Rafting Rhapsody: A 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age

IRF media contributor Annalee Decker took the plunge at the end of last year and shares with us her 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age story – a Rafting Rhapsody. Rafting Rhapsody: A 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age The angle was wrong. I knew it and he knew it. Hunched down in the front

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1st women only guide workshop in Mexico

By Ena Buenfil This summer the 1st women only guide workshop was held in the Huasteca Potosina region, Mexico. The area has great potential for rafting activity with beautiful rivers of different classifications in states such as: Veracruz, Morelos, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas and of course San Luis Potosí in the Huasteca region. Eight women attended

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ARF AGM reaching equality

Reaching equality: ARF elects Commitee of more than 50% women

The Australian Rafting Federation (ARF) held their Annual General Meeting on 17th June, at which they elected a new Committee for the 2021/22 year. In a resounding effort for reaching equality, more than 50% of the committee are women! The new committee comprises of familiar faces to many on the racing circuit including recent Order

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Don't panic - take an IRF GTE course
Guide / Safety

Don’t Panic: Take an IRF GTE Workshop

Don’t Panic: Take an IRF GTE Workshop Since the release of my first article with the IRF, “5 Steps to Becoming a Rafting Wild Whitewater Woman”, I have been afforded the unique privileges of connecting with a diverse range of people & organisations operating within the outdoor industry; publishing a second article in which I

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Minding edges
Guide / Safety

Minding edges to improve on water performance

Following on from our introduction last year, we catch up with Annalee Decker for her thoughts on what off water endeavours can bring to on water improvement. Minding edges – by Annalee Decker I’ve often been told the most difficult part of any adventure is the first step. However, through my wanderings in water and

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Wild Whitewater Woman - Annalee Decker

5 steps to becoming a rafting Wild Whitewater Woman

Annalee Decker shares with us her journey to becoming a rafting Wild Whitewater Woman and the five steps it takes to become one too. It was a hot summer afternoon that I accomplished my near-obsessive mission of becoming a professional raft guide at the US National White Water Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, NC. My final

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HungaroRaft Women on Soca 2

HungaroRaft women’s team find new ways to train

For HungaroRaft Women’s team, racing has not been possible this year. Hungary doesn’t have suitable white water for the team to train on so they had to find new places and ingenious ways to train this year. Today we catch up with Lilla Süveges, captain of the HungaroRaft Women’s Team. HungaroRaft Women’s team on the

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