Euro Rafting Champs 2010 – Italy

EURO CHAMPS – Val di Sole, Italy
2 – 6 June 2010


R4 Men – Sprint; H2H; Slalom; Downriver; Overall

R4 Women – Sprint; H2H; Slalom; Downriver; Overall

R6 men – Sprint; H2H; Slalom; Downriver; Overall

R6 Women – Sprint; H2H; Slalom; Downriver; Overall

Information for participants
The competitions will be held in R4 and R6. During the whole event, evening program will be  organized every day.
Director of the Race – Benedetto del Zoppo (Italy)


  • R4 and R6 SPRINT
  • R4 and R6 H2H
  • R4 and R6 SLALOM
  • R4 and R6 DOWNRIVER

RACE RULES – For race rules refer to IRF:

REGISTRATION – Deadline: 20th of May 2010. Your team must first be accepted by IRF, so contact the IRF first for confirmation of your eligibility!


  • Tuesday 1st of June: Registration, official training
  • Wednesday 2nd of June: R4 Sprint e R4 H2H, Open Ceremony
  • Thursday 3rd of June: R6 Sprint e R6 H2H
  • Friday 4th of June: R6 Slalom e R4 Slalom
  • Saturday 5th of June: R6 Downriver
  • Sunday 6th of June: R4 Downriver

HOW TO REACH VAI DE SOLE – You can find all the information in English at this link:
The nearest airports are:

  • Verona – 160 km
  • Innsbruck – 200 km
  • Bergamo – 230 km
  • Venezia – 240 km
  • Milano – 335 km

*We will not organize transport from and to the airports for the teams.*

Link to points of interest:

Here you will find a complete list of accommodation options, you can book directly on line.

The accommodation costs for the stay will be borne by teams.

The competitions will take place on the Noce river in Mezzana regarding the SPRINT, the SLALOM and the H2H. The DOWNRIVER will start in Ossana and finish in Caldes. Noce river is a continuous, technical, natural mountain river; it is 30 km long and the grade varies from 2 to 5, with many sections (run by the races) having a 3+, 4 grade. There are different terrain typologies the river runs through: Mezzana-Marilleva and Croviana – Malé section: open fields, other sections: steep sided terrain and forests. The flow of this river is nearly constant and its usual limits are normally about 20 to 30 cubic meters/sec. The water level depends on 2 hydroelectric basins. The subject responsible for the water level regulation and water release is the ENEL –hydroelectric plant of Cogolo, in Val di Peio, which guarantees for a constant water level for an event of such an importance.

Here is a map of the river with some useful details:


  • 500 € (Euro) per Team for participation on one Championship R4 or R6
  • 550 € (Euro) per Team for participation on both Championships R4 and R6 (max 7 people)
  • 100 € (Euro) for each related staff member (coach, manager and Team’s supporting crews; this offer is valid for a maximum of 4 persons for each team)

This rates will include lunch and dinner (but not breakfast), transport during the race.
Accommodation is not included.

The host committee will organize the furniture of the technical equipment (rafts and necessary gear) in order to provide rafts made and equipped according to the standards admitted by the Fi.Raft race-regulation.

This event will be filmed by a national television. Team’s branding is allowed only on paddles and helmets.

To check if you need the visa to enter in Italy, please check this web site: .

Contact person: Filippo Baggia –
Comitato Organizzatore Grandi Eventi Val di Sole
Via Marconi, 5 – 38027 Malè (TN) +39 328 2150612 fax +39 0463 902911 –

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