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    9. From an administrative and organiser point of view, I agree that the cost and time dedicated to medals and ceremonies is very difficult. But in the end the reason for medals is to recognise an athlete’s efforts and those of their sponsors, club and national federation so I believe the cost and time spent is justified. I will side with the athlete’s committee and disagree with this proposal.

    10. I agree that the sprint should revert back to its original designation as ONLY a time trial for the H2H, and that the 100 points that are given to the sprint should be given back to the H2H. I agree that dropping sprint as a medal discipline will help lower cost and time for ceremonies and thus partially address the concerns raised in proposal 9. And I agree that the new H2H format deserves more points – at least equal to the slalom.

    Also, I want to note that from the spectators viewpoint, the sprint is quite boring. Over the years, I have watched a lot of people come to see a raft race for the first time, and grow disinterested and leave after watching the sprint. I believe that if the H2H is the first event, that this will not happen. As a sport, if we are to grow and gain interest and viewers, we must consider this aspect.

    11. This is a tough call, but I disagree. If 10 is accepted, then my preference is 300, 300, 400. Rather than reduce points for all DR’s because the whitewater on a DR course may not be challenging enough, I believe it would be better to adjust the points for those specific occurrences, or consider innovative ways to make the DR more challenging. More so than the whitewater, often the most challenging aspect of the DR is the required endurance.

    12. I agree this should be changed – I think that a tighter scoring system will be much better for the event and more fair, however I do not have a specific opinion on whether this proposal offers the best way to accomplish this. I am open to hearing ideas.

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