of the landscapes of the Andes.

Mexico will be represented by their Open Men’s team. Chile will cross the mountain range with its Open Men and Women’s teams from Pucón. From Oceania, Australia will present its Open Women’s team. Japan, recent organizers of the World Rafting Champs – Japan 2017, will be represented by their Open Women and Men’s teams. The Czech Republic wants to be present and that is why their Open Men’s team will be measured in the waters of our rivers. Brazil will be present with 2 Under 23 Women’s teams and 3 Open Men’s teams. And finally, we have the local Argentinian teams.

The Pre-World Championship is organized by the Municipalities of Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia-Moquehue; the Ministry of Production and Tourism of the Province of Neuquén; the Sub-secretary of Tourism of the Province of Neuquén; the Andes Aluminum Club; the Argentine Rafting Association and the Catalan Mapuche Community under the control of the International Rafting Federation (IRF).vince of Neuquén and the financing of the Federal Investment Council (CFI), through COPADE.


  • Campana Dos (Official transport of the event)
  • Corralón EpuHueney
  • Posada la Escondida
  • Cabañas Moquehue
  • Eliel
  • Ferretería Don Cirilo
  • Complejo Don Cirilo
  • Alvall
  • Cabañas Paso de los Andes

In addition, the event is sponsored by the National Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR); the Government of the Province of Neuquén and the financing of the Federal Investment Council (CFI) through COPADE.