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EC Lipno
Results: R6R4
EC Ceske Vrbne
EC Italy
Results: SPSL; Photos: Pre, SP/H2H, SL1, SL2DR; Videos: 
Esera River Cup, Spain
 Results;  Photos; Videos;
USA Nationals
EC Trnavka
Results; Photos; Video
EC Turkey
Results. Photos: Before event, SP & OC, SL1, SL2, DR.   Video: Slalom training & flips, Dutch W SP, Strak SP,  
Canadian Nationals
Results: Women, Men. Photos: -1-
Euro Rafting Champs
Videos, Photos, Results

EC Nis
GT&E Rescue Race
Results: Individual, Team; Photos: -1-; -2-.
EC Austria
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-; Videos: -1-
EC Bulgaria
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-, -4-, -5-, -6-; Videos: -1-
VKKF Belgian Nationals
Results: Recreational Teams; Competitive Teams; Video: -1-
GBR Nationals

Results; Photos: -1-; -2-; Videos: -1-; -2-;

Pre-Worlds, Indonesia
Results; Photos: -1-; -2--3-; -4-; Videos: -1-; News: Day 1; Day 2Day 3; Day 4Day 5
Landysul – GBR series
Results – women; Video: -1-
R4 WRC 14 – Brazil
Results; Videos; Photos

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Appeal to teams attending WRC 2015!!!

Please-help signWe need your teams to answer Nada’s (IRF Media Rep) emails!!!!

To grow our sport we need to promote it! And one of the ways is to write articles about the teams, the events, river trips, guide courses and other interesting happenings.

This helps the teams too as it promotes their own profiles.

But we are not getting answers from them – so PLEASE speak to them and get them to reply and cooperate!

Lets grow our sport together.

Membership Fees up to date?

IRF small logoPlease check that your IRF membership fees are up to date.

If your teams are going to compete at the 2015 WRCs you need to be up to date with your fees! Or you will not be allowed to compete!

Take a look at “How to calculate your IRF fees for 2015” to work out what you owe. Email the IRF Secretary to ask for banking details or an invoice if you need one. Payments can be made by Paypal or into our USA or Euro accounts. Smaller amounts can be paid in cash at the WRC itself but only with approval by the Secretary.

IRF Congress 2015

IRF small logoThe IRF will be holding its 2015 Congress at the location and time of the World Rafting Champs in Sukabumi, Indonesia (29 Nov – 8 Dec).

The Congress will extend over 2 meetings. The exact dates will be confirmed once the detailed schedule has been finalised but they will be some time between the 29 Nov and 8 Dec.

BOD and committees that want to meet will have meetings as well.These meetings will be to talk about what has been done, what needs to be done and any proposals affecting them.

The draft agenda for the Congress itself is (possibly not in this exact order):

  • Opening.
  • Apologies and establishment of delegates and the quorum.
  • Reports on Membership applications.
  • Report by President.
  • Report by the Secretary.
  • Financial report for approval.
  • Budget for approval.
  • Reports from heads of other Committees
  • Discussions and resolutions on proposals submitted by National Federations and the Board of Directors.
  • Election of office bearers.
  • Closing of Congress.

After Congress committees may have more meetings if they feel they are necessary.

Member Federations are reminded that any motions they would like to be heard must reach the Secretary no later than 5 weeks before the Congress so that they can be included in the agenda. Ideally send it in even earlier incase there are any isues with the proposal.

Candidates for any committees need to send a photo and a CV in covering why they would like to be on that committee. The sooner this is done the better, but it must be done no later than the 31st October.

EC R6 Italy – Paddling in the valley of castles

Aosta valley in Italy is a small paradise. The many castles on the slopes of the Alpine mountains, small villages and narrow streets are divine. The river Dora Baltea flows through the valley and is fantastic. And so, at last, we had an EC in Italy!

This event was also part of the national . . . → continue reading . . . EC R6 Italy – Paddling in the valley of castles

Judges Course during WRC 2015

Dates: 29 Nov – 8 Dec (same dates as the WRC)

Place: Event Headquarters,

Cost: $US30 to be paid to Instructor on the first day of the course. This is a once off payment.

Schedule and what is expected of you:

29 Nov, 9am to 12am – attend Judges Orientation Workshop with all Judges and Jury . . . → continue reading . . . Judges Course during WRC 2015

The first positive doping test in IRF history

By Michael Lindberg – Head of IRF’s Anti-doping Committee

The result of a doping sample carried out on the 17th of May 2015 during the National Rafting Championships in Serbia was an adverse analytical finding showing the presence of a prohibited substance.

Full article


Points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc … needing a change?

When racing Sprint, Head to Head, Slalom and Downriver the points distribution is weighted quite heavily to the top three teams, with the winning team getting the giants share. It has been proposed to reduce that distribution so that the overall points will be closer and make the overall title more exciting.

This is . . . → continue reading . . . Points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc … needing a change?

Training with the Maidens of the Arctic

During the summer period each year the Suomi Cup attracts teams, mainly from the Arctic region of Northern Finland, to enjoy a race series throughout the short summer. The series of races are normally dominated by 2 teams, the mens team from the town of Muonio and the ladies Routa rafting team from Rovaniemi. 

. . . → continue reading . . . Training with the Maidens of the Arctic

Youth age groups – U19 only – 2016 onwards

From 2016 onwards there will only be one Youth age group – and that is U19.

At the IRF Extraordinary Congress in Brazil in 2014 the decision was made to drop the U23 division from 2016 onwards. So the question that still needed to be answered was whether an U21 division was needed to . . . → continue reading . . . Youth age groups – U19 only – 2016 onwards

China R2 – Impressions from the 2015 competitions

This year a few lucky teams from around the world were invited to travel to China to race in two R2 competitions. The competitions were held on the same rivers as last year, but this time they were separated into two events instead of just one.

Teams – Stop 2

I was fortunate . . . → continue reading . . . China R2 – Impressions from the 2015 competitions