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EC Austria:
Results: Open WomenU23 MenOpen Men; Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-,  ; Videos: -1-, -2-,

WRC Results: 
Sprint; H2H; Slalom: U19/U23/Masters; Open;  Downriver; Overall

EC 2016 Final Results:
R4 WomenR4 MenR6 Men; R6 Women

EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR
WC Yushu, China
Results; Photos: -1-; Videos: -1-; NED OW
EC Struma, Bulgaria


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Three events in China to choose from

Rafting in China has seen an explosion after the successful World Cup in Yushu last year. Here are three events coming up that you should make space for on your calendar!

Dujiangyan World Rafting Grand Prix: 21 to 26 June 2017

This is an R2 event for Men’s and Women’s teams. 20 lucky international 2-man teams will get their flights (economy class), meals, and accommodation (twin-bed rooms) covered by the Event Organisers.

PLUS – Prize money of 30,000USD will be available!

Entry Deadline: April 30th.


Wubu Rafting Champs: 18 to 22 July 2017

This is an R4 event for Men’s teams only. They are also subsidising flights, accommodation and meals for 8 top teams.

Entry Deadline: April 28th.


Guilin World Cup: 16 to 20 August 2017

This is the Asian leg of the IRF’s World Cup series – the other two events being BiH’s Euro Cup/WC event 10 – 11 June on the Vrbas in Banja Luka, and the Pre-Worlds in Argentina in October.

This is an R4 event, Men’s and Women’s categories.

They are offering subsidies to a certain number of teams, with some conditions. The subsidy should cover most if not all of the flight costs! You would still have to cover your accommodation and meals.


Looking for rafting company to add Yushu on the Tibetan plateau, China, as their next travel location

Last year a very successful IRF rafting World Cup event was held in Yushu up on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

It is a great location for rafting with fairly easy logistics and varied options for different levels of rafting. And the region itself has great potential as a tourist destination with plenty of interesting cultural places to visit, stunning scenery and the potential for other adventure activities such as mountain biking, hiking and horse riding.

The Yushu government are looking for global rafting companies to grow the city’s rafting business and contribute to the rafting industry development within the city. Read the full information here.

This is a great opportunity for a company to expand into new territory and to contribute to a wonderful, friendly cities future in the tourism world.

A quote from a top New Zealand rafter: “We were surprised by how beautiful Yushu was and if we had known it was so awesome we would have spent a couple of days longer exploring and maybe even hiking into the hills!”

ERC 2017 Registration closes in less than a week!

A reminder to all who are intending to race at the 2017 Euro Rafting Champs, which are being held in Borjomi, Georgia, from the 22 – 28 May – registration closes on the 15 April. So that is this Saturday!

You need to complete the registration form and send it in to the event organisers and IRF Admin. The IRF needs to check that the entry complies with all the rules (correct age, gender, country representing, official team) and that the the federation itself is an up to date member of the IRF and so the team is an officially invited team.

Judges course at ERC 2017

A Judges course will be run during the 2017 Euro Rafting Championship in Georgia. Anyone keen to do the course should email IRF Admin.

The details are:

Dates: 23 – 27 May (same dates as the ERC)

Place: Event Headquarters, ERC, Georgia

Cost: $US30 to be paid to Instructor on the first day of the . . . → continue reading . . . Judges course at ERC 2017

Guilin World Cup, China 2017

After a very successful World Cup event in Yushu last year other cities in China have been keen to hold a World Cup as well. This time it is the city of Guilin that have successfully applied to hold the event:

WHERE:     Wupai River, Ziyuan County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province, China. (120km . . . → continue reading . . . Guilin World Cup, China 2017

A chance to race on the Zambezi!!!

Many of you have been waiting for this for years – a chance to go race on the Zambezi!

At last someone is making this happen and it is most likely to be a World Cup series event as well – meaning it will fit in with the minimum requirements that the IRF . . . → continue reading . . . A chance to race on the Zambezi!!!

WRC 2017 Information letter!

Here is the information you’ve been waiting for – the details so you can start working out your travel plans, budgets and maybe a bit of tourism after the event!

WRC 2017 – Information letter #1

WRC 2017 – Championship Guidelines (includes some maps of the race sites)

Some of the key things . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2017 Information letter!

Calling participants for “Whitewater  Of  Siberia” Forum 2017 

Are you ready for an adventure in Siberia, Russia, again?!!!

Before we give you the main information, read some impressions from last year’s forum.


The competition for participation in the second “Whitewater of Siberia” forum is started. It will be held . . . → continue reading . . . Calling participants for “Whitewater  Of  Siberia” Forum 2017 

3 weeks to closing date for ERC registration!

A reminder to all teams and national federations – the closing date for registration for the ERC is 15 April, which is in 3 weeks time!

Registration forms need to be sent in to the organisers and the IRF at the same time. The IRF needs to check and approve each team entry to . . . → continue reading . . . 3 weeks to closing date for ERC registration!

Race Rules – 2017 version available

As is done annually, various proposals to change the Race Rules have been discussed and voted upon by the Sport & Competition Committee. Here follows the updated version of the Race Rules taking effect from March 2017:

Race Rules – March 2017 Race Rules – March 2017 showing track changes – so . . . → continue reading . . . Race Rules – 2017 version available