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To Participants of the IRF 2015 World Rafting Champs
The 2015 World Rafting Champs start in a month's time - are you ready! 
Travel Insurance
Reminder to you all to get your own travel insurance. Accidents or illness can happen when travelling and, although there will be event medical assistance and cover, it never covers everything.
You can't drink from the taps. So if you have water purifiers bring them along.

The prices to buy water are about 0.5 USD per bottle (1.5L) or 2.5 USD per gallon (14L).

Let's try keep the plastic bottles we throw away to a minimum!!!!
Checks on ages and nationalities!
Judges will be checking to ensure each competitor is within the age ranges of their specific age categories. So make sure all your paddlers are within the correct ranges as specified in the Race Rules!!!!

The same for nationalities. Check the rules to make sure everyone in your team is complying.

If you are not within the rules for this you will NOT be allowed to paddle!!!!  
Experienced racer? But never get a chance to do the Judge's course because you are always racing?
We will be running a special Judge's exam at the start of the event for all those experienced racers who would like to become Judges. If you are interested in this then contact IRF Admin for full details.
Please use #irfwrc on your Facebook and Twitter posts!
If we all use the same hashtag then it is easy to follow posts about the event.

Twitter feed can be seen on our website - in the left hand column on our website you can follow the #irfwrc twitter feeds.
We know there is internet about 500m away from the river and they are trying to get it next to the river. If it is at the river we will run the Live Blog throughout the races. If not, then we will do updates in between runs and after each race.
Where to follow the event


Please forward this to all in your team. Thanks

Happy paddling and get wet soon,

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