Indonesian Masters Women Ready to Compete at WRC Japan 2017

“The Indonesian Masters Women Team consists of Veronica Moeliono (54),  Amy Kadarhutami (53),  Diah Bisono (52), Amalia Yunita (50),  Mieranda Wimar (50),  Tense Manalu (43),  Sarah Sagita Harmoun (41) and Inge Sianturi (43) as team manager. The team was trained by Andi Suherli, the national paddler who once raced for Indonesia in the 2007 World Cup in Korea where his team was nicknamed “The Rising Star” – the following year the same team achieved the Runner Up position in Japan”

Here’s their story: 

The Indonesian Masters Women Rafting Team have trained together since the end of 2016 and were successful at the National Championship in February 2017. The team trained at Citarik Sukabumi River under Andi Suherli, a former national athlete. (FAJI dock)

The team have been practicing intensely since the beginning of the year after they reached the podium at the National Championships. In addition to the Masters Women team, Indonesian teams this competition also includes Masters Men,  U23, U19, both men and women, totalling seven squads. 

Indonesia began to compete at the WRC in 2001 where they achieved  a rank of 11th. 2014 became a marked year as Indonesia  managed to enter the top 10, ranked seventh. When the WRC 2015 was held in Sukabumi, Indonesia, they achieved 23 medals with three of them gold.  At that time Indonesia ranked fourth in the world, under Brazil, New Zealand and Russia.

The Indonesian Masters Women started selections in December 2016. At the national championship (24-28 February 2017) the team earned their place as the national team. The team had daily physical exercises as well as weekly technique training at Citarik River, Sukabumi.  

The team consists of activists and founders of the national federation of Indonesia are now ready to compete. The women’s team of eight were adventure practitioners in their teens. At the youthful ages of 40 they reunited to campaign for Lupus – a common disease for women. They formed Female Trekkers for Lupus and travelled for charity to Everest base camp in 2005. They then continued to Kenya and Ecuador to climb and Lupus Syyah in 12 Indonesian mountains.

Each member of Masters Women team were member of their campus outdoor activities club. They were rafting athletes in the 80s and 90s. This friendship also resulted in a synergy to build the Indonesian Rafting Federation (FAJI). Some become caretakers and others developed careers in other adventure disciplines. FAJI itself managed to bring rafting as a competition event in the National Olympic meet. In addition to the sports world, one of FAJI’s main focuses are river conservation activities such as a carbon footprint removal program.

Competition in the Masters Women category will be very strong this year. The Czech Republic, Japan and New Zealand are very strong opponents. A category that is more and more difficult year on year. Obviously no one wants to retire – it is our pleasure to see that Indonesia joined this group, we wish you a good stroke and a good time in Japan.