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The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps

Nestled in the southern alps of France lies the incredible Ubaye Valley and one of France’s premiere rafting destinations. This watershed is famous throughout Europe for its powerful rapids and committing gorges. With its headwaters at the Col du Longet over 8700 feet above sea level, on the Italian border, the Ubaye River is one of the few raftable free flowing river sections left in France.

Often considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, it offers ten sections of class II to class V- whitewater on over 31 miles of whitewater. The Ubaye runs unhindered for nearly 50 miles before it is impounded by the Serre-Ponçon reservoir. Flow on this river varies between 7000 Cubic feet per second in spring to just under 200 CFS in summer. Prime season for this amazing river is typically April – June. Continue reading The Ubaye – gem of the French Alps

How to calculate your IRF Membership Fees for 2018

Firstly you need to have some idea of how many teams will be going to the Euro and/or World Champs from your country. Then you can put those numbers into this formula below and follow the steps.

WRC: Open teams: $230 x number teams =
WRC: U19,U23,Masters teams: $130 x number teams =
ERC: Open teams: $130 x number teams =
ERC: U19,U23,Masters teams: $70 x number teams =

Once you have calculated the TOTAL you can go onto Step 2 below:

If you are an Established Member:

– and the TOTAL is less than $550 – you will pay $550
– and the TOTAL is more than $750 – you will pay $750.
– and the TOTAL is between $550 and $750 you pay the TOTAL

If you are an Ordinary Member:

– you pay the TOTAL amount.
– If your TOTAL amount is more than $750 we suggest you contact us and convert over to being an Established Member!

This new fee structure keeps the costs manageable for new and developing members and keeps the increases manageable for our members who are very active in sending larger numbers of teams to our events.

EC Romania 2018 – Dracula Race

Is there anything better than the new EC season starting with a new river and a new country placing herself on the EC Competition map? EC Romania 2018 – Dracula race,  over the weekend of 14th-15th April, brought together twelve teams from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, along with 10 kayakers, in Nehoiu city on the Buzau River.

Slalom was the first discipline to run and in the Open Men category team “Vointa Arad” (flat water kayakers) passed the more experienced “MOE” team and took first place. The two ladies teams from Bulgaria: “Adventure Net – Atom Kozlodui” and “NSA” battled for first and second places, leaving the only Romanian team “Outdoor Events Ladies” in third place.

In Kayak Slalom, Ulise Galu (ROM) took first place in the Men’s category, while Marina Naydenova (BUL) won in the Women’s category.

Sprint was fiercely contested. Open Men’s “MOE” (Mares Outdoor Events raft guides team) found the fastest lines and won, followed closely 0.48 seconds later by “Clinica de Aventura” and “Pustolov Kes” (Serbia). “Vointa Arad”, the flat water kayak and dragon boat European champions came in a surprising 4th place.. Open Women’s Bulgarian teams continued their fight for first and second with “Adventure Net – Atom Kozlodui” taking the win in Sprint followed by Team “NSA”, while “Outdoor Ladies” remained in third place.

Head to Head saw tough fights with clean contacts, but also a drop in water level which made the lines very technical and the battle hard in the finals. “Clinica de Aventura” took first place in the Open Men, followed by “MOE” and “Vointa Arad”. “Outdoor Events Ladies” perfected the line in the final and took first place, followed by “Adventure Net – Atom Kozlodui” and “NSA”.

At the end of the day the Open Men were dominated by “MOE”, followed by “Vointa Arad” with 10 points behind and “Clinica de Aventura” at 15 points behind.

Tight results in the Open Women as well where “NSA” (BUL) led, followed by “Adventure Net-Atom Kozlodui” (BUL) only 6 points away and “Outdoor Events Ladies” further back at 40 points distance.

The day ended beautifully with the Kayak Slalom Award Ceremony and a party with live music, dancing, high spirits and a lot of joy. Not to mention the two birthday celebrations of Emilia Begunova (Bulgaria) and Ciprian Constantineanu (Romania)!

Downriver race on Sunday was 7 km long, estimated at 20-30 minutes. “Vointa Arad” won the Open Men with 25:13.03 followed by “MOE” 16 seconds later and “Clinica de Aventura” 47.15 seconds later.

Open Women saw a lot of action – the three teams paddled the 7 km race as a pack, hunting for the best lines. Just before the last and hardest rapid, “Washing Machine”, team “NSA” (BUL) were in the lead and seemed impossible to pass. “Adventure Net-Atom Kozlodui” (BUL) followed their line closely. Surprising everyone, “NSA” blew a chamber of their raft by hitting a submerged rock which left the two teams fighting for the line. “Outdoor Events Ladies” (ROM) chose a different line which was slower but put the team in a good alignment for the “Washing Machine” – they took the lead and held tight until the finish line, ending the Downriver and the competition in first place.

