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EC Trnavka
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EC Vrbas, BiH
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EC Spain, Rialp
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EC Georgia
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ERC 2016
U19/23/Masters: SprintH2H,
Open: Sprint: Women, Men. H2H.
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Overall Results
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EC Serbia
NZ Nationals
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EC & WC, Austria
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EC Slunj, Croatia

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EC Slovenia

WRC Results
U19 and U23: SP and H2HSlalom; Down RiverOverall;

Open and Masters: Sprint and H2HSlalom; DownriverOverall;

Photos: Training Day; Opening Ceremony & TrainingU19/U23 SP & H2H; U19/U23 – Slalom AND Open/Masters Sprint; U19/23 DR; Prizegiving; H2HOpen/Masters Slalom; Medal Ceremonies and TrainingOpen DownriverMasters Downriver;

Final EC R4 Results
Men,  Women
Final EC R6 Results

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What’s coming up?

We’re heading into the height of the Northern Hemisphere summer and holiday season, so most rafters and rafting companies will be at their busiest soon. There are still some guiding training courses coming up as well as some raft races, most notable is the guide assessment on the Zambezi – what an awesome place to get your certification!

Guide Training & Education course and assessments:

  • 27 June to 1 July in Spain: This is a raft guide training course and assessment on the Esera River in the Pyrenees, for Grade 3. The Instructor is Eneko Yarza and contact him for more details.
  • 4 to 6 July in Spain: A Safety Kayak training course and assessment is being run on the Ara River in the Pyrenees, Grade 4. The Instructor is Eneko Yarza again and contact him for details.
  • 11 to 13 July in Spain: A Safety Kayak training course and assessment this time on the Esera River in the Pyrenees, for Grade 3. Instructor and contact once again is Eneko Yarza.
  • 18 to 23 Sept in Scotland: Raft Training and Assessment & an Instructor/Assessor Workshop is being run on the River Findhorn by Assessor, Jim Davis. Full details.
  • 18 Sept to 1 Oc on the Zambezi River: Raft Guide Assessment, Class 4. Twelve river days includes Moemba falls! The Instructors are Sebastian Larcher, Andrew Kellet and Ruaridh Stevenson. Details

Races coming up:

  • This coming weekend (25 to 26 June) is the Euro Cup (EC) on the Struma River in Bulgaria. All 4 disciplines are raced this weekend. Details
  • 16 to 22 July is the second in the series of three World Cup events this year. This one is in Yushu City, Qinghai, ChinaDetails
  • 29 to 31  July is the EC in Ivrea and Villeneuve in Italy. This event also has all four disciplines being raced. Details
  • 13 to 14 August it is the EC in Lipno/Češke Vrbne in the Czech Republic. The three disciplines
    of Sprint, H2H and Slalon will be raced here on this artificial course. Details coming soon.
  • 20 to 21 August is the EC Downriver on the Devil’s Stream in Lipno in the Czech Republic. Details coming soon.
  • 7 to 10 Oct it is Pre-Worlds (practise run for WRC 2017) and the final World Cup 2016 event in JapanDetails
  • 31 to 5 Nov is the big event of the year, the R4 World Rafting Champs at Wadi Adventures in Al Ain, which is in the United Arab Emirates. Details

Russia Forum logoInternational Cultural and Recreational Forum “Whitewater of Siberia 2016”

This is not an IRF run event, but it is a great opportunity for paddlers aged between 25 and 35 to go see some of the awesom areas of Siberia, Russia. Dates are – August 18 –27. Locations are: Tomsk region, Tomsk city, Kopylovo village, Kyrgyzka river – Republic of Altai, Aya village, Katun River. Full details.


EC R4 Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp/Sort 2016

I was located in a small paradise called Casa Canelo in the magical Pyrenees, above the beautiful river Noguera Pallaresa on which the first EC in Spain was being held. The small village of Rialp was the host of this competition. The R4 category event attracted teams from GBR, NED, SPA and mixed BEL/NED team.

Spain pall5This was my first time at a competition where there were no familiar faces, but all these new faces were smiling throughout the competition, in every discipline, and that is something I’ve never seen before! At all other events – EC, ERC or WRC – teams are serious from the start banner to the finish banner in order to achieve better results. Here results were of secondary importance and the enjoyment of the water and the rafting was of first importance! This competition was, for many, the first experience of its kind. 

Spain pall1The little town of Sort, was the place where the Slalom was held, on a course very similar to Solkan (SLO), but superior to it. The day was fantastic until the Slalom start, and then it started to rain. Rain during the slalom in Slovenia, Georgia, Spain…. What’s with the rain and Slalom?! In any case: “The show must go on!”

Slalom Results: 1.Wild Fruits (SPA), 2. Kayak Sort2 (SPA), 3. Rafting CO (SPA).

Praise goes to all of them and their efforts during the race and that amazing smile that they had. I also have to mention the only female team made up with Amaia Fores (captain), Marga Cuestas, Silvia Gallego and Ensi Torremocha, who fought like lionesses throughout the event.

