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Pre-Worlds, Indonesia
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Landysul – GBR series
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R4 WRC 14 – Brazil
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Euro Cup Vrbne
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Finish Race #2
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Australian R6 Nationals
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Finish Race
R4 Euro Rafting Champs
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Euro Cup Vrbas
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Euro Cup Trnavka
Results; Photos: R4 Sprint; R4 Slalom
R2 China
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Euro Cup Serbia
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Euro Champs – coming up fast!

Logo ERC 2015 BiHThe 2015 Euro Champs are in May (19 to 24) and already it is nearly the end of February – only two and a half months to go!!!

Teams! It’s time to start registering! Registration Form.

All details about the event can be found on the Euro Champs website page.

Vrbas 2We now have a Euro Champs facebook page – this page will be used every year specifically for updates about the Euro Chanps – so get over there and follow it!


Stolen raft!!!


Hereby we inform you that on the night between Friday 5 and Saturday 6, September 2014 at the Base Rafting Extreme Waves in Commezzadura in Val di Sole, Trentino, Italy, was stolen a raft Brand NRS Model Style E, 136S-B Model 1076 serial number, WSI 19121 B 212

DCF 1.0The thieves cut the ropes that tied the boat to the truck and dragged him on the grass to an inconspicuous area near the river.

The boat, yellow in colour and size 410x205cm, says “Extreme Waves” on the two diagonal edges at the tip and on the back.

The boat name: “Chapati Express” on the tail, in addition to the plates glued on which is listed the serial number and model.

Who had news of a raft of these features and of uncertain origin is requested to communicate to our company and to the police.

Please also spread this message. We will appreciate indeed your cooperation.


Por la presente se informa que en la noche entre el viernes 5 y el Sábado, 06 de septiembre 2014 a la Base del Centro Rafting Extreme en Commezzadura en Val di Sole, Trentino, fue robada una balsa Marca NRS Modelo Estilo E, 136S-B Modelo 1076 número de serie, WSI 19121 B 212

Los ladrones cortaron las cuerdas que ataban el barco al camión y lo arrastraron en la hierba a un área poco visible cerca del río.

La balsa, de color amarillo y tamaño 410x205cm, dice “EXTREME WAVES ” en los dos bordes diagonales en la punta y en la parte posterior.

El nombre escrito “Chapati Express” en la cola, además de las placas pegadas en el cual se indica el número de serie y modelo.

Quién tuvo noticia de una serie de estas características y de origen incierto se solicita comunicar a nuestra compañía, y ambien a la policía.

Por favor difundir este mensaje.

Best rivers in the World for rafting

We asked the public for their lists of the best rivers to raft in the world. We were surprised by the names of the rivers that were NOT on the list! But these rivers deserve equal place in the summary. So, following our research as well as communication with many distinguished names in rafting and respected public opinions …. it’s time to give our conclusion.


The decision criteria:

naj2​Consideration was taken of: the width of the river, depth, speed, colour, geographical location (lying north or east/ south or west is important in the northern or southern hemispheres), the chances of survival in some of the rapids, how curved it is, whether there are stones and what size, whether the river has piranhas, crocodiles or garbage, the length of the rafting section, number of waterfalls, rapids … and while I’m kidding with you on these criteria you may have started to realize that there is no specific criteria that makes any river the best!

najIt is difficult to classify nature’s miracles under titles of 1, 2, 3…, because it is the combination that creates a number 1. The indescribable power of nature to regenerate the human soul is infused in every river and each is given a certain beauty that enchants us. No one river gets it all!!! It is mostly ego, adrenaline, local vanity and marketing of some rivers above others that will allow anyone to assign a 1 to 10 to any rivers.

naj3So to get back to the conclusion of the responses – there is no simple conclusion. There are many people who have paddled the most popular rivers of the planet, and were sincere in why they separated the rivers in certain ways, but the eventual answer I got was that is difficult to extract the top 20 rivers, never mind trying to put them in  an order from 1-20, because every one gives something extraordinary.

