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March 2012 Newsletter




  1. Youth & Masters WRC
  2. Continental Champs
  3. World Cup & Euro Cup
  4. Other Rafting Series
  5. Race Rules
  6. Guide Training Courses and Workshops
  7. River Boarding Workshop
  8. Guide and Rescue Race
  9. Partners


1. Youth & Masters World Rafting Champs 2012:

The 2012 Youth & Masters World Rafting Championship is being held in the Czech Republic from the 23 – 27 August 2012. The top youth men’s and top youth women’s teams and top Masters teams from each member federation are invited to this event. Check with your national rafting federation for your own selection race dates where teams qualify through fair and credible selections to represent their county. Full details

2. Continental Champs:

Euro Rafting Champs 2012 will be held in the Czech Republic on the Vltava River from the 28 August – 2nd September. Read more …


Pan American Champs 2012 will be held in Canada near Quebec City from the 20 – 24 September. Read more …


Australasian Champs 2012will be held later this year. The venue will either be Australia or New Zealand. The announcement will be made in April.

3. World Cup & Euro Cup events in 2012

World Cup events are being held in the Czech Republic and in Canada this year. These events are open to ALL teams that would like to compete. No selections are needed and there is no limit to the number of teams per country that attend, plus teams can be mixed (women/men or countries).

The Euro Cup schedule has 10 events this year spread around Europe. These events are open to all teams wishing to compete. It’s a great place for new teams or countries to get exposure to top teams as well as to make new friends and enjoy some racing.

4. Other rafting series:

A number of countries have already sent in their 2012 racing series. Go to our events calendar on our website to see the Czech Rep, Dutch, Slovakia, Slovenia and the USA series. All these events are usually open to all other interested teams so take a look for a new place to race.

5. Race Rules:

Discussions are under way on various rules to update and improve them. Please join in here. If you don’t have your say you may not like the new rules! So please ensure you are a part of this discussion and decision making.

6. Guide Training Courses and Workshops for Certifications:

There are a good number of courses and workshops for IRF Guide Training & Education certifications already scheduled for this year. We’ve already had some in Australia, Brasil, Argentina and Scotland and have some coming up in France, Chile, Iran, Argentina, Austria, Switzerland with many more still being scheduled.

7. River Boarding Workshop:

This is a new section being added to the IRF GT&E scheme which will include guides getting a certification to guide river boarding trips. The first workshop will be in France from the 28 – 29 April. Contact Gaspar for more info.

8. International Whitewater Guide and Rescue Race:

This event proved to be very successful last year and is for all guides to get together and test their skills out against other guides. There is prize money of 100,000 HUF up for grabs for the winner as well as good fun, making of new friends, sharing of skills and a good party to round it all off. Dates are 28 – 29 April and its happening in Wildalpen in Austria.

9. Partners:

Advertising space is available on our website now. If you know of a company that may be interested please let us know.

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