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Putting Rescue Skills to Use on the Water

Wrapping up this excellent series, swiftwater rescue expert Jim Coffey of R3- Rescue for River Runners, shows how the skills covered in the previous videos can be put to use on a typical day on the river with a mixed group of kayakers. One of the less skilled paddlers has to swim, and both he and his boat need to be rescued.

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Seeking bids for Euro Rafting Champs 2016

Bidding for the 2016 R4 Euro Rafting Champs is still open but needs to close soon!

H2H w GBRIf no bids are received we may have to skip R4 Euro Champs in 2016. The next Euro Champs would then be R6 in 2017.

So if you have a great location for R4 and the skills to run this event get in contact with us at IRF Admin.

SKR Bosna’s home advantage!

SKR Bosna will have the honour of representing Bosnia y Herzegovina in the up coming R6 Euro Rafting Champs which are being held on the Vrbas River near Banja Luka. This Open Men’s team is made up of: Dajan Vinovcic -Captain, Sanjin Smriko, Mustafa Bisic, Jasmin Dizdarevic, Armin Kasapovic, Haris Pehadzic and Coach: Ekrem Tuka.

SRK Bosna - MZ

The club was founded in 2008. by two nature enthusiasts, Ekrem Tuka and Dajan Vinovcic. We chatted with Mustafa Bisic about the rest of the history of the club, their beginnings and about their plans for this competition and the near future​.​

​​SRK bih2“We started really small with competitions and in the first two years competed only in the BiH league.” explains Mustafa, and adds, “In 2011 we were champions of the BiH league so we decided to compete in regional or international competitions. We took part in the new Euro Cup events in Banja Luka and in Slunj. Last year we competed at R4 Euro Champs in Slovakia in the U23 group and gained massive experience. We will participate at this Euro Champs in Banja Luka with both men’s and women’s teams from our club.”​

​​SRK Bosna UNAAs the home team, do you feel some pressure leading up to this competition?

“The only pressure we recognize is the internal pressure of our big goals and our determination to make them real. We firmly believe that we will succeed in our mission and in our purpose. No external factor is bigger than this pressure, but the thing is – the big part of our determination is to represent our country well. Our national heritage and pride is enormous and people from Bosnia are generally the most welcoming and the warmest people in Europe, but you don’t want to be on the opposite side of a Bosnian in anything.” ​Meaning the H2H discipline will be most interesting to watch! ;) ​​

SRK Bosna - teretanaWhat are your expectations for this competition?

“Our expectations aren’t big. Two basic ones are to gain experience for the future and to give our best for the country we represent.”

Which discipline do you enjoy the most?

“Our favourite discipline in Banja Luka is H2H. The races are always tight and exciting there. And generally there is something about us people from the Balkan region that likes to go head to head.”

SRK bihAre you familiar with the other teams in the Open category?

“We know for a fact that the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Open 1 team ​(Dajak) is very strong and we expect that they will perform very well. Other than them the Czech Republic and Great Britain are always good.​”​

How would you describe the course on which the European Championship will be held?

SKR Vrbas“The course is simply the best natural course in the world. Night slalom is awesome.” - Truth!

B​ecause the competition is held in your country you are a great one to ask – tell me what kind of national food should the participants try when they come to BiH?

“You have to try “ćevapi”, they are great in Banja Luka. It’s a kind of fried meat with an interesting flavour and shape. And there is off course Bosnian pie (pita), there is all kinds of them but the best of them is the meat pie – Burek.” – I have had the opportunity to taste these specialties and join you on this recommendation.

In addition to this championship​, which ​other competitions ​we will be able to see​ you at this year?

“All of the National competitions of the BiH league, plus Euro Cup Nis.”​ – Yes, EC R6 Nis is excellent for warming up before Euro Champs.

We all know about the floods that hit this country last year and how many of the rafters from Bosnia helped the victims. On that occasion, much of the rafters’ equipment was destroyed and they have no ability to pay to replace it, so an appeal to all participants coming to the Euro Champs – if you can help, bring equipment that you can give to them – see video

Some training and preparation videos:

Rafting Bosna huge water – Madness

SRK “Bosna” BiH U-23 rafting team-training

And their Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/SRKBosna

Home ground always provides a small advantage, I hope these guys can make the most of it. There is no doubt that they will have huge support from the stands. Being a part of the Euro Champ is no small thing, and the opportunity to socialize with other contestants from all over Europe is priceless. So as well as wishing them luck in the competition we also hope they enjoy this opportunity.

​There will be many teams at the Euro Champs who have already tried out this river, but definitely for those that haven’t been back since WRC 2009 it is a great opportunity to remember wonderful memories from last time and to add new ones.

Upcoming events and courses

The annual Whitewater Rescue Race is happening at the end of April in Austria.

This event pulls together guides and other rescue professionals to test themselves in various rescue scenarios. A great event to make new friends, enjoy a great atmosphere and take advantage of a great learning platform.

Guide courses and certifications coming . . . → continue reading . . . Upcoming events and courses

WRC 2015 dates and schedule announced!


The dates for the 2015 World Rafting Champs, which are being held  on the Citarik River, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, are from the 29 Nov to the 8 Dec. Here is a more detailed schedule:


(Youth = U19 and U23)

Sunday 29 Nov: Youth – Training Day – Sprint + H2H Judge Workshop Monday 30 . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2015 dates and schedule announced!

Euro Champs – coming up fast!

The 2015 Euro Champs are in May (19 to 24) and already it is nearly the end of February – only two and a half months to go!!!

Teams! It’s time to start registering! Registration Form.

All details about the event can be found on the Euro Champs website page.

. . . → continue reading . . . Euro Champs – coming up fast!

Stolen raft!!!


Hereby we inform you that on the night between Friday 5 and Saturday 6, September 2014 at the Base Rafting Extreme Waves in Commezzadura in Val di Sole, Trentino, Italy, was stolen a raft Brand NRS Model Style E, 136S-B Model 1076 serial number, WSI 19121 B 212

The . . . → continue reading . . . Stolen raft!!!

Best rivers in the World for rafting

We asked the public for their lists of the best rivers to raft in the world. We were surprised by the names of the rivers that were NOT on the list! But these rivers deserve equal place in the summary. So, following our research as well as communication with many distinguished names in rafting and . . . → continue reading . . . Best rivers in the World for rafting

IRF Guide certificates – Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, India and more!

What a great choice of places to go to get your IRF guide certificate!!!!

Argentina, Bulgaria, Morocco, Austria, France and India so far – with Morocco being a multi day trip and India a 10 day expedition!

Guide course – Zanskar, India

On the 2nd March we have a guide Workshop at . . . → continue reading . . . IRF Guide certificates – Morocco, Argentina, Bulgaria, India and more!

Red Ladies of Colorado

Red Ladies Raft Racing, Colorado, are well known to us (Red Ladies of the USA looking at rafting development long term), but it’s a long time since we last chatted to them. So to find out what has has happened in the meantime we chat to Julie Sutton.

Hello Julie, it’s been a . . . → continue reading . . . Red Ladies of Colorado