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Bidding for Euro Rafting Champs 2016 any one?

IRF Logo 2The time to send in bids for the 2016 Euro Champs is coming up. Are you interested?

Hiko8We’ve recently seen the 2014 R4 Euro Champs being held in Slovakia, and the 2015 R6 Euro Champs are being held in BiH in May next year. This fits in with the WRC schedule which sees the R4 event being held this year and the R6 next year.

SONY DSCSo – 2016 will be an R4 year. 4-man rafts present a great opportunity to show case your artificial courses or your smaller, technical rivers to the rafters throughout Europe.

If you are interested – email IRF admin for more details.

Developing rafting in your region

Developing rafting in a region takes time and commitment. But in the long run the spin off is enormous for the sport – from a competitive side as well as for private and commercial rafting and river tripping in general because once people get hooked on doing rivers they keep coming back for more … and usually bring friends along too!

The 2013 USA raft team took their sport to a local school – take a look at what they did:

Here are some ways that others have tackled this issue:

What are you doing to develop rafting in your region? Let us know.

European R4 heavy machinery – “Hiko” Rafting Team

This team from the Czech Republic has awesome previous results and is proving very hard for any other teams to get anywhere near let alone surpass. We bring you the 2014 R4 European Champions!

Hiko6The names of the big four are: Jan Havlíček, Ondřej Pinkava, Jan Šťastný, Aleš Daněk and for downriver Tomáš Kejklíček.

Jan – is definitely the most popular name in rafting. If you yell Jan, half “Gimpex” and “Hiko” team will respond. :D This is the name that has the most medals around their necks. ;)

Hiko1Aleš Daněk talks to us about their impressions of the competition and their success.

Three times in a row you have been crowned R4 European Champions – well, done!!! What is your secret – I won’t tell anyone. ;) :D

“Yes, three times in a row. Probably the most difficult was the first, in Italy 2010, where we had only one gold medal and competed with a team that was improvised. Two years ago we set a new European record of gaining a 1000 points and it will be very hard to reach that again. So in two years it’s new challenge for us!”

Hiko8I love the moment when, after playing the national anthem on winning the Overall Gold medal you broke out with such victorious energy. You have been incredibly successful, have set a new target for everyone else and taken a firm place in the history books. How were you feeling at that moment?

“After our results from the last two Euro Champs we could only aim at overall victory. In Slovakia at the Euro Champs it was a fair situation for all teams because everyone was only doing R4, whereas previously in 2010 and 2012 some teams had been doing R4 and R6 which meant everyone was able to give full power.”

Hiko5Did you think you would win overall?

“Yes we hoped for that and it has given us great confidence ahead of the World Champs in October where we want to build on that win.”

Which other team left you with a good impression at this event?

“We focused particularly on our own performance and results, but probably the second Czech team – they were a little bit improvised because of injury, and our fight in the final H2H was very interesting for fans.” See video below for this exciting race.

Will we see you in Brazil?​”​

Yes of course! We hope that it won´t be cancelled again. That´s the aim of the season – where we want to gain our best results.”

Hiko11I received an objection that I was only writing about the Moms who paddle, do you have Dads in your team and if you do, how do they manage the whole story of kids, work, paddling..?

“We all live and work in different cities; half of us have families and children. They have very tolerant wives, who allow them very good conditions for their training for competitions. We train separately and meet three or four times a year at the races.”- And achieve such success?! Impressive. Hats off!

Are there sponsors and others who you want to thank?

“Of course special thanks to “Hiko” sport company and his perfect equipment and XO foods for their special nutrition. :-)”

Congratulations on your great success guys. You have really made ​​the Czechs proud.

This season is not over for them and I cannot wait to see them competing at the 2014 World Rafting Champs in Brazil in October. In Brazil, Japan defends the World R4 title, and whether these guys it will bring that title back to Europe will be answered soon. This task will certainly not be easy for anyone to achieve – the crown for the best R4.

Article by Nada

Austria now using the IRF GT&E Scheme

The IRF Guide Training & Education (GT&E) Scheme has recently been adopted into Austrian law which will make it compulsory from next season for all river guides in Austria to be IRF certified if they wish to guide there.

The change came about as Austria looked at updating their 20 year old . . . → continue reading . . . Austria now using the IRF GT&E Scheme

Safety Talks – getting it right!

Mark Hirst, an IRF GT&E Instructor, has written a great article about how to deliver good Safety Talks at a start of a river trip – here is what he has to say:

Over the years I have had the opportunity to witness some professional, motivating raft safety talks and unfortunately some . . . → continue reading . . . Safety Talks – getting it right!

Bids for World Rafting Champs 2017

Are you interested in bidding for the IRF’s 2017 World Rafting Champs?

It’s R6 that year (meaning 6-man rafts) so a great way to show off your awesome rivers, rafting and country as well as giving your teams a home advantage.

Bids need to be in by the end of this year (31st . . . → continue reading . . . Bids for World Rafting Champs 2017

Guide workshops in Canada, India, Spain and Nepal!

What a great selection of places to go to do your IRF certification assessment! Canada (Quebec), India, Spain and Nepal!

2-4. Sept: Certification Workshop Canada – Quebec, Jacque-Cartier river. Instructor: Gaspar Goncz 8 – 10 Sept: Safety craft course (kayak), Zanskar River, Ladakh, India. Instructor: Mark Hirst. Host: Wet n Wild Explorations. Contact 11 – 13 Sept: Guide & . . . → continue reading . . . Guide workshops in Canada, India, Spain and Nepal!

So who is Nada?

Many of you may have been getting emails from someone called “Nada” and wondering who she is, especially as she asks so many questions! So we thought we’d turn the tables and interview HER for a change! So lets get you all familiar with her -

Team Serbia Women at WRC 2010

. . . → continue reading . . . So who is Nada?

New Women’s European R4 Champions – Mistral, Slovakia

Winning Gold at 2014 R4 Euro Champs

We are all already familiar with this team who have been at the top of the rafting honours for over 10 years now and have just swept up the title of R4 Euro Champions in the Open Women’s category. We’re talking about the well-known team . . . → continue reading . . . New Women’s European R4 Champions – Mistral, Slovakia

Extraordinary Congress in October

An Extraordinary Congress has been called by the IRF BOD so as to discuss any issues that have arisen since the last Congress in November last year.The Extraordinary Congress will be held during the WRC in Brasil. The exact date will be confirmed shortly but the provisional date is . . . → continue reading . . . Extraordinary Congress in October