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Throwbags – some are better than others!

Mark Hirst – IRF Instructor – recently wrote this article about throw bags and would like to share it:

“For those of you who know me personally you may be aware of my love for great kit. Especially well thought-out, well designed kit. 

Having attended an IRF instructor workshop last season I was introduced to these bags and straight away was very impressed with the way that someone had taken the time to really research a product and get the design spot on. WWTC have 3 great bags: 15m pro rescue, 18m classic & 27m boat bag.

Basically a throwbag is a length of floating rope stored in its own bag. How could anybody get this wrong? For me most whitewater companies simply produce a throwbag as an afterthought. Having traveled around quite a bit, thrown a few ropes and repacked plenty of them I can normally find a pitfall with most designs. Gaspar at WWTC  seems to have addressed most of the pitfalls and the end design is a sleek, easy to use, set of throwbags with some great design points.

Let’s address the carry system first. How many times have you gone swimming down a rapid and watched your bag go floating past you? Or struggled to rethread the bag back onto its belt after use? All WWTC bags have their own carry system which is simply a housing system for your bag. Which is easy to get to when needed quickly and just as easy to pack the bag back into after a throw.

I remember watching to great horror a bag flying through the air with a carabiner attached to the end of the bag firmly planting its self into a friend’s face one day and the result was not pretty. The 18m & 27m bags have a padded carabiner pocket which allow you to permanently keep a carabiner stored in the bag.

The overall design of the bag makes them truly easy to throw and easy to repack. The last thing I need when I am working is a bag that is a pain to repack. The bags when empty hold water really well which means they can be filled with water to aid the 2nd throw. The reflective band around the bag will surely help in any night situations.

An optional pocket can be purchased and added to the waist belt that enables you to store flip lines, pulleys or prussics. The thing I love about the pocket is that it stays closed unlike some other bags where the pocket is forever opening and your kit falls out all over the show. The 27m boat bag even comes with its own carry system which will allow you to wear it around the waist although this will make swimming harder but the beauty of the design means that it can be strapped around a cross tube so no need to worry about coming unpacked or clipped onto somewhere where it could become a hazard.

The most important thing for me a the end of the day is the quality of the rope. Gaspar has personally invested many hours researching the best combination of materials to produce a tough floating rope. Both the 15m & 18m bags have an 8mm rope with an unknotted tensile strength of 10kn (1000kgs). The 27m boat bag has a 10mm rope with a whopping tensile strength of 17.5kn ( 1750kgs)

As I mentioned earlier these bags are functional and well designed and well made: pretty much a bag for life.”

Original article on Mark’s blog spot.

Forward Motion in action again

Two years ago I wrote about the Dutch team “Forward Motion” and their uniqueness in having a mixed team. It still hasn’t changed. :) We chat to them again about their upcoming plans.

Forward Motion 1Jenita, your participation at the 2012 Youth World Rafting Champs in Czech was one of the reasons I chatted to you last time, but what has been happening in the meantime?

“In the last 2 years a lot has happened. We still have the same team, but we did try to find more people so that we could join the R6 competitions as well. Unfortunately we had some injury problems with 2 of our members last year and so we had to change the team and start all over again. The good thing was that we always found someone to join us in the competitions and this made us a bigger team after all. At the moment we have 6 boys and 3 girls from around Holland who like to raft, so 9 people in total.”

We didn’t introduce them by name last time, so we will do it this time:

Marijn Klerks, Jenita Gobel, Marleen de Goede, William van Straalen, Paul Ligtenberg, Bart Peeters, Lisa Ahsmann, Willem Lentz and Pim van Heesch.

What new competitions have you been to this year?

Forward Motion 3“The only new competition for us this year was the Euro Cup in Austria at the end of April. We really enjoyed it because it is bigger than the races in Holland, and the experience we had during the downriver was great. We have never had a battle with 4 teams from the start to finish before, or slalom at night. I’m pretty sure we will go to Austria again for the Euro Cup in Wildalpen.”

That is nice to hear. The contest is really well organized and on a beautiful river.​ What are your plans for the next period?

