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Voidomatis River, Greece

upper Voidomatis 5 km (kayaks or inline boats)
lower Voidomatis 6 km  (all kinds of boats)
How to get there: From the city of Ioannina, you take the road to Konitsa and 4 km after Kalpaki village (before you reach Konitsa) you follow the road to Aristi village.
Put in: For the upper part (first canyon), you pass through Aristi and take the road to Vikos village. At the entrance of Vikos village you have to carry your boat and equipment down a footpath to the springs of Voidomatis (approximately 40 min.) For the lower part (second canyon) put in is by the bridge on the road between Aristi and Papingo, 10 minutes after Aristi village.
Take out: For the upper part it is the bridge between Aristi and Papingo, for the lower part it is the old beautiful wide arch bridge close to the road to Konitsa.
River description: Upper part is class II and III through narrow rock gardens. Lower part is class I – II, only watch out for fallen trees and near the last take out is a small artificial dam that you can pass from the left side, also is portable from both sides.
Voidomatis is one of the most beautiful rivers in Greece with amazing scenery and clean, ice-blue drinkable water.
Commercial companies running it: TREKKING HELLAS EPIRUS – //www.trekking.gr/outdoor-holidays-in-greece/destination/epirus/rafting-voidomatis. email: epirus@trekking.gr,
Tel.: +30 26510 71703
For further information contact me at  gipoulopoulos@yahoo.gr , tel. +30 6945 154 101