Climate change affects 2014 Euro Cup Series

AroucaIt is time to summarize the results of the Euro Cup competition for 2014. Mother Nature showed us her teeth during the year, with floods and droughts, causing some events to be cancelled and others postponed. This affected many teams’ plans to attend events and may be the reason we had so few teams qualifying for this series.

EC NEDIn the R6 ​Women’s category – “Reflip​”​ from Bulgaria – won comfortably as they were the only team to have attended two Euro Cup events. First among the men’s team was RC “Dajak​”​ (BiH), 2nd KES “Vir” (SRB) and RT ​”​Liman​”​ also from Serbia in 3rd  place​.  Only 8 teams qualified in this category. (R6 Results – Men; R6 Results – Women)

A great video of the Bulgarian event on the Struma River from Team KES Vir!

The R4 Men’s category was won by Gimpex 2 (SLO) with Cabanos BA (SVK) second and  Rafting Team Vidra (SLO) taking third. Only 11 teams qualified in this category – a minimum of two events is needed to qualify, with the top points from their best two events going to their points total. Unfortunately no women’s teams attended two events so there were no qualifiers there in the Women’s R4 category. (R4 Results – MenR4 Results – Women)

Congratulations go to the winners. The Balkan region definitely dominates and it is great they are supporting their neighbour country’s events.

This sport is so strongly connected with nature, in the most intimate way, and so we must share the problems that happen and being aware of climate changes and doing our part to help slow/reverse this is essential. From our World Champ to our Euro Champs and national events we all were affected in some way by nature either being over abundant with water or with drought.

So when you are planning your ​schedule for 2015 – make sure you have a few back up events in case the ones you choose have to cancel or postpone.

And remember !!!!!!!!!! To qualify for the Euro Cup Series final positions you need to have attended at least two events.

Euro Cup events are a great training ground, so bring your good mood with you, because 2015 will be full of good cheer at the competitions. Friendship, competition, new ​place to compete​,​ new challenges, travelling, partying … all this makes up the magnificent participation in the Euro Cup competition series.

And yes, folks, select ​a new competition this year , one that you’ve never been to before, a new river ​…. challenge yourself a little. After all, we are adventurous explorers.

​ :)​