Great Britain walk away with three Golds!

GBR1 Open Women – two Golds!

It was a good day for Great Britain at the Euro Rafting Champs today.

Today was Sprint and H2H for the Open teams. The GBR 1 and 2 Open Women’s teams won Gold and Silver in the Sprint and the GBR 1 team won Gold in the H2H. In the Open Men’s GBR 2 took Silver in the Sprint and GBR 1 took Gold in the H2H!

Italy 1 took the Bronze in the Open Women’s Sprint, showing that this is an up and coming team. SLO 1 took the Gold in the Open Men’s Sprint and RUS 1 took the bronze.

CZE 2 and RUS 1 took the remaining two medals respectively in the Open Women’s H2H and in the Open Men’s it was RUS 1 and CZE 1 with Silver and Bronze respectively, both these countries adding to their collection of medals from yesterday.

And here is a classic case of “Never Give Up” – ITA 1 Open Women seemed to be on their way to victory when they had a brief and unexpected surf in a rapid. This gave ITA2 an opportunity to over take and so move on to the next round! See video.

ERC all openResults:


Video: OC,