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Brazil dominates the World Rafting Championship

The Brazil teams have scooped up the Open Men’s, Open Women’s and Masters Men’s title at the World Rafting Champs in Foz do Iguaçu. Brazil.

Photos: Nilton Rolin / Itaipu and Rickardo Andrade

BrazilThe 2014 R4 Championships have ended after gathering the best in the world, from 19 countries, for two weeks of competition. Last week saw the u19 and u23 divisions competing, and this week was the chance for the Open and Masters to perform. Brazil showed why they are one of the most feared teams in the world.

According to Rebecca Fernandes, athlete and rafting representative of the Brazilian Canoe Confederation Committee, the victory was mainly due to the dedication and passion for rafting as a sport and doing positive development in Brazil. “In addition to winning at home it’s is great and, I feel, extremely timely because it gives more strength to our sport. I would like to thank everyone who made the tournament happen”, she said.

In the morning the Downriver was held in the Iguaçu National Park, and in the afternoon everyone moved back to the Itaipu Canal for the 2nd run of Slalom which could not be completed the previous day due to too little water due to the pumps not working as planned.

Downriver, below Iguaçu Falls

CRCThe Downriver just below the Iguaçu Falls provided an unforgettable setting for the start. The teams who did well were Slovakia, Russia and Brazil. In the Open Women, Slovakia completed the race with a time of 20: 52.08, ahead of the Japanese with 21: 01:44 and Brazilians with 21: 43.69. In the Open Men gold was won by the Russian team with 19: 40.21, silver by Brazil with 19: 47.72 and the bronze by Japan with 20: 08:34. Men’s Masters category saw Brazil take victory with a time of 21: 10:17, followed by the Czech Republic at 21: 29.00 and Russia with 22: 21.89.

The teams were up before sunrise and since clocks were moved an hour ahead the night had felt even shorter. According to the rafter, Antonio Salvati of the Brazil Open team the scene of the Iguaçu Falls was very worthwhile. “Even getting up so early was very worthwhile to have the opportunity to compete in this place,” he said.

“The place is very beautiful. I had never seen such beauty,” said Johnatan Uyarte, the Open Men’s category of Argentina. Kailie Marland, the athlete from the Canadian Open Female’s Team, said: “The falls are beautiful, there’s no better. The waves are pretty big down river and to face them was another challenge that we believe we did well in …”

Conclusion of proof of Slalom

Czech SlalomDuring the afternoon the athletes returned to the Itaipu Canal to complete the Slalom discipline. The victory in the Men’s Open went to Czech Republic with the best time of 2: 33.87, followed by Brazil with 2: 35.71 and the surprise of the event was the young, first time at a WRC, Costa Rican team who took bronze with a time of 2: 40.55. Japan were unable to improve their time and were surprise non-medallists. In the Open Women’s category it was Brazil’s turn to take the gold with a time of 3: 04.87, ahead of Japan with 3: 5:17 and Czech Republic 3: 11:18. In the Masters Men’s it was another victory for the Czechs with the time of 2: 48.94, a great advantage over the Brazilian’s 3: 02:06 and the Russians with 4: 23.67.

Overall Champions

After the points for all four disciplines – Sprint, H2H, Slalom and Downriver – were totalled up, Brazil showed the world what great rafting teams they have. In the Open Men’s Brazil secured the title of world champion with a total of 888 points, followed by the Czech Republic and Russia with 834 and 830 In Men’s Masters once again the Brazilians won with 952 points, followed by the Czechs and Russians with 928 to 790. The Women’s Open also saw Brazil in first with 904 points, followed by Japan with 871 and 847 for Slovakia.

finishA big congratulations to Brazil – World Champions all round!

The president of Brazilian Canoe Confederation, Joao Tomasini Schwertner, gave the success of the event due to the support of BNDES, Ministry of Sport and Itaipu.

“Once again we had a great event in the country thanks to our great partners who believe in the development of the Brazilian rafting. I’d also like to give my congratulations to the Brazilian teams that showed the strength of the country on the world stage, all the foreign teams who came to Brazil, the organizing team and volunteers who came to participate in this great event.”

Pulley systems

It’s not often you need to know how to set up a rope pulley system – but when you do it is normally an emergency and you need to know how to do it fast!

Vidra Kele brings us these great illustrations as to how to set up various pulleys with increasing ratio strength when the going gets tough. The Z-pulley and “pig-rig” being ideal for those really, really stuck rafts! The last illustration lays out the details so you can set these up. Carabiners can be used instead of pulleys.

Pulley systems - Vidra



Brazilians dominate the H2H today

With the temperature around a hot and sweaty 40 degrees, the teams competed on the Itaipu Channel, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, in the H2H discipline of the R4 Rafting World Championship 2014 Open and Masters. Brazil took a clean sweep of old the gold medals on offer – Open Men, Open Women and Masters Men.