The winners of Dracula Race – EC Romania 2018:

Open Men: “CS Vointa Arad” Rafting Team – Babos Claudiu, Eduard Ilea, Dan Vidacs, Fane Milos, Marius Moise, Mihai Munteanu
Open Women: “Outdoor Events Ladies Brasov” Rafting Team – Sinziana Ioan, Ramona Stefan Truta, Larisa Pop, Adriana M. Rotaru, Bianca Aitean, Ioana Daia

Quite remarkable is the presence of the first ever U19 Team in a Romanian competition: CSS GLORIA Arad.

As the “Dracula Race” was announced as Romania National Selections, the following teams can register for euro and world events in 2018, as follows:
ERC Slovakia, July 2-7, 2018o Vointa Arad & MOE, OM
o Outdoor Events Ladies, OW
WRC Argentina, November 4-10, 2018o Vointa Arad, OM
o Outdoor Events Ladies, OW

Start positions for H2H in 2018 ERC and WRC

With the new H2H format being introduced there is an option for organisers to choose what direction the rafts will be facing at the start. This option was included as sometimes the usual method of pointing the rafts downstream is harder to set up exactly evenly. Sometimes, as at WC Yushu in China in 2016, having the rafts start facing upstream in eddies on either side of the river can work perfectly.

To ensure teams know which start method will be used organisers must choose their option well ahead of time. We can therefore announce to you that for this year the options for these events is as follows:

  • ERC 2018 – facing downstream as was done in the past
  • WRC 2018 – facing downstream as was done in the past

With this new format of having buoys to negotiate along the course, which throws in far more tactical racing, the need for an exact even start is not as crucial as it was before. Having lane choice should have far less effect on the results with this new format.

The tactics will be fascinating to see at the ERC 2018 as that will be the first real test of the new format H2H with top teams.

Choosing the correct throwbag (a helping hand!)

Figure 1 IRF Instructor Tsering Chotak IRF workshop India 2018

By Mark Hirst

I am commonly advised from reliable sources that British kayaker Peter Knowles introduced throwbags to the market on a wide scale with his green slime throwbags back in the 1980s. Before this time people made their own throwbags ranging from rope stored in an empty plastic bottle to a tennis ball with a length of rope attached to it. These were the tools you used to rescue your fellow rafters or kayakers when they had taken a swim

As with any sport our technical understanding of new techniques & materials has rapidly changed over the past 30 years.

I myself partly owe my livelihood to the throwbag.  I spend day after day teaching students on how to use a throwbag. Whilst delivering raft guide courses & Rescue 3 courses around the world.

Some of the most common questions I am asked is

“Which is the best bag to buy” or “Which is the best throwbag”?

I have decided to compile this article to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next throwbag or deciding which throwbag to use.

The article will be divided into 3 areas.

1st Throw bag construction & properties.

2nd Factors to think of when choosing a throwbag.

3rd Review of some the most popular throwbag on today’s market.



China welcomes raft racers from across the globe

Two great events on offer this (Northern Hemisphere) Summer!

China is hosting two IRF events this Summer – both are subsidised and offer great prize monies. Summary details below – the Ziyuan Rafting Festival is now open for registration!


Ziyuan Rafting Festival

The Wupai River (home of the 2016 Guilin IRF World Cup) will be host to four days of racing and include raft racing, SUP and dragon boat racing! An event not to be missed!

R4 Raft racing will be in Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories only. Up to 15 international teams are invited to participate (minimum 10 teams required). Racing will be in accordance with IRF Category C Race Rules. Total prize pool is approximately $24,000 USD!!!

This event is an “invitational event” – all flights, accommodation, transfers and meals will be covered by the organisers. The event runs from 27th June to 01st July inclusive.
IRF Ziyuan 2018 Information Letter

If your team are interested to attend, complete the IRF 2018 Ziyuan Rafting Festival – REGISTRATION FORM and return it to: before Friday, 11th May.


YuShu Rafting World Cup

This event will be hosted over five days of training and racing. It is STRONGLY recommended for teams to arrive an additional one or two days early in order to adjust to the altitude. The World Cup will take place from 09th August to 13th August inclusive.

R4 racing will take place in Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories. Up to 15 international times are invited to attend.

Subsidies are offered for this competition – the subsidy will cover approximately 75-80% of costs (dependent on flight and accommodation choices). Subsidies will be paid on arrival to YuShu.

Further details will be shared and registration will open in the next two weeks. If you have questions until then, email:

RIP Maz – gone too early, the world of rafting is poorer without you

The world of rafting reals in shock at the sudden loss of well renown rafter, Andrew Mazurkiewicz, better known to most as Maz.