“The next period is pretty short actually. September we will try to train as much as possible with each other, because we haven’t seen much of each over the last 2 months, and prepare for the World Championships in Brazil. We will go to Brazil in October and join the Junior men’s division with a mixed team. After that there probably won’t be any competitions for us until spring 2015″

​It will be interesting to see if the experiences you have collected up so far will help you in preparing for the upcoming competition.​

Trips like the one to the WRC in Brasil are always something special as well as it being a privilege to participate in such competition. What are your expectations for this competition? In what way are you preparing for this trip and is there anything in particular you want to see and experience there?

Forward Motion 2“Like 2 years ago we have no clue what to expect from the WRC. Teams change, some of them definitely get better and some of them probably had to change there team composition like we did. Plus what I saw on the list of participants was a lot of teams we have never seen rafting before. This makes it, for us, a unpredictable race.​

We only made our final decision to go to the WRC in July this year so our preparation time for this event was and still is pretty short. We did some training in France on the Durance, because we had 3 of our members working there for the summer season. And after that we came together in Holland, where we are trying to do some training on the flat water of the artificial course of Dutch Water Dreams at least 2 or 3 times a week.

I think that joining the WRC in Brazil is a great experience by itself already. Besides our races we would love to see the Open men’s and women’s competition. And we probably will visit the Iguaçu National Park with the Itaipu Dam and of course the waterfalls.​”​

​Yes, the location of the WRC is beautiful and there’s plenty to see and experience. But every dream is often only made possible by sponsors who helped. Who would you like to thank?

We would like to thank the following companies for helping us out with sponsoring material or offering us​ a​ training location:

You can follow the teams on their facebook page as well.

It’s great you are going to be in Brasil competing. Have good strokes boys and girls.

Photo memories from World Championships …

One of the official photographers at the 2013 World Rafting Champs in New Zealand - Garrick Cameron – has put together a coffee table book – 127 pages of beautiful photos!

If you think this is a good idea – email us and let us know and we’ll look into doing it for WRC 2014 and 2015!

This is a great way to keep the memory of that awesome trip alive forever. Or would make a great present for one of your team mates or supporters/ coaches. You can preview and order the book here.

Front page

Front page

A page from inside

A page from inside

Another page from inside

Another page from inside

Guide course and assessment in Croatia!

Here’s a great opportunity to do a guide course and get IRF certified on a lovely river.

Location: Croatia, Omiš, Cetina River (class II-III)

Dates: 23 – 28  September 2014. (Tuesday evening – Sunday)

Languages: Croatian, English

Full details

Races to attend!!!

So what races are coming up for us to start planning to attend?

Euro Cup Augsburg!

25 – 26 October, the last Euro Cup event of the year. Contact Peter to find out the details.

Pre-worlds event – Indonesia!

This is a great opportunity to see the location and river where the . . . → continue reading . . . Races to attend!!!

Every drop counts!

If you use the rivers for your fun and sport and yet on the other hand you do not take care to conserve and not to pollute water – that would be hypocritical.

Are we doing everything to keep our waters clean and safe, are we always acting responsibly? This is not just about . . . → continue reading . . . Every drop counts!

Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil

Brazil is in the South American continent, popularly known as Latin America, and with a population of over 200 million people it is the fifth largest country in the world. The capital city is Brasilia and largest city Sao Paulo with the official language being Portuguese.

Teams getting to the WRC can travel through  . . . → continue reading . . . Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil

Reminder – drug testing to be done in Brazil at WRC

There will be drug tests at the 2014 World Rafting Champs in Brazil.

It is very important that all the paddlers as well as their coaches, managers, judges and any others who have a vested interest educate themselves thoroughly about drug testing and what to be aware of as well as how it . . . → continue reading . . . Reminder – drug testing to be done in Brazil at WRC

Last chance to register for WRC 2014!!!!

NO MORE REGISTRATIONS will be accepted after Monday the 8th Sept for the 2014 World Rafting Champs in Foz, Brazil!!!

We already have over 50 teams registered and some are finalising their registration right now.

If there are any of you still thinking of coming – register now!!!!

Go to www.foz2014.org.br for details.

Bidding for Euro Rafting Champs 2016 any one?

The time to send in bids for the 2016 Euro Champs is coming up. Are you interested?

We’ve recently seen the 2014 R4 Euro Champs being held in Slovakia, and the 2015 R6 Euro Champs are being held in BiH in May next year. This fits in with the WRC schedule . . . → continue reading . . . Bidding for Euro Rafting Champs 2016 any one?