Czech Masters Women make a plea too!

Dear Ladies,

Let me stress that it’s really difficult to get together a team of ladies over 40 who would be willing and would be able to leave their kids and partners for two weeks, cover all costs and join a World Rafting Champs organized on the other side of the World.

Czech Women MastersLast time we (Czech Rep), managed to compose such a team for the R4 WRC Masters in 2012. The event took place in Ceske Vrbne and our team was the only one competing against the Russian Women’s Masters team, pretty successfully I have to say.

So, we’ve decided to put together the women’s masters team again this year. The team is based on active participants of the Czech Cup and we’d like to enjoy the rapids of the Citarik River.

Our team consists of: winner of WRC 2001 (team Tigers), winner of WRC  2005, 2007 and WRC R4 Masters 2012 (team Jezinky), winner of WRC 2001, 2011 and member of Czech WRC women’s team in 2013, 2015 (team Tigers TR Omega), two medallists from WRC R4 Masters in 2012 and medallists from all ERCs organized up to now. Overall – simply ladies who are keen to enjoy white water rafting and former rivalries.

LOGO WRC 2015However, the Czech Rafting Association has got pretty strict rules for financial support of Master’s teams. The limit is at least 5 teams in each category (women and men categories)

This means, there will be no support for us if there aren’t enough teams competing!

So, we would like to join the Russian Women’s Masters team in their appeal: “Ladies, join us and come to the jungle. We’ll have fun and we’ll enjoy rafting together!”

Czech Masters Women’s team