Maz passed away in Cairns Base Hospital on Sunday 8th of April 2018, failing to recover consciousness after he was taken off life support.

“The shock of Maz’s sudden acute illness and rapid deterioration from the man whom we knew as our strong, smart, articulate, progressive leader to one that has been taken from us and is still so hard to comprehend.” – Australian Rafting Federation Facebook page

Maz was a passionate and skilled riverman, the first guide to commercially “paddle” the mighty Zambezi. He was a Psychology graduate and then spent over a quarter of a century gaining global rafting experience, having initially trained and worked on the Tully, site for the IRF’s 2019 WRC. He then spent numerous years on rivers like the Zambezi, Peru’s Apurimac, Norway’s Sjoa and Italy’s Noce and Dora Baltea Rivers. He represented Zambia at World Championships as well as representing Australia in regional events.  He also enjoyed languages and cultures and was fluent in Italian and conversant in Spanish, French and Polish.

“Rafting was Andrew’s life. His love of paddling started early at around age 10, when we were visiting friends who live on a canal at the gold Coast, little bro grabbed a kayak and paddled towards the seaway like a pro, leaving his shocked family on the bank shouting at him to return or he’d be in ‘real’ trouble. Needless to say he ignored us and kept paddling, no doubt something a lot of you have already experienced with Maz. He returned some time later, exhilaration all over his face, the journey had begun! We are glad he has found such wonderful supportive friends in the rafting community and having met some of you has made the burden so much easier to endure, many thanks and regards from the Mazurkiewicz Family.”

Representing Australia at a raft race in India

As Australian Rafting Federation President Maz has been an integral part of the upcoming Pre-Worlds next month on the Tully, as well as the World Rafting Champs next year. Many from around the world were looking forward to catching up with him on his home river. His will be deeply missed.

Maz interviews his crew: North Johnstone River 1993

How to work out what age division you are in for competitions

Having trouble working out what age group you are in for our divisions? Here are a list of ways you can work it out to see if you are eligible for the 2018 year:

You are OLD ENOUGH to compete in the Open division in 2018 if you:

  • are 14 years or older on the 1st of January 2018
  • were born in 2003 or earlier

YOUTH – you are eligible to compete in the U19 division in 2018 if you:

  • are under 19 years old on the first of January 2018
  • were born in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2003

JUNIOR – you are eligible to compete in the U23 division in 2018 if you: 

  • are under 23 years old on the 1st of January 2018
  • were born in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2003

MASTERS – you are eligible to compete in the Masters (40+) division in 2018 if you:

  • are 39 years or older on the 1st of January 2018
  • were born in 1978 or earlier

Altai white water guide book now in English!

The first complete guidebook about Altai whitewater for kayakers and rafters by Anton Sveshnikov has now being brought out in English!

In this Whitewater Altai guidebook you can find all you need to make your kayak or raft trip in this Russian region:

  • Basic information about region: geography, climate, ethnography, history
  • Valuable information for travellers: getting to, visas, logistic, accommodation, food, money, safety etc.
  • Information for riverrunners: history of exploring Altai rivers, season, commercial rafting, water levels, gear list, how to bring your boat to Altai, safety information, whitewater competitions
  • The main part of the book contains descriptions of 42 paddling sections, with maps and photos.
  • I also compiled short but useful English–Russian phrasebook for riverrunners.


Alexey Shirokov, President of the Russian Rafting Federation, has this to say about the area and the book.

“The infrastructure in Altai is excellent, except in the high mountains. There are no problems with connections, plus the people are friendly and it is absolutely safe for a foreigner of any country.
The books has interesting information.”

Shirikov is the organiser of the “White Water of Siberia – 2018″ Forum whose aim is to promote the Siberian region as well as its excellent white water.

Judges course at ERC 2018

A Judges course will be run during the 2018 Euro Rafting Championship in Slovakia. Anyone keen to do the course should email IRF Admin.

The details are:

Dates: 2 – 7 July (same dates as the ERC)

Place: Event Headquarters, ERC, Slovakia

Cost: $US30 to be paid to Instructor on the first day of the course. This is a once off payment.

Schedule and what is expected of you:

  • 2 July, 1pm to 5pm –attend Judges Orientation Workshop with all Judges and Jury
  • 3 July, all day: attend Judges course run by Judge Instructors
  • 4 – 6 July, all day: work with Official Judges at the event as an Assistant Judge Trainee
  • 6 July: write Judges exam. If you pass the exam and the assessment you will be certified as a General Judge.

What you need to provide: A copy of the IRF Race Rules as it is on the IRF website plus the two addendums. Own pens and paper. All accommodation, meals and transport are also for your own cost.

Register: Please let IRF Admin know if you will be attending so we can be sure to include you in any updates and details and have sufficient space for you.