Return to Tara Canyon

Are you ready to return to Tara Canyon?

On a mission to win more medals, the Russian Rafting Federation sent teams to make a return to Tara Canyon to compete in the Tara Cup 2021. The stunning Tara Canyon forms 36kms of the border between Montenegro and Republika Srpska in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was here that the 2009 IRF World Rafting Championship

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Top national teams to Vrbas

World Cup 2021 brings top national teams to Vrbas

The IRF World Cup 2021 Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina brought top national teams to Vrbas river! From 18 – 21 June this year, Republika Srpska once again hosted the Rafting World Cup. Rafting Klub Kanyon were the formidable hosts that all rafters have known for decades as the home of rafting in eastern Europe.

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Rohozec Cup 2021 - Marťas Šálek a

Sunshine, smiles and reward at Rohozec Cup 2021

Last weekend’s Rohozec Cup 2021 in České Vrbné, Czechia, tested the most experienced rafting competitors. During these times of  coronavirus, quality raft races are limited. In České Budějovice, everything turned around for the positive. A large number of Czech crews took part in Rohozec Cup 2021. After all, this event wasn’t just a Czech Cup,

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Inter-Rally-Belaya-2021 brings the #riverfamily together for the 46th time!

Earlier this month the Russian Rafting Championship “Inter-Rally-Belaya-2021” was held on the Toporiki and Moskovskaya Bochka rapids of the Belaya River, Khamyshki, Republic of Adygea. The excellent and warm weather along with traditional North Cacasus hospitality greeted a massive number of 41 crews participating in R4 and R6, men’s and women’s divisions. Teams came from

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Czech racing

Czech racing season in full swing

Czech racing season in full swing Written by Libor Peška on June 16, 2021 After a series of many canceled spring races, sport rafting has finally arrived. The 2021 season began at the beginning of June with the R6 Championship of the Czech Republic in Roudnice nad Labem. This event was also the first of the

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Ducky Madness
Guide / Safety

Ducky Madness – An Adventure Down Pine Creek

Ducky Madness – An Adventure Down Pine Creek by Monica Nigon in Rafting Magazine A ducky is perhaps the most absurd of whitewater crafts. Elitists might call it an inflatable kayak, but I find it more akin to a high-buoyancy bathtub. It combines the best qualities of a raft and the best qualities of a

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World Oceans Day 2021

World Oceans Day 2021: what, why and how to get involved

For World Oceans Day 2021 we take a look at what we can do in our rivers to help protect our oceans. Rivers come in all shapes and sizes. One thing they have in common is they start somewhere higher than they finish. Rivers finish their journey in bodies of water. For many, this is

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4th memorial race - Priboj

добродошли! Priboj welcomed the 4th memorial race

Last weekend, Rafting Asocijacija Srbije (Rafting Association Serbia – RAS) held the 4th memorial race for Aleksa Kojadinović on the river Lim, Priboj, Serbia. It was also the 2nd event in the IRF’s 2021 Euro Cup Series, the Dracula Race having been the first. Despite a smaller number of teams competing due to the pandemic,

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Para Rafting

Accessible Tourism – a great way to boost your numbers

What is accessible tourism? Accessible tourism is also known as Inclusive tourism, but what ever you call it, or however you define it, the meaning and aim is the same. “Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products, and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical or intellectual limitations,

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