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ERC Vrbas, Bosnia
Results and media

EC Results so far
R6: OM; OW. R4: OM; OW.

EC Trnavka
Results: Sprint; Slalom. Photos.

WRC 2019, Tully
Results, Photos, press releases, etc

EC Wildalpen
Results: OM, U23M, OW; Photos

EC Priboj, Serbia
Results; Photos

EC Nottingham
Results, Photos: -1-, -2-, -3-. H2H Video

EC Romania, Dracula Race
Results; Photos

WRC 2018
All results

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Media Contributors

Nada – was passionate about rafting and has raced in the Serbian women’s team. She was the key to finding all the interesting pictures and videos we posted on our facebook pages for many years,  as well as being liaison between the IRF and teams for articles.  To see the articles Nada has written go to the search box at the top right hand side of our website and search “article by Nada”. 

Mark Hirst – a British raft guide working in Iceland. Mark is also an IRF GT&E Instructor and has run courses in Iceland. Norway, Nepal and India. His passion for the sport can be felt in the articles he writes.

Neil Newton Jones – is an IRF Guide Instructor and Safety Craft Instructor as well as a Rescue 3 Instructor. His articles on swift water safety have been generously shared with us.

Rescue for River Runners – is a unique program that goes beyond the fundamentals of typical Swiftwater Rescue Training.  It encompasses all that is involved in safety and rescue for running rivers.  Included within the series will be advanced extraction, group/river dynamics, river first aid, and more.

Canada Women’s team – is a very competitive rafting team that enjoys sharing their news

Yanne Golev – a photographer who hails from Bulgaria

Jan Homolka Photography – Jan was the official photographer of the Youth & Masters WRC in Euro Champs in 2012 in the Czech Rep.

Yosuke Kashiwakura – was the official photographer of the 2011 WRC in Costa Rica



The 2013 WRC in New Zealand


Paddling Life – Eugene Buchanan is an enthusiastic kayaker that has attended many of our World Champs in far flung corners of the world.