Album of Slalom

Spain pall2The second day of the event was reserved for Sprint and H2H. We returned to Rialp, the host of this competition. Most competitors are guides and safety kayakers on this river, so that the break between the Sprint and H2H competition was reserved for taking tourists, and then afterwards they jumped back in the boats for the competition. And again these amazing smiles. Unbelievable what enjoyment the competitors had during the competition.

Sprint result: 1.Wild Fruits (SPA), 2. Rafting CO (SPA), 3. Kayak Sort2 (SPA);

H2H result: 1. Rafting CO (SPA), 2. Wilde Fruits (SPA), 3. Kayak Sort (SPA).

Album of Sprint and H2H

Spain pall3During this competition the village of Rialp held a series of events, as well as the local market which had various products and handicrafts of residents of this city. What I liked the most was that one evening all the locals were having dinner together, playing bingo and at the end dancing with music until late at night. So beautifully organised by Rialp.

The last day of the event was reserved for Downriver. Noguera Pallaresa River is beautiful and the most popular rafting destination in Spain. It is also one of the main economic sources for this region.

From the start of the Downriver, after the first rolling waves at the beginning, I knew that the Downriver would be one crazy ride, with more than 3 spots of Class 3/4 and almost all the way is Class 3. “Pall” is very fast with big river drops, technically demanding and the water is crystal clear. Teams followed the safety kayakers and the advice of the safety on the banks due to sections which are technically demanding and with great possibilities of flipping. But because of their experience on the river and since this is a local river for the contestants, we had no problems, and again so many smiles on their faces.

Downriver results: 1.Wild Fruits (SPA), 2. Kayak Sort2 (SPA), 3. Rafting CO (SPA).

Overall results: 1.Wild Fruits (SPA), 2. Rafting CO (SPA), 3. Kayak Sort2 (SPA).

Spain pall10I hope we get to hang out at some other EC competitions, or even at the WRC at the end of the year. As a reward the winners got a beautiful piece of art, I’ve seen a lot of cups in my time, but this one is the most beautiful.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants. You were great!

At the end of the competition we had lunch with the locals of Rialp. Another beautiful moment among others.

Spain pall7Congratulations to the organiser, Lennert Jan Bervoets, for a great start of the EC story in Spain, to the sponsors, all the judges, volunteers and the wonderful, hospitable citizens of Rialp.

EC Noguera Pallarelasa is tucked into the beautiful Pyrenees, the nature is breathtaking, and the river feeds our rafters’ soul for adrenaline. Do not miss the opportunity next year to enjoy this small paradise. Thank you all for your hospitality, especially my hosts Amaia and Xus. See you next year!!! 🙂

Full Results

Information Album

International Cultural and Recreational Forum

 Russia Forum logo Russian Federation

International Cultural and Recreational Forum

«Whitewater of Siberia – 2016»


Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Cultural Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) has the honor to announce a Contest “Whitewater of Siberia 2016” and invite 30 winners to take part in International Cultural and Recreational Forum “Whitewater of Siberia 2016”

The goal of Forum

  1. Presentation of Russia as an extremely welcoming country with an amazing history and nature, acquaintance with culture, identity and people of Siberia
  2. Strengthening of the International friendship and the demonstration of the tourist potential of the Tomsk Region and the Republic of Altai to foreign guests
  3. Development of International cooperation in various spheres of human activities.
  4. Promotion of International sport and recreational rafting.

Dates, places and participants

Dates of the Forum: August 18 –27, 2016
Locations: Russia, Siberia – Tomsk region, Tomsk city,

Kopylovo village, Kyrgyzka river –

Republic of Altai, Aya village, Katun river

Dates of the Contest: June 07 – 20, 2016
Age of a candidate:   25 – 35 yrs
Date of Winners announcement: June 26, 2016

UPDATE: The Organizing Committee of the 1st International Cultural and Sports Forum “White Water Siberia – 2016” informs the participants of the competitive selection about extension of time for applications and determine the winners by July 1. This is due to the fact that the Sponsor of the Forum negotiated the selection of participants, in which the age of the participants is not limited, by mistake. However, the forum is planned as a youth forum, and it is organized in the framework of the Russian State Program “New Generation – 2016 “. The age in this Program is clearly regulated by the approved financial instruments and, unfortunately, can not be changed. Funding of the participants can be established only on the age qualification, namely 25-35 years at the time of participation in the forum.
The organizing committee of the forum apologizes and extends the  acceptance of applications up to July 1 and announce the winners participating by July 2, 2016.
We will be happy to welcome you to Russia!