naj9Some rivers enjoy massive, high waves; some have waterfalls, or passing through caves; a pile of stones to avoid; the most famous places on the river that tumble the tourists around; some are part of the canyon that take your breath away; many are still not as popular as others but still not worth any less!! Some have geographical locations that present great difficulty for access for commercial tours; others have up to 10 thousand people in one day ….. each deserves a mention, and all of them can be used to refine our souls.

naj6Because of the work that I do, I have learned about the many rivers of Russia to Chile, from Canada to New Zealand, from the North to the South Pole, and every year I find some new ones to put on the bucket list of “mandatory to paddle” (already a long list and at this rate I’m going to need a lot more life to do them all!) And yet, I still do not know all the rivers of the world, nor would I dare to make the list of the top 10. What about those rivers that are so disfigured by man that we can no longer use them?

naj10Many rivers that have been on people’s top lists are now impossible to paddle because the rapids are now submerged by a dam. Many famous / popular names are threatened by dams, and that list is now looking like the list of “Paddle now or never!!” Every few years we need to adjust our lists because “Oops, this is below the dam!”, “Let me see … and this one too”, this has become a race against time to protect these rivers around the world.

naj8So it seems that instead of wasting time in deciding which is the best, it is more urgent to preserve what is left, to fight so that no river is dammed or polluted. For most people the popular river names used to be praised as the “best”, but for those who really enjoy the rivers and paddling, names are not important but being able to spend more time paddling on the water. And so it is important that we fight equally for all rivers so that we can leave them in a decent condition – a legacy for generations to come – eternity, to flow freely and cleanly. Join the fight and sign some of the petitions because this won’t happen without YOUR input!

Follow us because we will present the many rivers of the world to you, many you may not have known about, and that will delight you.

The IRF – it’s about rafting around the world, about ALL the rivers around the world! Enjoy every stroke and every moment spent on the rivers.

IRF Guide certificates – Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, India and more!

What a great choice of places to go to get your IRF guide certificate!!!!

Argentina, Bulgaria, Morocco, Austria, France and India so far – with Morocco being a multi day trip and India a 10 day expedition!

Guide course – Zanskar, India

On the 2nd March we have a guide Workshop at . . . → continue reading . . . IRF Guide certificates – Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, India and more!

Red Ladies of Colorado

Red Ladies Raft Racing, Colorado, are well known to us (Red Ladies of the USA looking at rafting development long term), but it’s a long time since we last chatted to them. So to find out what has has happened in the meantime we chat to Julie Sutton.

Hello Julie, it’s been a . . . → continue reading . . . Red Ladies of Colorado

2015 – Euro Cup Series calendar

Teaser video for the first event in the series – Euro Cup Solkan in Slovenia.

The Euro Cup Series has some new events on the calendar this year. A great chance to go race on some new rivers, make some new friends and explore new places!

There is prize money up for grabs at . . . → continue reading . . . 2015 – Euro Cup Series calendar



Individuals or organizations are kindly requested to take our survey and nominate one river for the ‘TOP 10 ENDANGERED RIVERS’ list and one for the ‘TOP 10 MOST IMPROVED RIVERS’ list.

The IRF ‘TOP 10 ENDANGERED RIVERS’ list will consist . . . → continue reading . . . IRF SURVEY ON 2015 ‘ENDANGERED RIVERS’ & ‘MOST IMPROVED RIVERS’

Photo memories from 2013 World Championships …

Garrick Cameron, one of the official photographers at the event, has put together a coffee table book of the 2013 World Rafting Champs in New Zealand – 127 pages of beautiful photos!

This is a great way to keep the memory of that awesome trip alive forever. Or would make a great present for one . . . → continue reading . . . Photo memories from 2013 World Championships …

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Climate change affects 2014 Euro Cup Series

It is time to summarize the results of the Euro Cup competition for 2014. Mother Nature showed us her teeth during the year, with floods and droughts, causing some events to be cancelled and others postponed. This affected many teams’ plans to attend events and may be the reason we had so few teams . . . → continue reading . . . Climate change affects 2014 Euro Cup Series