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Landysul – GBR series
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R4 WRC 14 – Brazil
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Euro Cup Vrbne
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Finish Race #2
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Australian R6 Nationals
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Euro Cup Vrbas
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Foot entrapment assessments

Continuing on the theme of foot entrapment, R3 – Rescue for Riverrunners, now looks at assessing foot entrapments and the best way to rescue them.

Full list of river safety articles

World Paddle Awards – voting campaign

News from the World Paddle Awards

It’s amazing to see how many wonderful people and achievements there are in our paddlesports community!

The nominees that made it to the next round – can be found here: www.worldpaddleawards.com/nominees. The voting will be open until about mid January so don’t wait to vote!

How to vote:

We believe that the World Paddle Awards is a great initiative to promote our sport globally along with all the wonderful achievements.

And we have one of our own teams up there as a nominee! Take a look and vote!


Zambezi River – damming of the greatest white water!!!

An update for those who are interested in the dam proposed for the Batoka Gorge section of the Zambezi River:

We had a meeting recently with a company called Environmental Resources Management (ERM) who are doing the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Batoka Gorge Dam on the Zambezi.

The situation is as follows:

  • The dam wall will be built 47km downstream of the falls
  • It will be 181m high and when the dam is full the water would reach all the way to the last pool before the falls – ie ALL the one day rafting and more would be under water.
  • It will take 2 years to build the roads and workers camps and then 7 years to build the dam.
  • At the moment the Scoping part of the ESIA has been completed and they are now working on the Baseline Data Gathering and then they must do the Impact Assessment and then the ESIA is ready to be presented. They think this will only be finished earliest about June.
  • The IRF sent questions in on behalf of the IRF during the scoping phase (see Batoka Gorge Dam – 18 Nov 2014) – this was the same as the African Paddling Association letter) and so these questions MUST be answered in the ESIA.
  • From our meeting we felt these people are approaching this in a professional and very thorough way. Having said that, we were able to open their eyes to a number of issues that they were not aware of and which they duly noted to include in their research.
  • One of the things we pushed with them was that this project has huge international interest and so should be directed that way or it would not be a thorough, complete study. They have agreed to work with us and International Rivers to get news out of meetings and questionnaires, etc when data gathering.
  • The World Bank has funded the ESIA ONLY. There is no funding available yet for the building of the dam and the funding will most likely depend on the outcome of the ESIA.

CWWC2001-1_0052So – it is REALLY, REALLY important that when this company do start requesting input from the public that we get everyone around the world to participate! We’re not sure when this will be but it will be some time in Dec or Jan.

There’s no way we can let them do this dam – but it will take a concerted effort at times from all of us, especially those of us that have access to large numbers of people through social media, to get them to respond at the right time and in a consolidated way that has the right impact.

Please spread the word.

Anyone that has any other questions please feel free to ask.

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The Importance of Good Safety Kayakers

I am not or don’t pretend to be a great kayaker. I have run my fair share of scary stuff over the years. I have also had my fair share of swims and confidence meltdowns. What I do take pride in is the fact I know I am a solid safety kayaker when working on . . . → continue reading . . . The Importance of Good Safety Kayakers

Ladies of the Ottawa

There have been a number of teams that have dominated their national champs for years and have been common sights at the WRC events. This year at the recent WRC in Brazil there were some new faces from Canada in the shape of the Ladies of the Ottawa River.

. . . → continue reading . . . Ladies of the Ottawa

Rios Tropicales Wins Sustainable Tourism Award from Skål International

Skål International announces Rios Tropicales, Costa Rica’s leading adventure company, as the winner of its 2014 Sustainable Tourism Award in the category of Tour Operators.

What began in 1985 as a simple dream to pursue a love of paddling, provide jobs for . . . → continue reading . . . Rios Tropicales Wins Sustainable Tourism Award from Skål International

PRO Rafting Team Costa Rica

When a team that is only assembled four months before the World Rafting Championships wins their national champs and then goes on to the World Champs in Brazil and wins third place in the slalom, beating defending champions Japan, it leaves you speechless and asking yourself what kind of extraordinary talent is working here?! We . . . → continue reading . . . PRO Rafting Team Costa Rica

Dates for events for 2015!!!

Some great events coming up next year! Get planning so you can enjoy as many as possible.

If your event is not on here or needs correction let me know.

Provisional calendar so far –

February 28 – 1 Mar Costa Rica Nationals #1 – Río Balsa La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica C . . . → continue reading . . . Dates for events for 2015!!!

IRF guide certification scheme gets recognition in top tourism report

The U.N. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) have released their first Global Report on Adventure Tourism. 

“The ATTA worked with the UNWTO on this report to help educate the global leisure tourism industry on the core values of responsible tourism. The . . . → continue reading . . . IRF guide certification scheme gets recognition in top tourism report

Foot entrapment – self rescue

This first video about foot entrapment from R3 – Rescue for Riverrunners talks to us about ways to avoid foot entrapment in the first place. 

Next is episode 10 which discusses assessment and the episode 11 – skills.