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Pre-Worlds, Indonesia
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Landysul – GBR series
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R4 WRC 14 – Brazil
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Euro Cup Vrbne
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Finish Race #2
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Australian R6 Nationals
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R4 Euro Rafting Champs
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Euro Cup Vrbas
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Euro Cup Trnavka
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R2 China
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Euro Cup Serbia
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2015 – Euro Cup Series calendar

The Euro Cup Series has some new events on the calendar this year. A great chance to go race on some new rivers, make some new friends and explore new places!

At Noguera Pallaresa on the Rialp River in Spain there will be an R4 event with all 4 disciplines and runs from 5 – 7 June. Link

There is prize money up for grabs at the R4 event on the Firtina River in Rize, Turkey. This event is from the 11 to the 14 June. This is also all 4 disciplines. Link

Italy is holding it’s first Euro Cup event from the 31 July to the 2 Aug. It is R6. It will be Villeneuve (AO) on the 31st July for slalom, Ivrea (TO) on 1st August for Sprint and H2H, and on the 2nd August is Downriver in Villeneuve (AO). Ivrea is 80 km before Villeneuve along the route and there they have the slalom camp. Link

Here is a teaser video for the first event in the series – Euro Cup Solkan in Slovenia.


Full Euro Cup Schedule for 2015

27 – 29 EC R4 & R6 – Solkan River, SloveniaSPR, SL C Link
4 – 5 EC R6 – Struma River, BulgariaSPR, H2H, SL, DR C link 
17 – 19 EC R4 – Salza River, Styria, Wildalpen, Austria C Link
8 – 10 EC R4/R6 – Dutch Open Series #2 – Durance, FranceSPR, H2H, SL, DR C Link
14 – 15 EC R4 – Augsburg, GermanySPR, H2H, SL, DR C Link
15 – 1715 – 17 EC R6 – Augsburg, GermanySPR, H2H, SL, DREC R6 – Nis, SerbiaSPR, H2H, SL, DR CC LinkLink
19 – 24 Euro Champs 2015 – R6, Vrbas, BiHSPR, H2H, SL, DR B Link
5 – 7 EC R4 – Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp River, SpainSPR, H2H, SL, DR C Link
11 – 14 EC R4 – Firtina River, Rize. TurkeySPR, H2H, SL, DR C Link
20 – 21 EC R4 – Trnavka, Zeliv, CzechSPR, SL C Link
31 – 2 Aug EC R6 – Villeneuve (AO) & Ivrea (TO), ItalySPR, H2H, SL, DR C Link
15 – 16 EC R6 – Vltava, Czeska Vrbne, Ceske Budejovice, CzechSPR, SL C Link
22 – 23 EC R4, R6 – Vltava, Lipno, Devil’s Stream, Loucovice, CzechDR C Link


IRF BADGE41 [Converted]


Individuals or organizations are kindly requested to take our survey and nominate one river for the ‘TOP 10 ENDANGERED RIVERS’ list and one for the ‘TOP 10 MOST IMPROVED RIVERS’ list.

The IRF ‘TOP 10 ENDANGERED RIVERS’ list will consist of  the rivers which are endangered due to damming or diversion, mining, pollution, logging, heavy development, or any other environmental or developmental threat that diminishes water quality, impedes fisheries, or negatively impacts recreational boating opportunities, or similar.

The IRF ‘TOP 10 MOST IMPROVED RIVERS’ list will consist of  rivers that have been recently protected due to government decree, have had a serious threat removed or halted, have had dams or other major obstructions or diversions removed, have been cleaned up, have had active government participation in creating recreation opportunities, or any similar river improvement activities.

The survey will take only 10 min. here: Nominate rivers for 2015 

Providing as much of the information listed as possible will help us make the right choice.


The International Rafting Federation will publish its Top 10 Endangered/Improved Rivers Lists in March 2015.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and activism!

Photo memories from 2013 World Championships …

Garrick Cameron, one of the official photographers at the event, has put together a coffee table book of the 2013 World Rafting Champs in New Zealand – 127 pages of beautiful photos!

This is a great way to keep the memory of that awesome trip alive forever. Or would make a great present for one of your team mates, sponsors or supporters/ coaches. You can preview and order the book here.

Front page

Front page

A page from inside

A page from inside

Another page from inside

Another page from inside

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Climate change affects 2014 Euro Cup Series

It is time to summarize the results of the Euro Cup competition for 2014. Mother Nature showed us her teeth during the year, with floods and droughts, causing some events to be cancelled and others postponed. This affected many teams’ plans to attend events and may be the reason we had so few teams . . . → continue reading . . . Climate change affects 2014 Euro Cup Series

Foot entrapment skills

The third video about foot entrapment from R3 – Rescue for Riverrunners, now looks at what methods are best to carry out the rescue. These need to be based on two questions: Can we carry out this rescue? That is – do we have the skills . . . → continue reading . . . Foot entrapment skills

Zambezi Dam – Batoka Gorge – meetings!!!


Date Venue Time 22/01/15 Victoria Falls Municipal Chamber, Livingstone Way, Victoria Falls 09:00 – 12:00 23/01/15 Livingstone Lodge, Maramba Road, Livingstone, Zambia. 09:00 – 12:00

Representatives from the ZRA, ERM, Black Crystal and Kaizen Consulting will be present to answer your questions and gather comment.  Details of the public meeting . . . → continue reading . . . Zambezi Dam – Batoka Gorge – meetings!!!

Foot entrapment assessments

Continuing on the theme of foot entrapment, R3 – Rescue for Riverrunners, now looks at assessing foot entrapments and the best way to rescue them.

Full list of river safety articles

World Paddle Awards – voting campaign

News from the World Paddle Awards

It’s amazing to see how many wonderful people and achievements there are in our paddlesports community!

The nominees that made it to the next round – can be found here: www.worldpaddleawards.com/nominees. The voting . . . → continue reading . . . World Paddle Awards – voting campaign

Zambezi River – damming of the greatest white water!!!

An update for those who are interested in the dam proposed for the Batoka Gorge section of the Zambezi River:

We had a meeting recently with a company called Environmental Resources Management (ERM) who are doing the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Batoka Gorge Dam on the Zambezi.

The situation is as follows:

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