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Tara and Drina Rivers, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tara and Drina Rivers – Bosnia & Herzegovina


How to get there: near the city of Foca, Tara is partly a natural border between Bosnia and Montenegro. Can be reached by your own transport, as well as through agencies that deal with commercial rafting.

River Description: the canyon of the river Tara is one of the most deepest in the world. Then, the river Tara is the biggest reservoir of the drinking water in Europe. The rafting journey is very exciting and its 120 kilometers long with a numbered of falls and water rapids.

Tara is navigable to the 95km of its course. Her most exciting part is the last 20km, from the place called Brštanovica, the compositions of river Piva, where it occurs the Drina. This course it is a natural border between Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska. In this part there are over 20 beautiful, exciting and biggest rapids, which will lead you to the phenomenal excitement and adrenaline rush of ecstasy. How do we start with Brátanoöice respectively come Brátenovaki buk, Borovi, Varda, †elije, Mladiki, Grab, Œegrla Papratiáta … etc.. Depending on water level of the river, is changing and the length of the downhill of about 1.5h April and May, to about 5h in September and October. During the descent we make several breaks, which catch your breath, is addeä to the distance traveled impressions I look around the environment. At certain places, the bravest can try and jump in with some natural jump in the rocks. As a kind of attraction on the lower canyon stand out so-called Manita springs, which from a height of about 20m falls at Tara, I àipanica waterfall. Fantastic experience whån on the water at some point find a lot of boats full of cheerful and cheering people who are here for fun and entertainment ..
The Tara River during the year has a variation in the level and amount of water, so changing the excitement it offers. She has the tallest water level in April and May, and then its rapids reach the value of IV, V and sometimes VI level, measured by international standards. We do not recommend coming unexperienced and less adventure-minded people. The best word to describe rafting in this time of year would be simple – extreme! With the coming of real summer heat, the water level drops, so and the decrease of waterfalls located on the river. In late September and early October, is the lowest water level. The specificity of Tara is the just that it is constantly changing, every year is different. In his bed made ‹‹each year by a new rapid, and swallowed some old.

Companies running it: Rafting Tara ; Rafting Klub Tara-RaftTara Sport Rafting.