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R6 Euro Champs cancelled due to flooding!!!

A message from Alex Pastir (Event Director) and Goran Lolic (Head Judge/ organiser):

"Due to extremely high rainfall and flooding over the last few days in Bosnia and Herzegovina the Organizing committee of Euro Champ R6 2014 have been forced to CANCEL the event.The Government of the Republic of Srpska has declared a state of emergency in the whole territory. Many people have been killed or seriously injured.
All our people plus their rafts and equipments are still on rescue mission throughout the country. From the beginning of the floods the rafting clubs from our Federation have rescued many thousands of people in the threatened areas.

Because of the very high level of water in river Vrbas all our infrastructure (slalom course, sprint & H2H course, camp, rafting center, roads) were seriously damaged or destroyed.

When we can we will have an Organising Committee meeting and we will inform you what / if there will be new dates for the Euro Champs."

The IRF sends it's sympathies to all affected by this catastrophe and praises all those who are working hard in the rescue efforts.

Nature shows us again that even when we are well prepared it can lay waste to our great plans. One day these guys were excitedly preparing to welcome teams from around Europe for a great event - the next they are rescuing lives amid natures chaos that has destroyed so much around them.

Please share so that we ensure everyone knows about this as soon as possible. Thanks.
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