Slalom on day 3 of the Y&MWRC

Day 3 of the championships again saw the home teams medaling in each category, but the Russia youth ladies team stole away the pole position from the Czech in a great performance on their second run leaving the Czech youth Ladies to take silver position. With the up to date ranking results now in it seems the top team in the Ladies youth category  have everything to play for in the down river race.

The Czech mens youth team are storming ahead with full points in each discipline so far, followed by Brazil and Italy in second and third position. The points are all very close from second place that the overall medals are still very much in the grasp of many teams.

The down river event will be an exciting one to watch! The masters men Czech team showed us how it was done achieving the second fastest slalom time out of all the categories behind their youth team again achieving full points in each discipline so far. Russia and Latvia are showing consistency in their performances again continuously achieving second and third place. And again still dominating the Master Czech ladies achieved gold again in their category and if competing against the Master men would still have medaled in silver place! We are all looking forward to the to the final event of the downriver race on Tuesday the 28th where the final positions will be decided.