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Euro Cup and 3rd University Championship – Nis, Serbia

Dear rafting friends,

Serbian Rafting Federation and Nautical Club “Liman” are inviting you to the Euro Cup and 3rd University Championship that will be held in Nis on the river Nisava from 16-18 of May 2014. It will be R6 with the four disciplines – Sprint, H2H, Slalom and Downriver on the river that has undisturbed and controlled flow of water of 50 m3 due to the power plant so a high-quality competition is guaranteed.

Nis 1This is the river where the 2009 World Cup event was held and so far 4 EC, as well as other rafting competitions.

The time of the competition is just a couple of days before Euro Champs in Bosnia and it is therefore interesting for your teams so that they can check their preparedness and have a good workout. There is no fee, the camp by the river is free and lunch packets are also free. We are capable of providing free hotel accommodation for one female and one male team. If you are interested, apply on time.

Best regards,

The director of the competition

Boris Purjakov 

World Rafting Champs 2014 POSTPONED!

IRF small logoWe regret to announce that the country of Brazil is currently experiencing a prolonged drought – the worst that they have had in over 20 years – and that this drought has adversely affected water levels at the 2014 R4 World Rafting Championships venue. Furthermore, the drought is not expected to break before the start of the event.

For some time, the IRF has been aware that the drought could affect the R4 WRC, and we asked our host, the CBCa (Confederação Brasileira de Canoagem), to resolve this concern before we issued final approval of their bid.

In September 2013, meetings were held in Brazil with CBCa officials, and follow-up email correspondence was exchanged. The result was that the CBCa assured the IRF that the Brazilian government would guarantee the installation of massive water pumps at the venue so that it would not be effected by the drought. Afterwards, the CBCa selected dates for the WRC and assured the IRF that the pumps would be operational several months in advance of these dates. With these critical promises, the BOD accepted the venue and published the proposed dates.

A few days ago (11/04/2014), CBCa President João Tomasini contacted the IRF President and informed him that the Brazilian government has broken their promise due to a delay in funding approval, and that the pump installation has been delayed. Regrettably, the revised installation schedule means that the venue WILL NOT be available for the WRC until after 15 October. Therefore the WRC CANNOT be held as currently planned.

The full IRF BOD was immediately informed, and after discussion, has decided that the best option at this time is to delay the WRC until water at the venue is restored.

Our President has asked the CBCa President to secure a written guarantee from the Brazilian government that the pumps WILL be operational by October 15. Until we receive a written guarantee, we do not yet have the confidence to fully reschedule the event for late October. We are looking into alternative locations in case we fail to get the guarantee timeously, but we sincerely hope it does not come to that.

As we have only received this information in the last few days and have been waiting for additional clarifications from Brazil, we ask for your patience as we try and rescue our WRC.


Pub o’Cino Rafting Team Leoben

The biggest Euro Cup in R4 discipline is in Wildalpen, Austria, so we’re going to present to you a home team that now has both male and female crews. The sweet taste of their first race during last year’s summer hooked them on rafting. They are new in the sport rafting so this will be a great opportunity to get to know them a little better and give them support for their future work.

Austria Pubo1

First, we will talk with the men’s team and Florian Zielbauer helps us with that.

Florian, tell us something about how you started all this story?

“We are a group of friends studying at the same university, Montanuniversität Leoben, who started to raft last summer just for fun. Quickly we registered a club, Pub o’Cino Rafting Team Leoben, to take the whole of rafting more seriously. Our first competition was the Eurocup in Solkan last autumn where we came second last. During the race our passion and motivation for this sport was raised and so we decided to train hard for the upcoming season. Because of the fact that we only have two rafting guides in the team and the others are complete newcomers to the sport, we don’t expect too much for the year 2014. We want to take part at several Euro Cup races and of course at our national championship and have fun.”

Austria pubo group

They link pleasure and sport not only in rafting, but also in climbing, running, kayaking, swimming, sailing, soccer and so on. - “We love to do sports and be out in the nature. It is nice to have a dynamic club like ours.” - say Florian -“And thank you for the opportunity to present our team on the IRF website.” You’re welcome, it’s our pleasure.

Florian, introduce us to the team. - “The members of the men’s teams are: Pit Arnold, Raphael Esterl, Stefan Fabbro, Andreas Gerstmayr, Markus Kastner, Markus Kohlmayr, Volker Matl, Fabian Niklas, Gernot Schwaiger, Andreas Weber, Thomas Zauchner, Florian Zielbauer. The coach of both teams is Florian Zielbauer.”

You started the season with Solkan in Slovenia, and what else do you have planned this year? - “We would like to compete in Wildalpen and in Augsburg, Trnavka and maybe some more.”

Austria pubo river

Who is the Austria 1 team in your country?

