Get to know our Athletes’ Commission members

We at IRF want to believe that we are one big family and act accordingly. We take care of all our ‘children’ and work every day to improve ways to keep each of you with a smile on your face. In order to be successful in this, we must be well organized, with a good

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Calling for candidates for the 2022 Athletes’ Commission

The 2022 Athletes’ Commission nominations are now open. The Athletes’ Commission is usually elected each year during the World Rafting Championships (WRC), to represent the views of the Athletes within the IRF. With no WRC since 2019 no elections have been held and so the same Commission has been in place since then. Now that

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Nikki Kelly voted as Chair of the new IRF Athletes’ Commission

The IRF Athletes’ Commission is one of the recent changes to the IRF Bylaws, and the Chair of this commission would be a member of the Board of Directors (BOD). This first commission, as per Bylaws, was appointed by the BOD. From next year on this commission will be voted for by the athletes themselves. The

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