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Extraordinary Congress Agenda and Proposals
Below are the links to the Agenda and Proposals for the Extraordinary Congress and the Budget Proposal for 2015.

Please read carefully.

The dates of the meetings are: 11 Oct and 13 Oct. The meetings will be held at Hotel Foz do Iguaçu, Brasil, in the evening - the exact time will be confirmed closer to the time.
Federation Representatives
Please ensure you are represented at the Congress!!! Send the name and email address through to IRF Admin as to who your representative is.

If one of your committee is not going to be at the event you can either:
  • appoint one of the team members from your country to represent your federation. Or
  • you can appoint a proxy to represent you. This can be any other person attending the congress. They can then vote for you and ensure your opinions are heard.
It is essential we have a quorum (at least 25 member countries represented) and to also hear everyone's view points and votes.
Please share so that we ensure everyone knows about this as soon as possible. Thanks.
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