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Osum River

Where it is: Albania, Berat District, Corovoda.

How to get there: At the moment you will need a 4×4 car, but the road is under construction and then will be  suitable for any kind of car.

River description: Grade III? Pool-drop? Best for  raft,  kayak?

The Osumi River canyon is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Albania. During the spring, high water from melting snow make it possible to explore all 26 km (16 mi) of the canyon from the river. Spring is also the best time to view the many waterfalls in the canyons, which thunder from above as explorers pass below on boats. The rapids are Class-III, so one does not need prior white water experience to join the fun. At the end of the summer, when the water is lower, boating the full length of the canyon is not possible, but there are many wonderful hikes with opportunities for swimming in various pools and streams. The edges of the canyon are notable for its unique ecosystem that preserves the greenery on both sides of canyon year-round. Mediterranean bushes like heath and briar flourish along with a rich and lively world of flora and fauna. On the slopes of the canyon, erosive activity has created pockmarked cavern walls, with small caves to explore as well. Some of the rock formations in the canyon have fanciful names such as the Cathedral, the Eye, and the Demon’s Door.
Best Seasons for Experiencing the river
The best months for rafting on the Osumi River are February to June.
Licensed Rafting Company: ALBANIA RAFTING GROUP
Berat, BR 5001 00355 672006621

Thanks to Blerina for providing the information.