Great start to Euro Cup year in Wildapen, Austria

Teams came from far and wide to compete on the Salza River at the annual Austrian International Rafting Championship and Euro Cup event. 11 nations, 10 women’s teams, 23 men’s teams and 5 Austrian teams!

Photo by Ingrid Grossauer

This is one of the most popular events on the racing calendar due to it being central to many teams with easy logistics, being well run and a great R4 river. And for many teams its a perfect location to catch up with friends that were seen either last year or at the last World Champs.

Rafting Team Kula from Croatia came blasting onto the scene with a win in the men’s Sprint, H2H and Downriver and a 2nd in Slalom making a convincing win for them. Mistral from Slovakia did a similar thing in the women’s to secure the overall win. BVS from Slovakia secured a second in the men’s with a win in the Slalom and VET Rock’s of Netherlands secured a third with a 2nd in the Downriver and consistent placing in the rest. Aquomania of Netherlands secured their 2nd place in the women’s with a victory in the Slalom and 2nd in the Downriver and Waterproof 1 of Belgium took 3rd with a consistent placing throughout.

The next Euro Cup event is Nis in Serbia from the 10 – 12 May and then each weekend after that sees another Euro Cup event – Durance, France (17 – 19) and then Čunovo, Slovakia (24 – 26).

There have been numerous other events happening around the world.

  • In Brasil they had their R4 National Champs choosing their teams that will represent Brasil at the R4 WRCs which are being held in their home country in 2014 (Results, Photos: One,Two).
  • The first Euro event was the Gumotex, Belgium event where they raced despite incredibly harsh weather! (ResultsPhotosVideo)  
  • New Zealand held their Youth/ Junior Selections to choose the teams that will compete at the WRCs in November on their home ground (Results; Photos – SprintSlalomDR.)
  • The Czechs have held two Downriver Races at Jesenný (Results) and Plavy (Results, Photos: One,Two;)
  • The Dutch held the first in their Open Series of 3 events (ResultsPhotos; Video: OneTwo).
  • The Euro Cup event in Croatia on the Korana was unfortunately cancelled due to a lack of international teams but local teams took advantage of the great water to still compete and have a fun event (Results; Photos: OneTwo.)
  • Chile held the Lippi Open Rafting where non-professional teams could also race and were given guides (Video: One, Two; PhotosArticle).
  • In Japan the Mitake Cup was held (ResultsPhotos; Video:Tk1Tk2GR1,Gr2,Cl9). 

Results, photos and videos can all be seen on the home page of the IRF website (left hand column).