1Fans and athletes took to the water today to get refreshed in the heat. There was also many flags from the delegations of Brazil, Japan, Russia and the United States hanging on the barriers as an incentive to athletes.

The final was an all-South American duel between Brazil and Argentina, with the Brazilian team getting out front and staying there to secure the Gold. The bronze went to the Czechs. According to Brazilian, Fábio Ramos, the rivalry in rafting with Argentina is not like football, but it’s good to win at home and give the victory to the Brazilian fans that support the athletes. “This channel is quite technical and any small mistake you pay with minutes and seconds. Each one gave their best to give this gift to the supporters, family and sponsors. We are in front, but tomorrow we have to be better than today so the last day we have no surprises” he said.

I2n the Open Women Brazil had another victory in the final, this time against the Japan who were leading the championship so far. The bronze in this event went to the team from Slovakia. “It’s a great feeling. Yesterday we were second and first today. We have two more tests to go and we know that the championship does not end here. Now we have to focus on the next evidence” said Graziela Soares from the Brazilian team.

In the Men’s Masters, Brazil also won gold in the final with the Czech Republic, and the bronze went to Russia. “Yesterday we got the silver and today we had the privilege of winning the Head to Head leaving the gold in the Brazilian territory,” celebrated Giovani Cáceres of the Brazil Masters team.

According to Giovani, rafting has been increasing a lot in Brazil, and is helped by being one of the great powers of the sport in the world who are always fighting for the title. “Our team is an example to others and it is very nice to be recognized for it and knowing that the sport is gaining prominence” he added.

Fight for the overall champion title

After the completion of the Sprint and Head to Head, the Brazilian teams are leading in the overall championship title for the Open and Masters. In the Open Men, Brazil is the leader with 272 points, followed by the Czech Republic with 246 and Japan with 238. In the Open Women, Brazil is also the leader with 288 points, followed by Slovakia with 258 and Japan with 255. The Master Men also has Brazil in the lead with 288 points, followed by the Czech Republic with 276 and Russia with 237.

Tomorrow is Slalom, the most technically challenging disciplines of the sport.


Japan, Slovakia and Czech Republic come out on top in the World Rafting Champs

Today in Foz do Iguaçu, the Open and Masters competition started at the R4 Rafting World Championship 2014 with the Sprint.

With over 30 degrees of temperature, rafters from 14 countries competed in the Sprint on this Thursday afternoon, the Sprint on the Itaipu Channel.

In the Open Men, Japan, the defending world champions, showed . . . → continue reading . . . Japan, Slovakia and Czech Republic come out on top in the World Rafting Champs

Open and Masters World Rafting Champs begin in Brazil

The IRF 2014 R4 World Rafting Championships has moved into its second phase now which is the Open and Masters divisions.

Photo: Guto Merkle

The past two days the teams had a chance to paddle on the Itaipu Canal where they familiarized themselves with the Sprint, H2H and . . . → continue reading . . . Open and Masters World Rafting Champs begin in Brazil

Follow the WRC 2014 action!!!

There are a number of places and ways you can follow what is happening at the World Rafting Champs 2014 in Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil:

NB!!! If you are posting to your Facebook page or Twitter – use #irfwrc – that way we can all enjoy each others’ posts.

. . . → continue reading . . . Follow the WRC 2014 action!!!

Junior World Champions are declared!

Today in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, the R4 World Rafting Championship in the Under 19 and Under 23 categories concluded with Brazilian teams dominating by taking the title in three of the four categories: Under-19 and Under-23 Men’s and Under 23 Women’s. 

It was a very early start for . . . → continue reading . . . Junior World Champions are declared!

Slalom Day for U19 and U23 at the WRC

Today on the Itaipu Channel, Foz do Iguaçu, the Brazilians took the title of Slalom Champions in the men’s categories of Under-19 and Under-23 and the women’s Under-19.

Tomorrow (12th) happens in the Iguaçu National Park and it is the last and decisive discipline (Downriver) which will define the . . . → continue reading . . . Slalom Day for U19 and U23 at the WRC

Extracting boats after wraps and pins

R3 – Rescue for Riverrunners talks us through how to extract rafts or kayaks from a wrap or pin using mechanical advantages. Even the toughest of wraps can be solved when using the right equipment and methods.

NRS sells a . . . → continue reading . . . Extracting boats after wraps and pins

Brazil leads the first day of the R4 Rafting World Championship

Brazilian athletes feature strongly in the Sprint and Head to Head, both held today on Itaipu Channel, Foz do Iguaçu (PR)

On this first day of competition in the R4 Rafting World Championship 2014 in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, there . . . → continue reading . . . Brazil leads the first day of the R4 Rafting World Championship