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Newsletter - July 2016
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Yushu, a special place to hold a World Cup
Posted: 31 Jul 2016 11:20 PM

Yushu City is in the centre of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with a population of about 111,200 and has an average elevation of 4,493 meters. It experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010 when the majority of the city’s buildings were damaged beyond repair and many, many lives were lost. It has been the focus of rebuilding . . . → continue reading . . . Yushu, a special place to hold a World Cup

Judges for WRC 2016
Posted: 29 Jul 2016 09:20 PM

We will shortly be finalising the list for the Official and Volunteer Judges for the 2016 World Rafting Champs in Al Ain at the end of September. If you are keen to judge please send your name in to IRF Admin.

Here is a description of what the IRF is looking for when . . . → continue reading . . . Judges for WRC 2016

Italy U19 Men – road to WRC 2016
Posted: 27 Jul 2016 09:35 PM

As we approach another World Rafting Championship, this time R4 in the UAE, so we begin presenting teams that will be participating there. It is two years since the last R4 WRC in Brazil and some new faces are on the scene, especially in the younger categories. Damiano Casazza, Mark Michael Mair, Michael Zanella, David Fassnauer . . . → continue reading . . . Italy U19 Men – road to WRC 2016

Russian Forum – candidates
Posted: 26 Jul 2016 10:39 PM

International Cultural and Recreational Forum «Whitewater of Siberia – 2016»

From 18 –27 of August, in the Russia, Siberia – Tomsk region, on the two location: Tomsk city, Kopylovo village, Kyrgyzka river and Republic of Altai, Aya village, Katun river, will be held “Whitewater of Siberia” Forum. Presentation of . . . → continue reading . . . Russian Forum – candidates

Team Bober – the legends
Posted: 25 Jul 2016 10:06 PM

At the 2016 ERC the unimaginable happened – “Bober” (SLO) rafting team returned to the competitive rafting scene!!! Not only did many of my wishes become realities because of this, but I also had the privilege to interview and find out more about this amazing team.

The crew of: Jani Plestenjak, Borut Holy, Matej Hočevar, . . . → continue reading . . . Team Bober – the legends

Judges course at WRC2016
Posted: 03 Jul 2016 09:16 PM

A Judges course will be run during the 2016 World Rafting Championship. Anyone keen to do the course should email IRF Admin.

The details are:

Dates: 31st Oct – 5th Nov (same dates as the WRC)

Place: Event Headquarters, Wadi Adventures

Cost: $US30 to be paid to Instructor on the first day of the course. . . . → continue reading . . . Judges course at WRC2016

WRC 2016 – registration forms available
Posted: 01 Jul 2016 08:40 PM

WRC 2016 is 4 months away! From the flow of questions coming now we can see that teams and federations are gearing up to book flights and pre-event training as well as securing all the other information they need to make the plans for their trip to the event.

Here is the  Registration Form which . . . → continue reading . . . WRC 2016 – registration forms available

Into the Unknown (again) – 1st IRF workshop in the Ukraine
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 04:33 AM

As the demand for International Rafting Federation courses is growing year on year, I am noticing that I am able to travel to new and exciting destinations to run IRF courses. This year alone my travels have taken me to Morocco, Nepal, France, UK and now to the Ukraine for their first ever IRF workshop.

. . . → continue reading . . . Into the Unknown (again) – 1st IRF workshop in the Ukraine


What’s coming up?
Posted: 23 Jun 2016 05:16 AM

We’re heading into the height of the Northern Hemisphere summer and holiday season, so most rafters and rafting companies will be at their busiest soon. There are still some guiding training courses coming up as well as some raft races, most notable is the guide assessment on the Zambezi – what an awesome place to . . . → continue reading . . . What’s coming up?

EC R4 Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp/Sort 2016
Posted: 07 Jun 2016 01:35 AM

I was located in a small paradise called Casa Canelo in the magical Pyrenees, above the beautiful river Noguera Pallaresa on which the first EC in Spain was being held. The small village of Rialp was the host of this competition. The R4 category event attracted teams from GBR, NED, SPA and mixed BEL/NED team.

. . . → continue reading . . . EC R4 Noguera Pallaresa, Rialp/Sort 2016


Report from the first ever IRF GT&E Conference
Posted: 06 Jun 2016 12:25 AM

The first ever IRF Guide Training & Education (GT&E) Conference for Instructors and Assessors was held from the 19 – 21 April, in the AOS Hostel, in Wildalpen, Austria. The conference participants had the honour of being his first guests. It’s a beautiful place, with very friendly . . . → continue reading . . . Report from the first ever IRF GT&E Conference

EC Georgia 2016
Posted: 01 Jun 2016 05:59 AM

The first day of the event was for registration and orientation so the teams divided into those who went on a tour of landmarks around Borjomi and those who went to the water to train.

There were 41 teams registered – 25 Open Men, 10 Open Women and 6 Masters Men, . . . → continue reading . . . EC Georgia 2016

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