R4 Euro Cup 2012 is concluded in Augsburg

The final 2012 R4 Euro Cup event was held in Augsburg, Germany, recently. This was the final event in the series and sees 2012 as a very successful year for Germany. 

Pciture – Rafting Team Belgium

They were crowned the 2012 R6 Euro Champions and now Team Bavaria RTA 1, Augsburg have been crowned the R4 Euro Cup champions. Not only that,  Team RTA 2 Germany placed second with AKV Damen 2 placing 3rd in the women’s section.

Waterproof Raft Team from Belgium won the series with a great performance in Augsburg and also getting key points at Wildapen, both events having a high number of points up for grabs as they have all 4 disciplines. Team Mistral Bratislava of Slovakia came in 2nd with a dominant display in Austria where they won all 4 disciplines.

Third in the men’s section was Czech team – Hanace Rafters.

The Č. Vrbne event in Czech was the most popular with 48 teams attending. Cunovo (Slovakia) and Wildapen (Austria) saw about 30 teams each. However, sometimes its the less popular events where one can gain the most points!

A reminder to all event organisers to send in their proposed dates for their Euro Cup events for 2013. These need to be sent to Stan Hajek so he can start drawing up the schedule.

This article was corrected on the 8 Nov to reflect corrected results – a reminder to all teams – make sure you use the same name throughout the series or if you must change your name, make sure you let Stan know so he can change the earlier results and the organisers know what your correct name is. Thanks.

Euro Cup R4 2012 – final overall results