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Alaraçay River

Where it is: The Alaraçay in Turkey is located in the governorate Antalya, between the districts of Alanya and Manavgat; The nearest town is Alanya (35 km), while the closest airport is Antalya.

How to get there: To arrive at the several points of entry a long forest road, you may contact or take your own vehicle.

River description: The Alaracay is rated a WW III+ continuously (except one waterfall WW VI), and an ideal rafting playground. All types of crafts can be used; however canoes for 3-5 persons are suited best, especially in late summer. A tour can be varied in length from 15-28 km. But main entry point is in the west of the village ˜Güzelbag™, which leads to a regular tour with 15-20 km depending on the season. Final destination is the Alara Castle and the ˜Alarahan™ caravan seraglio.

The surrounding terrain is impressive, with rough rocks, rock walls and an untouched nature. Even some old imperial bridges from the Romans are crossed. Fresh water springs and natural sand banks offer welcome opportunities for recreation breaks.

The river is characterized by spectacular medium wild water with visible rocks and boulders between. Due to the medium width of the river with few large obstacles this can be considered a ‘safe river’ from start to finish in most times. However in one section there is a waterfall, which can be regarded a WW VI. This single point can not be recommended to be rafted and the boats have to be taken over the waterfall. The huge amounts of water flowing down in spring and early summer, creates awesome waves and stoppers,ᾠchanging y`ur rafting tour into an unforgettable adventure.