WRC 2017 – NED Open Men (Mix) Team

We first talked to this team back in 2012 about WRC in Czech,  then before going to Brazil for WRC R4 in 2014, and after that before WRC 2016 in Al Ain. This time we asked them about their preparation for IRF WRC 2017 in Japan: “Jenita Göbel, we’re interested in how you got into this team?

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Refreshed NED U23 Men’s team coming to Al Ain

We are one step away from the beginning of the WRC competition, and we present to you once again the unusual combination in the U23 Men’s team from Holland, that are coming to the WRC, a mixed team. Forward Motion has long been present on the rafting scene (team-forward-motion-likes-sports-rafting), (forward-motion-again) , but now we see them

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Youth Sprint

The 1st youth Teva world rafting championship started at 8pm on the artificial course at Dutch water Dreams in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. The Russian ladies team will go down in history as the first team to compete in a youth world championship, the first team to start on an artificial course and the first R4 world

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