Outgoing Board of Directors

The IRF would like to thank Mark Joffe for all his work over the last 13 years that he has been on the IRF Board of Directors. Mark has been key in setting up the IRF as an NGO, managing the IRF banking accounts, setting up and maintaining the new website, facebook and other media outlets, been key in the S&C section of the IRF and assisting in managing some of our key events. He’s drive and focus to improve the sport will be missed by all.

The IRF would also like to thank Steve Nomchong for all he has done for the IRF since he joined the BOD in 1999. Steve was very key in setting up the Guide Training & Education section of the IRF – a very large job and a very successful section of the IRF. Steve has offered to still be involved with the IRF but on smaller committees. His organisational skills, clear thinking and calmness will be missed.

We’d also like to thank Shige Asano and Ondrej Panenka for their work on the IRF in the recent past and look forward to their continued work in the sub committees