Trnávka 2021 brought sunshine, smiles and friends

Trnávka 2021 European Cup R4 + R6 @ Trnávka Slalom Course, Želiv 🇨🇿 The second weekend of September closed this year’s Czech raft season. One of the most difficult slalom courses in the world hosted the European Cup and the Czech Chamiponship, with the participation of the top Czech rafting teams and several foreign crews.

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Czech racing

Czech racing season in full swing

Czech racing season in full swing Written by Libor Peška on June 16, 2021 After a series of many canceled spring races, sport rafting has finally arrived. The 2021 season began at the beginning of June with the R6 Championship of the Czech Republic in Roudnice nad Labem. This event was also the first of the

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