Euro Cups – they are open for all international teams!!!

Have I ever mentioned how lucky we Europeans are because we have the Euro Cup series and the Euro Rafting Champs each year to attend? Yes I have, I’m sure, probably many, many times. But it is a fact that we are very proud of.

But do you know you do not have to live in Europe to take part in the Euro Cup series?

ec1The Euro Cup events are open to ALL international teams!!! So if you are interested in one of these events then bring your team and come compete!

Your team does not have to have participated or been selected at any national competitions, or to all come from the same country, or to be members of your national rafting federation.

Here are the rules that explain it:

IRF Race Rules


  1. ec2Competitors may be of any nationality, country of residence, or Sex.
  2. Competitors and Teams are not required to be members of a National Federation, but it is highly recommended.

Also, at each competition there are teams that come with extra competitors, so even if you do not have enough paddlers, you can always borrow someone and make a complete team …

  1. A Team carries the nationality of the majority of its Team Members. In the case of no majority, the Team Captain shall decide on the nationality.

ec5IRF EC Rules

A.2. Rafting EC is an opportunity for competitors outside their country’s national team to compete together with the national team as well as with national teams of another countries at high quality sporting events.

B.4. Rafting EC is based on rafting at clubs level without any restrictions on teams allowed to participate from the side of the organizer. (Other than safety – the team MUST be able to race on the river safely.)

We are really happy to have these rules. And we will be even happier if all of you outside of Europe come to visit us. So come and enjoy this season with us in another Euro Cup rich season.

ec3Important Links: 

Due to the ease of travel in and around Europe it has been easier for this Cup series to be established. But it is also due to the hard work of each of the event organisers in the different countries who have worked hard to develop their events and so add to this series, as well as clubs that find sponsors to go to the events, the judges and others who take care of protocol, rules, sort results, reporting, mostly volunteers. There are often new competitions being added and old ones returning, never boring, always changing. The Euro Cup Series is a large machine, which can cover 7 months, depending on the season.

ec4The Euro Cup series was established in 2003 and grew little by little. It started with only 4 competitions and was the brain child of Stanislav Hajek, to who we are always grateful, because we can never thank him enough for the wealth that the EC series carries, and what he continues to do for the series.

So, now you know… and there is no reason to not come and enjoy with us.

Welcome! :)