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Arahthose River, Greece

Arahthos River – Region of Epirus – Greece
Arahthos is one of the longest rivers in Greece. Its name means great volume of water and in the winter time you can understand why.
How to get there: from the city of Ioannina you take the road to Charokopi and continue along the same road to Petrovouni. On the road between these two villages is the bridge of Tsimovo.
Put in – take out: the first is by the bridge of Tsimovo, the  second at the old bridge of Politsa just off the road joining villages Lazena and Ampelohori, the third near the old bridge of Plaka and the last, by the bridge of Tzari, on the road between the villages Skoupa and Rodavgi; this is suitable for take out, since after this bridῧe the river becomes flat.
River description: At the put in point you start with a class III+ rapid that is the most difficult on the Arahthos river. There are two boulder gardens, the first 150m long and the second 50m long that are separated by a short reach of calm water. Both are portable from the left. After the first two rapids the  river becomes class II with big turns and small rapids of class III-.
7 km down the river from the starting point you meet the Kalaritikos river that is a secondary river off Arahthos and 2km after that you arrive at the first take out, the old bridge of Politsa.
5km down the river towers of limestones watch over the canyon entrance of the 2 km Arahthos canyon. It is a safe canyon with no rapids, but caution is necessary when it rains as small rocks fall from the canyon sides and can be dangerous. 2 km beyond the canyon you arrive at the second take out, the old bridge of Plaka. If you want you can continue for another 12 km to the Tzaris road bridge but you need a sufficient level of water because after Plakas bridge the river becomes very wide.
Commercial companies running it:
TREKKING HELLAS EPIRUS  email: epirus@trekking.gr , //www.trekking.gr/outdoor-holidays-in-greece/destination/epirus/rafting-arachthos,
Tel.: +30 26510 71703
VIA NATURA , www.vianatura.gr
For further information contact me at  gipoulopoulos@yahoo.gr , tel. +30 6945 154 101