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Mreznica river- Slunj, Croatia

Mreznica river- city of Slunj, Karlovac region, Croatia

The river Mreznica iz located near the city of Slunj, in the Karlovac region.  To get to it  one must take the D1 road through Slunj to Kukački and Ogulin towards Primišlje and drive until you reach the bridge over the river Mreznice, where there is a road next to the bridge going into the Canyon park Vrela Mreznice. It is located 18km from Slunj.

Slunj was the host town for the 2008. Euro rafting cup held in april, and it will be again as it offers the best conditions for such an event.

Best way of transport is private transport or commercial- bus. The nearest aeroport is in Zagreb, a 2 hour drive.

The river is one of the most beautifull in all Croatia, with amazing scenery, small waterfalls, kaskades, canyonns and so on. It’s runnable from may to september and best for rafting and kayaking. High water period is normally in mid may. The trip lasts for up to 3 hours.

Company running it: Slunjčica d.d. for tourism and hospitality from the city Slunj. The company has a 50 year old tradition in tourism in this region. It offers kamping and water sports in it’s new Canyon park Vrela Mreznice, hospitality in it’s Pansion Park and great gastronomy offers in it’s restaurants.

For more information and photoes of the river Mreznica visite our web site: //www.slunjcica.hr

Tel: +385 47 777-444


e-mail: slunjcica1@ka.t-com.hr