European Championships Accident

The IRF is shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of Branka Stulic. A message of condolences has been sent to her family on behalf of the IRF and all its members.

The IRF has been investigating the incident. All reports sent to us by those who saw the incident are being taken into consideration. We are endeavoring to conclude this as soon as is possible.

There will be numerous reports about this incident – from the police, the IRF and I’m sure many other organisations. There are many, many people who will be wishing they did things differently and they will think about it for the rest of their lives. The end result is that none of this will bring back Branka. What is therefore the most critical thing for us all to do is to do all we can to ensure that nothing like this happens again.

The IRF is taking some immediate steps in this direction. We will be putting up some documents on the Forum in the next day or two. We ask you all to keep an eye out for it there and to participate so that we can ensure your opinions and experiences are included in this.”