“The other Austria team is “Roughters Wildalpen Raftingteam” with whom we have good contact. They help us a lot ’cause of the fact we are new to this sport. I think we are Austria 2 ;)” - That’s fantastic, congratulations. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in both the European Championships.

On which rivers do you train and how often? What is your favourite discipline?

“We train mainly on the river Mur in Leoben and sometimes we train on the river Enns and Salza. We prefer Slalom because it’s the most interesting and challenging discipline. It gives you great pleasure if things work out the way you expected them.

This is the video of our second training on the river Enns in Styria. We had good water and learnt a lot of things. We also had to handle some problems but it was good fun.

Austria pubo group2Will the women’s team go to all the competitions with you?
“No they won’t go to all the competitions with us. At the time we are struggling with the fact that they don’t have enough time for the competitions. But we try hard and will encourage them to participate at the Euro Cup in Austria.” - Gentlemanly of you.

At the moment we leave the men’s team, to give the girls a word.

Ladies of the “Pub o’Cino Rafting Team Leoben” are: Julia Berger, Christina Hagen, Tanja Jörg, Teresa Rinschede, Violeta Schorn, Agnes Staudigl

Julia Berger will help us answer some questions.

A special welcome to you girls. a women’s team from Austria! Since you have not been to any competitions, which competition will we first see you at?

“First of all, thanks a lot for welcoming us so nicely! As our first competition, we are going to participate in the Euro Cup race in Wildalpen. We are really looking forward to this event!!!

How did you decide on rafting? And what is it that attracted you to it?

“Wow, actually it is not so easy to give a reason for us starting rafting. I think, the majority of us were just curious about this sport. It’s always nice to try out something new! The boys of the Pub o’Cino Rafting Team, who are fellow students and good friends of ours, have both invited and motivated us to check it out. We have trained a couple of times together and I think we fell in love with it! Moreover we are on very good terms with each other, so there is always a really good atmosphere in the boat. It’s a good feeling to exercise in the fresh air together with people you really like, trying to give the best for the team! Furthermore, it is really interesting to incrementally learn how the water behaves and due to the fact that we have just started rafting, we still have to learn a lot!

Where can we follow your progress?

We have an official Facebook profile. We would be happy if you would visit our page.” - We will.

Florian, tell us – do you have some sponsors?

“We really want to thank our sponsor “Klarmann Max”, owner of Hotel Kongress and Pub o’Cino Leoben, for his great and generous support. Without his help we wouldn’t have come this far. It is really nice to have such motivated people in the background who love the rafting sport as we do. Also we want to thank HelliWelli  and AOS Strobl for their support.” - Thank you from our side.

I will have great pleasure this year enjoying the first competition of these girls, and the girls from Denmark in Wildalpen. These young boys and girls inspire a new freshness in our sport. It’s always nice to enjoy chilling with new clubs and following their development. It was a pleasure talking to you. See you soon in Wildalpen.

Article by Nada

Calendars of WRC 2013 NZ

There were some GREAT photos from the 2013 World Rafting Champs in New Zealand. We’ve selected some and made a calendar! This calendar will start in June 2014 and go through to May 2015 – so you will get full use of it

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IRF key rings and fridge magnets!

The IRF has at last started to produce some memorabilia of its own. Take a look at the following – they will be for sale at the upcoming Euro Champs in BiH and in Slovakia as well as at the Euro Cup event in Austria. If you want to reserve any for yourself email . . . → continue reading . . . IRF key rings and fridge magnets!

Whitewater books to read …

Every sport has its accompanying literature. Although competitive rafting does not have a book yet from which to learn the basic techniques of the sport, there are still plenty of other books out there that make excellent reading. Whether you like to read for the entertainment value or to learn more about the sport there . . . → continue reading . . . Whitewater books to read …

Updates for Euro Champs and Euro Cup events

We have a bunch of updates for Euro Champs R4 and R6 as well as some updates for Euro Cup events:

R6 Euro Champs – BiH: 

Info letter 2 Registration form Closing date for registration is 20 April!!! So get yourselves into motion!


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Tranining with crocodiles – Australia U19 teams

“Redlynch State College” rafting crew from Far North Queensland, Australia, will have the honour of representing their country in Brazil at the R4 World Rafting Championships. They will be representing the U19 women’s and men’s divisions.

Alice Wedmaier – will introduce us to her team and the men’s team and help us to . . . → continue reading . . . Tranining with crocodiles – Australia U19 teams

Results, photos and videos of events

Keep an eye on the IRF website for the latest results, photos and videos from events happening around the world.

The left hand column (outlined in red in the picture) is where you will find these details. We will endeavour to put them up as soon after the event as possible.

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How to quickly coil a throw rope – from NRS

Throw ropes are an essential part of ones safety kit – but sometimes the first throw doesn’t work and you need to get that rope in and ready for another throw as quickly as possible without it getting tangled. NRS shows us a way to do this quickly ….