Italy’s U23 women’s team aiming for Brazil

The rafting community is growing in Italy. First there was “DRD4”, U23 men’s team, and now we present to you the U23 women’s team who are aiming to go to Brazil this year to represent their country at the World Rafting Championships in the R4 category.

ItalyU23_3This Italian U23 women’s team consists of: Marianna Tedeschi, Elena Bragastini, Clara Ganora, Jasmine Zurlini, Linda Maffina, Valentina Steck, Rebekka Walter. For the WRC R6 2013 in NZ they had Stefano Pellin and Luca Cardinali as coaches but for this year instead of Luca Cardinali they will have Thomas Waldner and Robert Schifferle who are members of the Open Men’s rafting team.

The girls have been in rafting, on average, for about three years. Some are licensed rafting guides, class 3, but in that short time have managed to go rafting at the important competitions and gain invaluable experience that such competitions provide.

Marianna Tedeschi – tell us what kind of impressions were you left with from the competition in New Zealand, and New Zealand as a country? 

– “So in NZ everything was awesome!! Beautiful rivers, incredible organization, good food, nice camping, teams were special…everything perfect!  

Italy1In NZ we achieved 2 silver and 2 bronze medals so we came 3rd in the final results.” – Congratulations on your success. This is an excellent result!

As far as the country, we stayed 4 extra days in Rotorua and visited a lot of natural and Maori cultural sites! Really nice! Definitely want to go back to NZ to visit more! ;) “ – Yes, no matter how many days you have to visit New Zealand, it’s always too little.

During the competition in New Zealand, which race was the most difficult for you?

“The most difficult race was the Head to Head; we were against the Czech Republic and they were super-fast at starting. Starting is our weak point. Also the slalom was technically very difficult but at the same time one of the most exciting races.”

ItalyU23_2The next major tournament goal you have set for yourselves is WRC R4 Brazil 2014. You have dedicated yourselves to training for Brazil. You are training hard, but of all the disciplines, which one do you like the most? 

“The discipline we like the most is Slalom, even if we have to work on it … and down river ;)” – You’ll have plenty of time for training and development before Brazil, no worries.

What is it that you would specifically like to see in Brazil?

-“I think that we will plan to visit the capital, Rio de Janeiro, and the beautiful beaches of Brazil with the beautiful ocean bottom, perfect for snorkelling and diving. We will also be keen to visit the Iguacu Falls which are pretty near to the site of the World Champs. “

Italy- Copia What is it that inspires you the most in dealing with this sport?

“Our inspiration comes from the team :  our best strength is mentally. We’re pretty much all the same age therefore we are very tight. We all love the river, and like to challenge it in those races.”

Do you want to use this opportunity to thank your sponsors?

“Of course! Sponsors we would like to thank: Rewoolution, Terna, comune di Moncalieri” 

Because they started training as U23 women’s rafting team in August 2013, just before the WRC in NZ, that was their first common competition.  Some of the girls competed a few years before with the Open Women’s team in Costa Rica – WRC R6 2011, and in the Czech Republic, R4 at Euro Champs and some of them also did the Junior races (Marianna and Elena Bragastini).

This young team will still have plenty of opportunity to progress through the competition and show what they can do. So far, they have achieved great success for their country setting high standards for the new young generations to come. We will continue to monitor their activities and achievements.

Good luck in Brazil, girls!

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