Brasil and Canada are the 2012 Pan Am Champs!!

Men’s Team Bozo D’Agua of Brasil won the Sprint, H2H and Slalom and placed second in the Downriver to secure the 2012 title of Pan American Champs! Second place was also Brasil with Team Jacaré Pepira taking second in Sprint and H2H, but not having a good run in the Slalom at all and placing 6th. They came back in the Downriver though to take the win which secured them second place. Team Behind the 8-ball of the USA clinched 3rd place by getting a 3rd in the H2H and a solid run in Slalom giving them a second.

In the women’s section Team Atlan of Canada won all disciplines except the H2H where they placed second. This secured them a solid overall title of Pan Am Champions of 2012! The H2H was won by Brotas 40 Graus of Brazil who eventually placed third overall, with their Slalom letting them down. Second place overall was Team Ladies of the Ottawa River whose two second places in Slalom and Downriver secured them the much needed points.

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Article from Équipe Canadienne Féminine de Rafting