New Generation – Germany’s U19 Men’s team

The feeling of going to a WRC competition out weighs the feeling of going to any other competition; and Jonas Hegge, Noah Brauneis, Noah Hegge, Sebastian Bundt  with the help of the one and only Coach: Peter Micheler, will have the honour to compete under the German flag in the upcoming R4 World Rafting Championship in Al Ain, UAE, for the first time.

ger-u19-2016-2For us it is always a pleasure to introduce a new team onto the rafting scene, especially one that is just beginning its career. So we contacted them to see what their hopes and expectations are and to start monitoring their career.  

Jonas, going to the World Championship is an unreal dream of many teams, what does it mean to you getting this opportunity?

To participate in this World Championships is a big step for us as a young and new team. Paddling in Al Ain is quite nice so we’re highly motivated to do our best on the channel.”

Where did you get the idea to start rafting?

Our coach Peter Micheler initialised the U19 Team. He was asking us and we agreed immediately. Going to the WRC and rafting together is a great thing.

Being represented in the IRF story about the teams is a nice thing because we are represented and we can read about the other teams participating the WRC.”

Do you have any other paddling experience?

We’re all former canoe slalom athletes so the white water is our home ;)”

ger-u19-2016What do you like about rafting?

Paddling together and to be one team in and outside of the raft.”

Which discipline do you enjoy the most?

The H2H discipline because of the direct contact with the other teams.”

What is most difficult for you?

The Downriver”

How often do you train, and where?

“We’re training most of our time on the “Eiskanal” in Augsburg sometimes on the river Lech. In average we train 3 to 4 times in a week since two month when we found our U19 WRC Team.”

What do you expect to learn from this experience?

Because we’re a newly formed team we need as much experience as possible. We’ll see how strong and good we are compared to all the other teams and improve ourselves. Furthermore, the WRC is a big opportunity to meet other people of the world doing rafting, that’s great.”

Is there anything in particular you want to see and experience in the UAE?

Definitely the Jebel Hafeet”

Sponsors that you want to thank?

Thanks Jonas and enjoy your first WRC!

As opponents these youngsters will have the guys from Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Slovakia and Turkey. Some of them are beginners, others with experience from the ERC and the WRC competitions. A good background of these young men will help them fight for the title. The experience gained with the WRC competition is invaluable,  and since this is the first one for them, we wish them a good stroke and an unforgettable time in UAE.