World Cup Rafting – Guilin, China 2017

The second World Cup this year will be held in China, on the Wupai River, Ziyuan County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, from 16 to 21 August.

Teams from Czech, Serbia, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Russia, Hungary and Italy will compete in this event.

Here is a schedule for the event:

Milos Djurdjevic

For many this is their first time travelling to China, so we asked Milos Djurdjevic (SRB OM) what he is expecting from this competition?

We are very glad to participate in this competition. Serbian team “VIR” that just returned from the China Wubu Competition, and who also participated in the World Cup China last year, brought back with them unforgettable impressions from the competition. So we decided to sign up and try out all of this. China’s culture, history and architecture has always been fascinating to us, and the ability to paddle on new rivers is a challenge we don’t won to miss.” 

Ales Danek from the CZE OM team was in China last year, and we asked him how that was and what he expects this year?

“We are going to WC China in a little bit of an improvised team. Only two members of standard (RT Hiko), but two very good paddlers who are our members of the R6 team. We had a great experience last year at the World Cup in Tibet and paddling and competing at nearly 4.000m above sea level. :) We don’t expect a big competition like in Euro Champs or World Champs … most teams are aiming to be in Japan at the R6 WRC, so they will miss this event. I thing it will be a very nice trip to Guilin and their mountains. Hope there will be interesting and clean rivers with some good waves :) …. and we’ll try to win :)))”

Next World Cup will be Pre-Worlds – Argentina, so follow the link and see how the organiser is helping teams to get to the Pre-Worlds. ;)