Financial and organizational support

The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) http://government.ru/en/department/93/
Administration of Tomsk region tomsk.gov.ru
Rafting and canoe Federation of  Tomsk region slalom-tomsk.ru/
Municipal Educational Organization Kopylovsky Club «Odyssey» tom-odisey.dou.tomsk.ru
Russian Geographical Society (Tomsk Region) rgotomsk.com


FORUM managers

Event Director   Alexei Shirokov                 odissei85@mail2000.ru        mobile +7 961096 9651

Coordinator       Evgeny Kovalevskiy         evgen@ispms.tsc.ru              mobile +7 913 852 1037

Consultant and Advisor  Oleg  Grigoryev               rusraftfed@inbox.ru               mobile + 7 926 7069792


All participants of the Forum “White Water Siberia – 2016” are provided by:

  • round trip air tickets  from the country of residence to Tomsk International Airport and back from the airport of Gorno-Altaisk to the country of residence
  • food and accommodations
  • participation in cultural and recreational programs


Day One, August 18 Check-in. Registration. Accommodation. Cultural and sightseeing program. Visit to traditional Russian sauna. the Forum opening ceremony
Day Two, August 19 Sightseeing program. Introduction to the school system of the Russian Federation. Outdoor program  with  traditional Russian games.
Day Three, August 20 Participation in the International festival «Axe 2016».
Day Four, August, 21 Sightseeing tour of Tomsk – Siberian Students Capital, visit to Tomsk universities, museums. First training session in whitewater rafting, team building. Gala dinner.
Day Five, August 22 Bus transportation to Republic of Altai. Accommodation in Hotel “Heart of Altai”  on the bank of Katun river.
Day  Six, August 23 Extreme mountain tour by quad bikes. Training rafting session. Evening concert of Altai folk groups.
Day Seven. August 24 Training rafting session. Horse riding tour. Evening folk concert – throat singing.
Day Eight, August 25 Extreme motorafting tour, transportation  to “Ilgumen” rapid, Katun river (100 km – 3:00 hours).
Day Nine, August 26 Watching All-Russia rafting championship – Slalom discipline.
Day  Ten, August 27 Friendship tour on Katun river. Closing Ceremony at the Hotel “Heart of Altai”. Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk airport, Barnaul airport. Departure.

What to do if you want to take part in the Forum

Step one: Fill online form at link à http://tomskruo.wix.com/whitewater2016 and click “send”.

Name Passport number Address Date of Birth Hobbies e.mail: Occupation Write why you want to go to the forum in Russia

Step two: Make short video presentation about yourself (2-3 minutes) and place it on file sharing, send link to Coordinator Evgeny Kovalevskiy evgen@ispms.tsc.ru

Step three: Receive an invitation to travel to Russia !!! Rossotrudnichestvo will arrange air-tickets and visas for all winners and send instructions about trip.

How to get additional information

Please, ask Coordinator Evgeny Kovalevskiy evgen@ispms.tsc.ru mobile +7 913 852 1037


Welcome to the Forum!

Report from the first ever IRF GT&E Conference

The first ever IRF Guide Training & Education (GT&E) Conference for Instructors and Assessors was held from the 19 – 21 April, in the AOS Hostel, in Wildalpen, Austria. The conference participants had the honour of being his first guests. It’s a beautiful place, with very friendly . . . → continue reading . . . Report from the first ever IRF GT&E Conference

EC Georgia 2016

The first day of the event was for registration and orientation so the teams divided into those who went on a tour of landmarks around Borjomi and those who went to the water to train.

There were 41 teams registered – 25 Open Men, 10 Open Women and 6 Masters Men, . . . → continue reading . . . EC Georgia 2016

Euro Rafting Champs winding up

The 2016 Euro Champs have finished and most teams are home again and back into their daily grinds. (Some have delayed that by going on to the Euro Cup in Georgia – lucky ones!).

Russia certainly dominated this Euro Championship as they came away as the new Euro Rafting Champions . . . → continue reading . . . Euro Rafting Champs winding up

Seeking R2 teams to go to China in a months time!

China is running it’s annual R2 event in Dujiangyan and are looking for 5 international teams.

Included: They will buy your air tickets and provide local transport and accommodation in Dujiangyan. Teams need to take care of their own Visas and personal insurance.


Dates: 23 – 26 June 2016 Disciplines: Downriver for R2 (2-man rafts) . . . → continue reading . . . Seeking R2 teams to go to China in a months time!

Rafter tests positive at WRC 2015

Paul Roozendaal, who is captain of the New Zealand Open Men’s team, tested positive for substances that are listed on the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) prohibited list after the Downriver discipline during the 2015 World Rafting Championships in Indonesia. It was found that he had levels of Pseudoephedrine and Cathine in his urine that . . . → continue reading . . . Rafter tests positive at WRC 2015

Downriver and new Euro Champions declared!

The final day of the 2016 Euro Rafting Champs in Slovenia has drawn to a close with the Downriver as the defining discipline.

The Downriver was held on the Krka River from Zagradec to Šmihel and took the top teams just over 32 minutes to complete. As the Downriver has the most points it is . . . → continue reading . . . Downriver and new Euro Champions declared!

A day of tricky Slalom at ERC

The CZE 1 Open Men’s team have proven themselves masters of slalom. Their first run was a clear run AND the second fastest of the day (159.98). Their second run was the fastest of the day (158.54) with only a 5 sec penalty! An excellent performance.

It was a hard course with the . . . → continue reading . . . A day of tricky Slalom at ERC