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May 2012 Newsletter
World Rafting Champs 2013 in NZ!!
The 2013 World Rafting Championship and Youth & Masters WRC is to be held in New Zealand in Rotorua in November 2013. More info coming soon.

Pre-worlds will be held in late Oct / early Nov.
Bidding for 2014 WRC
Bids for the R4 2014 WRC have been received from Brasil and Indonesia. The Sport & Competition Committee is now in the process of assessing these bids. If they are found to offer the minimum required by the IRF they will then move to step two, which is scouting trips and further assessment until one is shown to be the best. The aim is to make the announcement of the winning bid at the Y&M WRC in Czech Rep in August.
Registration for Youth & Masters WRC open

Teams must now register for the 2012 Y&M World Rafting Champs which are being held from the 23 - 28 August in the Czech Repblic.

Registration is also open for the Euro Champs (28 Aug - 2 Sept) and the Czech World Cup (8-9 Sept) events also around that time making it a 3 week festival of rafting events in the Czech Republic.

Continental Champs 2012
The Euro Champs are being held in the Czech Rep from the 28 Aug - 2 Sept.

Pan American Champs will be held together with the Canadian World Cup event from the 19 - 24 Sept

Australasian Champs are undecided at this time
Race Events Calendar
The number of raft races around the world based on IRF Race Rules has increased dramatically over the last two years. There are over 60 races listed on our events calendar with the majority being C level events, meaning any teams from any where can attend.

The fact that so many races are happening means there is a fast growing number of raft teams entering the racing scene. 
Guiding Around the World
The International Whitewater Rescue Race which is for all guides and rescue personnel was recently held in Austria. The results can be seen here and photos here. Next years dates are already set - 27 / 28 Arpril 2013 - diarise!

Calendar for guide courses and workshops - there are a huge number already scheduled for this year with more being added all the time and in some great locations around the world if you're up for something different. 
IRF Committees

Since the Congress in Oct the IRF Committees have been updating strategic plans, getting on board new members and launching into their tasks. See Committees and strategic plans here - this is also part of our plans to make the committees actions more transparent to our members.

Some of the tasks that the IRF has been working on are:

  • overhauling WRC & Euro Champs bidding documents
  • receiving, assessing, scouting, analysing, choosing bids for WRC 2013
  • receiving and assessing bids for WRC 2014, preparing to scout
  • working on proposed rule updates, including youth age groups
  • upgrading various aspects of judging and judges
  • seeking ways to increase income to sustain the IRF
  • seeking media partners
  • pushing harder in its media stratgies to increase followers
  • seeking partners in conservation of our rivers
  • improving and growing the GT&E sector
  • managing this year alone - Y&M WRC; Euro, Australasian and Pan American Champs; 2 World Cups while also promoting over 60 other events

 Thanks must go to those who are active on these committees.

  1. Y&M WRC - Register by 31st MAY!!!!!
  2. Bids for Continental Champs 2014 must be in by end of June 2012
  3. Send results from your events in to us - preferably with a PHOTO so we can post them up
Guiding activities for June:
  • 22 – 24 June: first ever IRF River Board Workshop, France, Guil, Ubay Rivers. Contact Gaspar
  • 23-25(26) June: IRF GT&E Workshop Dutch, France
Raft Racing events for June:
  • Czech Series – Vltava (2 – 3 June) [C level] – details
  • R2 Race – Teva Mountain Games (3 June)- [Events level] – details
  • Euro Cup – Rovaniemi, Tornio, Finland (8 – 9 June) [C level] details
  • Euro Cup – Vrbas, BiH (9 – 10 June) [C level] –
  • Slovakian Series – Lipovsky Mikuláš, Vah (9 – 10 June) [C level] – details
  • R2 Race – Fibark (14 June) [Events level] details
  • Czech Series – Trnávka (16 – 17 June) [C level] – details
  • USRA Series (CR) – Fibark Festival (17 June) [C level]- details
  • USRA Series (CR) – Royal Gorge Whitewater Festival (June 22) [C level] details
  • Russian Series – Vuoksa (June 22 – 26) [C level] - details
  • USRA Series – Clear Creek Colorado Nationals (23 – 24 June) [C level]
  • USRA Series (CR) – Pine creek Pro Raft Race (26 June) [C level] 
  • Euro Cup – Voss Rafting, Norway [C level] – details

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