The IRF Euro Cup 2019 series winners are….

The final Euro Cup Series events took place earlier this month, and with that the 2019 series has drawn to a close and the Euro Cup champions can be declared! The EC R4 was very popular this year with a total of 108 teams taking part…

IRF Euro Cup races off to a big start

This year' IRF Euro Cup series started on the Buzau River in Nehoiu, Romania, fondly referred to as the Dracula Race. Teams from as far away as Great Britain attended the event and were delighted to enjoy a great river in very different…
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What’s coming up on the IRF events calendar?

This is always a very busy time in the IRF with the Northern Hemisphere season kicking off, and this year we add to that by having our World Champs and our Congress in May! The racing season picks up pace and there are plenty of GTE Workshops…

More 2019 raft races than you can shake a paddle at!

It's only mid January and we have 18 raft race events already in the diary (at the time of publication). This number will increase in the coming weeks as organisers confirm dates for other events. 2019 is shaping up to be the year that your…

2018 Euro Cup Rafting Series comes to a close

With the final event of the series recently being held in Slovenia on the Soca River near Solkan, the 2018 European Cup Series has drawn to a close. There were 6 events in the R4 series with some locations opting for R4 so teams planning…

Rafting clubs launch their bids in Austria to win the World Cup series

The recent IRF Euro Cup (EC) event in Wildalpen, Austria was the second in the 2018 EC series, the first being the Dracula Race in Romania. And it was the first in the 2018 World Cup series, with the second event being the Pre-Worlds in…

Euro Cup rafting series closes for 2017

And here we are, summing up another Euro Cup season that is now behind us.  We had a difficult beginning to the season with two competitions being cancelled at the very start, one because of excessive amount of water (Tacen, SLO) and the…


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Devil’s Stream Euro & Czech Cups 🇨🇿

IRF Euro Cup R4 & R6 - Devil's stream (Čertovy proudy), Vltava river, Lipno Downriver
Troja Euro Cup - Prague White Water Centre
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Troja Euro Cup 2020 🇨🇿

Join us this August when Czech Union of Boaters (Rafting) & Raft Klub Troja Prague bring us Troja Euro Cup 2020. This is the second Czech Euro Cup event this year. This highly popular event features both Sprint (Time Trial) and Slalom.…