WRC 2022 team registration

WRC 2022 team entry deadline fast approaching

The official World Rafting Championships WRC 2022 team entry closing date coming up fast. All teams should register sooner rather than later. With no official World Rafting Championships for the last two years, excitement is running high and a record number of teams is expected to attend the IRF 2022 World Rafting Championships! Team numbers

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Welcome to Honorary IRF BOD members

The IRF warmly welcomes two recently appointed Honorary IRF BOD members – neither of whom are strangers to the IRF Board of Directors, or indeed to many of you. Peter Micheler As a past IRF President, Peter was bestowed the title of Honorary President at the 2021 Congress. Honorary Presidents primarily serve as an IRF

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2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age
Guide / Safety

Rafting Rhapsody: A 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age

IRF media contributor Annalee Decker took the plunge at the end of last year and shares with us her 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age story – a Rafting Rhapsody. Rafting Rhapsody: A 2021 Grand Canyon Coming of Age The angle was wrong. I knew it and he knew it. Hunched down in the front

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Royal Gorge River Initiative Organization cleaning up

Royal Gorge River Initiative Organization is teaming up with American Rivers to sponsor 2022’s Royal Gorge RIO River Clean-Up. Last year they hosted a 35-mile river clean-up which saw them pulling thousand of pounds of rubbish out of the river. This year the clean-up will be on the 1st May 2022, and volunteers are needed.

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WRC 2022 Bosnia

Registration now open for WRC 2022 Bosnia

National Member federations are now invited to register their teams for WRC 2022 Bosnia The International Rafting Federation welcomes all national members to submit entry forms for their teams who have met national selection criteria for the IRF World Rafting Championshops 2022. Event details: Dates: 25 May – 01 June 2022 Host: Rafting Klub Kanjon

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Wiley E Waters River Clean Up

Wiley E. Waters hits the Spokane twice a year for river clean up

Wiley E. Waters partners with the Spokane River Keeper at least twice a year to clean up unnecessary waste in the Spokane River. Teams meet up late in the summer when the water lowers, and the shoreline becomes exposed on the River in Spokane, Washington state, USA. Crews bring about three rafts, usually snagging over

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Year in Review 2021

IRF President’s Year in Review 2021

President’s Year in Review 2021 – Joseph Willis Jones, IRF President Dear Friends, Wherever you are in the world and whatever your relationship with our beautiful sport of rafting, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy New Year, and that all your hopes and dreams are realised in 2022.

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WRC 2022 Age Divisions
Race Rules

How to work out your WRC 2022 Age Division for WRC Bosnia 2022

National selections coming up and not sure which WRC 2022 Age Division you are? Use the handy checklist below to work out your eligible age divisions. Age Divisions are how the IRF separates competitors into groups of similar capabilities by age. The IRF uses four divisions: Junior (U19), Youth (U23), Open, and Masters (40+). WRC

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ARK Inflatables auction

ARK Inflatables auction winner 2021 announced

Our ARK Inflatables auction 2021 drew to a close last month with one lucky winner – Rich Domleo. Rich can be seen in the photo shouting out his excitement for winning the auction. Rich is now the proud owner of 1x ARK Inflatables 2021 Croc (R2) and 1x ARK Inflatables 2021 Solo Adventurer Prawn (R1).

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