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Kitka River

How to get there: River Kitka is located in northern part of Finland near the eastern

border. The nearest city to river Kitka is Kuusamo. The easiest

way to reach Kuusamo and river kitka is to fly to Kuusamo from

Helsinki and from there use public transportation (bus, taxi) or

rent a car from the airport. There are plenty of different types of

accommodation available (hotels, cabins, camping sites) in town

and near the river.

The river: River Kitka consists of 2 parts separated by lakes. The upper half

of river Kitka features 7 rapids ranging from grades I to III. The

first 3 rapids are grade I, following 2 are grade II, the sixth rapid is

grade III and the seventh is grade I.

The lower half of River Kitka features several rapids ranging from

grade I to VI. The first 2 rapids are grade III, followed by a 906

meter long grade IV with vertical descent of 23 meters. After the

grade IV rapid there is a grade VI waterfall that has to be passed

by foot. After the waterfall, the river continues as grade I to III for

several kilometers all the way to the Russian border.

The river is available for rafting from mid-may to the end of


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