Youth Sprint

The 1st youth Teva world rafting championship started at 8pm on the artificial course at Dutch water Dreams in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. The Russian ladies team will go down in history as the first team to compete in a youth world championship, the first team to start on an artificial course and the first R4 world championship team on the course.

The ladies event went well with many of the teams being throw off course at the mother (biggest drop on the course) causing some rafts to catch on the side in the slower water. In the end Germany reigned supreme with a time of 1:26.59 followed in 2nd place by the Netherlands (1:28.73) consisting of two local paddlers and third was Russia (1:50.63).

In the men’s division the youth teams showed good skill and power and many had clean runs through the course. Russia took first in a time of 1:09.10 followed by the Netherlands (1:13.83) then Turkey (1:16.15).

Tomorrows head to head will be a good test of the teams river skills and combat maneuvers. We will be posting video and photos on the various WRC sites so check back often and sign up to follow us on twitter for real time updates as the day develops. Information on the event is on the following sites:

Tomorrow is also the first official day of training for the World Rafting Championship teams.  Get involved and send messages to support your team/country.