ARK Inflatables auction winner 2021 announced

Our ARK Inflatables auction 2021 drew to a close last month with one lucky winner – Rich Domleo. Rich can be seen in the photo shouting out his excitement for winning the auction. Rich is now the proud owner of 1x ARK Inflatables 2021 Croc (R2) and 1x ARK Inflatables 2021 Solo Adventurer Prawn (R1).

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Win a new ARK Inflatables 2021 Prawn Solo Adventurer and a Croc

The IRF has partnered with ARK Inflatables to offer one lucky winner two amazing ARK Inflatables 2021 whitewater crafts! African River Kraft’s (ARK Inflatables) rafts are well known to the IRF and many people will recognise some of their famous designs and use in World Rafting Championships over the past decades. Our history with ARK

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