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Newsletter - late Dec 2012
IRF wishes you all happy holidays and a great New Year!
Posted: 23 Dec 2012 08:23 PM

Picture by whitewater rafting Christmas ornaments …

The IRF wishes those of you who are celebrating Christmas a wonderful time and all those lucky enough to be on holiday a great break and hope you are having quality time with friends and family.

We wish you an excellent 2013 and hope all your rafting dreams come true and that we see you at one or other of the rafting events in 2013!

“Club Rafting Femenino” – hailing from Costa Rica
Posted: 19 Dec 2012 10:51 PM

“Club Rafting Femenino” Costa Rica is a group of women who love white water and nature. They promote the sport of rafting amongst women and the result is a team that is the best representation of competitive women rafting in Costa Rica. Most members of the team have been in the team since 2006; some are rafting guides and have been for several years and they have grown as an organization which encourages people to see rafting not only as work but as a sport as well.

Training on the Reventazon

These white water lovers are: Ana Gabriela Rodriguez, Andrea Fallas, Catalina Elizondo, Lil Castro, Monica Gutierrez Ortiz, Omara Fuks, Zumara Chavarria, Carol Vargas and coach – Alejandro Conteras.

In this interview, Omara Fuks helped us to get better acquainted with her team, answering our questions.

Omara, tell us about your training – which rivers, class and how often . . . → Read More: “Club Rafting Femenino” – hailing from Costa Rica

Red Ladies Raft Racers hailing from the USA
Posted: 05 Dec 2012 07:18 PM

The Red Lady Raft Racers, made up from a team of professional river guides, was grown in the Arkansas Valley, USA. They are real ambassadors for their sport, a young team with big ambitions, and will spend their winter training on the Colorado River to compete in the National Selections in 2013. The stakes are high because the honour of representing their country at the World Rafting Champs in  New Zealand in 2013 is up for grabs there and it is their aim to scoop up that honour.

Gore Reace

The formation of the Red Lady team began in 2011 with Cristin Zimmer and Julie Sutton (current Team Captain) at the national  race in Oregon. Cristin was a former USA women’s team paddler who raced internationally for several years. Julie raced locally in Colorado with the goal of forming a team to take to nationals. Both ladies had a . . . → Read More: Red Ladies Raft Racers hailing from the USA

Why are so many of our articles about women’s teams?
Posted: 04 Dec 2012 08:21 PM

Recently we’ve had quite a few articles about women’s rafting teams and not so many about men’s teams! The reason for this is that we seldom get the responses we’re looking for from the men’s teams! So if you have a team and would like us to write an article about it then contact us. We’d need about 3 good pictures to go with the article as well.

Updates to 2013 racing calendar
Posted: 03 Dec 2012 08:45 PM

Euro Cup Serbia – Picture Yanne Golev

There have been a few changes and additions to the 2013 Euro Cup racing schedule. For instance, the Austrian Wildapen event is now being held on the 26 to 28 April so as to not clash with the Slovakian event.

There are 10 events on this Euro Cup calendar and all fall in the months of April, May and June – so get planning as they new year will be soon upon us and April will be making fools of us all if we’re not careful.

Updated Euro Cup 2013  (as of 4 Dec 2012)

Please send in the dates for your events so we can put them on our racing events calendar so people can plan their coming racing year.

Rafting training and competing indoors anyone?
Posted: 30 Nov 2012 04:09 PM
Rafters doing training and competitions indoors?! If you think this sounds unusual and impossible, then read on ….

Serbia have recently come up with the idea of a rafting ergometer (exercise machine which can measure the amount of work performed when exercising on it) and they have added competitions to it as well. In an interview with Boris Purjakov, President of the Rafting Federation of Serbia, we learn more about the project on which they have been working, and are keen to hear your opinions on this. Boris, tell us about this project and what plans you have for it? “Our work and research has been conducted over the last two years. In the first year, with an eminent manufacturer of treadmills (cycling, rowing, kayaking and canoeing), we worked on the construction of the mechanical components and software parameters for a machine specific for rafters. In the second year, . . . → Read More: Rafting training and competing indoors anyone?
Riverboard / Hydrospeed standards introduced by the IRF
Posted: 28 Nov 2012 11:44 PM

The growing activity of riverboarding / hydrospeeds around the world has seen the need to bring some structure and standards to ensure quality trips are being run.

Riverboard guides approached the IRF to look into developing an international scheme that could provide commercial operators, industry organizations, national federations, government regulators and other interested parties worldwide with a common standard for all whitewater professionals. And so the IRF will be adding this newly developed Assessment Scheme as a new section under its Guide Training & Education portfolio!

There is also now a Guide Training Program to provide riverboard/hydrospeed instructors with a checklist of the essential skills and knowledge that a riveboard/hydrospeed trainee guide must learn in order to be a competent riverboard/hydrospeed guide.

Keep an eye on the new page for riverboard / hydrospeed for updates to the scheme.

Thanks to Huw Miles for his work on these documents. Huw will be heading up the newly formed . . . → Read More: Riverboard / Hydrospeed standards introduced by the IRF

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