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ERC 2017 – Georgia
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EC Nis:
EC Austria:
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WRC Results: 
Sprint; H2H; Slalom: U19/U23/Masters; Open;  Downriver; Overall

EC 2016 Final Results:
R4 WomenR4 MenR6 Men; R6 Women

EC Italy
Results; Photos: SlalomH2H/SP, DR
WC Yushu, China
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EC Struma, Bulgaria


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The new Euro Rafting Champions are declared!

The Downriver race is awarded the most points because it is a test of endurance, speed and the team’ s ability to read white water and pick the best line down the river. A top position can propel you into a much higher Overall position and hopefully even onto the Overall podium. But, in the same vein, a bad Downriver can drop you quite a way down.

RUS 2 won the U19 Men Downriver, which propelled them up a position to 4th overall. With TUR 1 coming 2nd and RUS 1 coming 5th in the Downriver, TUR 1 finds themselves in 1st place Overall and being crowned the 2017 U19 Men Euro Champions!

In the U19 Women RUS 1 dominated in everything except the Slalom, and it was plenty enough for them to become the new 2017 U19 Women Euro Rafting Champions.

RUS 1 made it a clean sweep in the U23 Men and the U23 Women, winning all their disciplines with a 1000 points and claiming the title Euro Rafting Champions.

The final positions for U19 and U23 Overall were:

  • U19 Men: TUR 1; RUS 1; RUS 2, TUR 2
  • U19 Women: RUS 1, CZE, ITA, RUS 2, TUR
  • U23 Men: RUS 1, CZE 2, CZE 1, TUR, SVK
  • U23 Women: RUS 1, CZE, RUS 2

The afternoon saw the Masters and Open teams taking to the water for the Downriver, through the stunning Borjomi Valley.

The Czechs continued to dominate in the Masters Men, CZE 1 scooping up a full set of Gold and CZE 2 a full set of Silver. RUS 1 managed to scoop up the Overall Bronze. CZE 1 are the new Euro Rafting Champs Masters.

The Open Women saw RUS 1 winning Sprint, H2H and Downriver which ensured they won the Overall Gold and are the new Open Women Euro Rafting Champs. GBR 1’s win in the Slalom added to their 2nd in the other disciplines saw them secure the Silver with RUS 2 taking the Bronze.

In the Open Men it was once again dominated by a Russian team, this time RUS 2 who took Goldin 3 disciplines and so are the new Open Men Euro Rafting Champions.

The final top 3 positions for the Open and Masters were:

  • Mater Men: CZE 1, CZE 2, RUS 1
  • Open Women: RUS 1, GBR 1, RUS 2
  • Open Men: RUS 2, CZE 1, RUS 1



High Resolution photos:

A highlights video of ERC 2017

Here is a highlights video covering the Sprint, H2H and some of the Slalom

Slalom day at the Euro Rafting Champs, Georgia

The Mtkvari River in the Borjomi Valley in Georgia is a large volume, fast flowing river. There are few obstacles at this water level and so the challenge is more dealing with the rapid current than negotiating a technical river. Although the slalom gates were often quite far apart they still presented a challenge as the rafts would come upon them very quickly.

A number of teams were caught out by the last two gates – as you negotiated downriver Gate 13 you then had to get over left for Downriver gate 14, and, as it happened with two teams, all team members moving over to one side of the raft to get all your heads through can lead to the raft tipping over!

The morning saw the U19 and U23 teams taking on the course. Italy U19 Women did one of the better runs of the morning, achieving only a 5 second penalty coupled with a fast run, giving them Slalom Gold.

The U19 Men were all very close in time – about 10 seconds apart, which meant that every penalty would change their result radically. They all achieved either a 10 or 5 second penalty and final times were a mere 7s apart making this overall a very close discipline for these teams! It was RUS 1 that took the Gold in this excellent racing and great promises for the future.

RUS 1 took Gold in the U23 Men’s and Women’s categories and were the only ones from the Junior teams to get clear runs.

In the afternoon it was the Open and Masters Teams’ turn.

The very strong Czech Masters claimed the top two positions, with Russia just behind.

Great Britain claimed the Open Women Gold, capping their 2nd place at last year’s World Champs and showing they are definitely a top Slalom contender for this year’s Worlds.

RUS 2 Open Men had the fastest time of the day down the course, and with a 0 second penalty on that time it was an emphatic Gold for them.

That leaves just the Downriver to decide who will be the overall European Rafting Champions for 2017. And with such high points at stake it will be a hard race for them all.




  • Day 1’s action – here. (U19 & U23 Sprint and Head 2 Head)
  • Day 2’s action – here. (Open & Masters Sprint and Head 2 Head) 
  • Day 3’s action – here. (Slalom)

Golden day for Russia in Open and Masters

The sunshine highlighted the beauty of the area where the Mtkvari races were being held. The day would see the European Open and Masters teams pitted against each other. First would be the Sprint which is a hard dash over a short distance. Based on those times the teams would race each other in . . . → continue reading . . . Golden day for Russia in Open and Masters

Euro Rafting Champs 2017 gets under way in Georgia

Live Streaming of ERC 2017 here!

The Under U19 and U23 rafters opened the first competing day of the European Rafting Championship today.  Sprint and H2H races in rainy and cold weather could not dampen the excitement, fun of winning and results. Both race disciplines saw Turkey and Russia dominating . . . → continue reading . . . Euro Rafting Champs 2017 gets under way in Georgia

Where to follow the 2017 Euro RaftingChamps

There are a number of places you can follow this year’s Euro Rafting Champs. So, depending on how good your internet connection is and/or how much time you have – here are the options:

IRF’s Euro Rafting Champs Facebook page – continual updates Georgian National Rafting Federation’s . . . → continue reading . . . Where to follow the 2017 Euro RaftingChamps

ERC Nis 2017

Euro Cup Nis was organized on the river Nisava, from May 12 through May 14.

On this already familiar course there has been a World Cup in 2009 and 8 Euro Cups. In addition to the ideal, sunny and warm weather of 27o C, a sufficient amount of water was enabled by the hydro . . . → continue reading . . . ERC Nis 2017

Race Rules in your language?

Recently we have uploaded the IRF Race Rules in Russian – this will be a huge help to many of the countries that can understand Russian, to have the rules in a language they may understand better than English. Thanks must go to the Russian Rafting Federation for this – . . . → continue reading . . . Race Rules in your language?

Safety Information for ERC 2017, Georgia

ERC Georgia, May 22-28, 2017

Expected river flow               250 cms Hardest river rapid (s)           class 4 Water temperature                15 Celsius degrees. Please dress accordingly. Air temperature                     18-22 Celsius degrees

Hazards to pay attention to:

On land

Road traffic in Georgia is generally fast, reckless to the western eye and potentially dangerous for pedestrians. . . . → continue reading . . . Safety Information for ERC 2017, Georgia

Pre-Worlds 2017 in Argentina – all info!

The Government of the Province of Neuquén, together with the Argentina Association of Rafting, would like to invite you, with great pleasure, to the Pre World Rafting Championship 2017.

This event will also be the third in the IRF World Cup Series of 2017 – the others being EC Vrbas in BiH (10 – 11 . . . → continue reading . . . Pre-Worlds 2017 in Argentina – all info!