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Imster Gorge, Austria

Imster Gorge – Imst-Haiming, Tirol , Austria , Alpes, Europe

How to get there: Contact Natur Pur (www.rafting-canyoning.de) or any tourist information close to Imst, Haiming or Sautens in Tirol .

Haiming and Imst are on the banks of the Tyrolean Inn and they are easy to reach, lying directly on the autobahn between Innsbruck and Landeck. It is a centre for some of the best rivers in Austria so is home to many rafting companies

River description: Class II and III. The river Inn in Austria is the ideal rafting playground. It is also the most popular and significant river for white water sports in the alpine region. It is characterized by spectacular big wild water without any visible rocks and boulders between the city of Imst and the village of Haiming . Due to the width of the river and no large obstacles this can be considered a ‘safe river’ from start to finish in most times. The huge amounts of water flowing down in spring and early summer, creates awesome waves and stoppers, changing your rafting tour into an unforgettable adventure.

Commercial companies running it:
Natur Pur Outdoorsports GmbH (www.rafting-canyoning.de),
Dorfstr. 7, A-6432 Sautens/Ötztal,
Tel.: +49 8052 711333

Tel.:+43 5252 20157
Fax: +49 8052 5427
E-Mail: info@natur-pur.org;

Oetztaler Outdoorsports GmbH (www.outdoor-parcours.com).

For maps, pictures and more check it out: