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EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR; Videos: ;
WC Yushu, China
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; NED OW
EC Struma, Bulgaria
EC Trnavka
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EC Vrbas, BiH
Results; Photos: -1-, -2-,-3-; Video: -1-
EC Spain, Rialp
Results; Photos: SL, SP/H2H/DR
EC Georgia
Results; Photos: -1-, OC, DR, SL, SP/H2H; Videos: -1-, -2-OC, All,
ERC 2016
U19/23/Masters: SprintH2H,
Open: Sprint: Women, Men. H2H.
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Overall Results
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Video: OC
EC Serbia
NZ Nationals
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EC & WC, Austria
Results: Men U19; Men OpenWomen Open. Photos: -1-,  H2H, Slalom, DR. Videos: DR – OW1OW2U19OM1OM2OM 3
EC Slunj, Croatia

Results; Video
EC Slovenia

WRC Results
U19 and U23: SP and H2HSlalom; Down RiverOverall;

Open and Masters: Sprint and H2HSlalom; DownriverOverall;

Photos: Training Day; Opening Ceremony & TrainingU19/U23 SP & H2H; U19/U23 – Slalom AND Open/Masters Sprint; U19/23 DR; Prizegiving; H2HOpen/Masters Slalom; Medal Ceremonies and TrainingOpen DownriverMasters Downriver;

Final EC R4 Results
Men,  Women
Final EC R6 Results

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Tragic loss of Payam Banihashemi

by Kianoosh Mehrabi, Iran Rafting Association.

Payam 1Our best river friend, Mr Payam Banihashemi, lost his life on the Haraz River on Friday 19 August 2016, while he was trying to rescue people. The selfless way that he endangered his own life to save others is something that will always be remembered.

Payam 3He was a great member of the Board of Directors of Iran Rafting Association, as well as being an IRF Trip Leader, IRF judge, White Water Rescue Technician and an athlete.

About Payam

He was born in spring of 1979 in Tehran. Payam devoted his whole life for Rescue and Relief, spending more than 26000 hours to rescue people in cooperation with Iran Red Crescent and Rescue Organization. He was awarded the Red Crescent “Eisaar Medal” which is the highest certificate of Rescue and Braveness in Iran.

Payam 4As a rescue team leader he saved many lives in many search and rescue operations including avalanche accidents in Darbandsar and Shemshak (Alborz Slopes), Fasham flood, many mountain accidents, airplane crash in Kerman, many road accidents, and more.

Payam 2Payam was professionally trained in many rescue and relief fields with certificates including White Water Rescue, Flood Rescue, IRATA, High Wall Rescue, Advanced Crisis Management, Instructor for Crisis Management, Disaster Assessment, Mountain Medicine, Earthquake Rescue, Road Accident Rescue, Mountain Rescue, Instructor for First Aids, Instructor for Mountaineering as well as many courses in Adventure and Ecotourism.

Payam 6He was one of the founders and a member of the BOD of Iran Rafting Association, and made great efforts in promoting rafting and river rescue in Iran.

He will be missed by the rafting community.

Rest in Peace…

Did you come 2nd in your national races? Know your rules.

Many teams that come 2nd or lower in their national champs / selections don’t know about IRF Race Rule B.12.c.

This rule states that if the 1st placed team is unable to attend the World Champs or Continental Champs then they can be replaced by the team that finished 2nd, and so on down the line. 

IRF small logoSometimes the 1st placed team is unable to go for various reasons, often funding, and so this rule is there to ensure that your nation can still try send a team to the WRCs. So if you know your 1st team cannot go then contact the event organisers to register your 2nd team. Or if the first team has not confirmed that they are registering at least one week before the registration closing date then your 2nd team is eligible to register to go if they do it immediately.

Also, keep in mind that at least 4 (for R6 and 2 for R4) out of the original team of paddlers that were in the raft when they qualified at their national selections must be in the team that goes to the World or Continental Champs. (Exceptions may be made if a paddler has to drop out at the last minute due to injury or other serious reason but this must be accepted by the IRF S&C Com first.)

Japan Pre-Worlds and World Cup final event in early October

Japan are holding the Pre-Worlds as a test event for hosting the 2017 IRF R6 World Rafting Champs from the 7 to 10 October 2016. This event will also be the third and final event in the World Cup series.

Here is the promo video for the 2017 WRC in Japan – a great taste of what is to come!

Pre-Event information:

  • Official Organisers’ website: WRC-2017Japan.com
  • Dates: 7 – 10 Oct 2016
  • Location:  Yoshino River (Koboke section), Miyoshi city, Tokushima Prefecture,
  • Race registration period: from May 1st, to July 31, 2016
  • Entry fee: 20,000 yen. It`s about US$200 (accommodation and transport during the event included). Transfer from the airport upon request (this is not included in the entry fee).
  • Contact: kankou@city.tokushima-miyoshi.lg.jp

WRC 2016 registrations close in 1 week!!!

If you are planning to compete at the 2016 WRC in Al Ain then you need to get your registration form and payments in to the organisers as soon as possible as the closing date is 30 August. If you need invoices or plan to do some pre-training then complete the payment form . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2016 registrations close in 1 week!!!

Argentina sending its Open Women to WRC 2016

The honour of representing Argentina in the Open Women’s category at the IRF 2016 World Rafting Champs in Al Ain, UAE, at the end of October this year goes to: Sofia Paso Viola, Denise Martinez, Valeria Cobos and Cris Anello. But this success was also due to their coaching staff: Matias Lopez, . . . → continue reading . . . Argentina sending its Open Women to WRC 2016

Basic schedule for WRC 2016

The provisional schedule for the 2016 WRC is as follows (note – this is still subject to change as depends on number of teams and finalising other details):

31 Oct: Registration (to train on this day or any day before this see here) 1 Nov: Training (there are limited rafts, so training will . . . → continue reading . . . Basic schedule for WRC 2016

WRC 2016 – Information letter #2

The 2016 IRF World Rafting Champs is coming up fast.


Please read the Information letter #2 and get your Team’s Registration Forms in to IRF Admin for approval as well as to the WRC . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2016 – Information letter #2

EC R6 Italy 2016 – Swimming season

This year, the EC R6 Italy, was held in the same place as last year, the beautiful valley of the castles called the Aosta Valley, on the beautiful Dora Baltea river. Slalom was on the part of the Dora called the Ivrea artificial course. Since the competition began with the Slalom . . . → continue reading . . . EC R6 Italy 2016 – Swimming season

Yushu, a special place to hold a World Cup

Yushu City is in the centre of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with a population of about 111,200 and has an average elevation of 4,493 meters. It experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010 when the majority of the city’s buildings were damaged beyond repair and many, many lives were lost. It has been the focus of rebuilding . . . → continue reading . . . Yushu, a special place to hold a World Cup

Judges for WRC 2016

We will shortly be finalising the list for the Official and Volunteer Judges for the 2016 World Rafting Champs in Al Ain at the end of September. If you are keen to judge please send your name in to IRF Admin.

Here is a description of what the IRF is looking for when . . . → continue reading . . . Judges for WRC 2016