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Chagres River, Panama

Chagres River – Northeast of Panama City, Panama, Central America, past Cerro Azul Mountains.

How to get there: Contact Aventuras Panama or else be ready to contract an extreme 4×4 vehicle and driver, mules and labor to get gear through a jungle trail, and a motor boat piragua to get out when the river encounters Madden Lake.  Usually from june through january it is possible to shorten the way to Chagres River by putting in at Rio Piedras, its tributary.

River description: Class II and III.  It is not only  rafting but a jungle experience.  It is the closest remote jungle out of Panama City: Chagres National Park.  Commercial trips are usually more than 12 hrs, starting at 5:00 am and returning around 7:00 pm.  The trip is called the Chagres Challenge and there is no other way to make it shorter.  With out having the logistics set up by a third party it could take you up to 2-3 days to do this journey.

Commercial companies running it.  Aventuras Panama, //www.aventuraspanama.com , pioneered this adventure in 1994 and still is the only company that runs it.

Photos: For maps, pictures and more check it out