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The final day of racing went well with a good start, some passing on the course for various reasons and a a few swimmers in the last rapid.  The start had 3 teams going head to head and they did battle for positions before the right river channel narrowed.  There where no penalties and the starts were clean.  In the race there was some passing and a couple teams gained positions based on good choice of lines.  In the end the downriver was dominated by the Czech Teams with TR Teva Czech in the women’s and TR Rafting Morava taking first.

After the race teams drove to Turrialba for a final lunch at El Fogon Chamo which also included a ceremony and plenty of beers thanks to Rios Tropicales.  So the 2010 Costa Rica pre worlds comes to an end.  A lot was learnt by all so that come October 5th 2011 we are set to go for the World Rafting Championships. Thanks to everyone who made the event happen and for the teams who gave it their all in the races.  We look forward to  coming back

Pura Vida


By IRF, on October 10th, 2010

Today’s slalom of 14 gates proved to have quite a few challenges for teams. The first drop straight into the hole got teams going and set them up for the more technical gates downstream. The power move was navigating gates 9, 10, and 11 — all upstream gates, with two ferries and a surf. The most entertaining gate was 14, where teams were diving toward various parts of the raft to avoid 50-second penalities. In the end, the Czech women, once again, proved their skill and competence, by winning with a best time that was a well more than a minute faster than the U.S. women. Costa Rica women took third. Although the new team from Venezuela struggled with the course, their positive attitude and effort are part of what make events so worth the effort.

In the men’s division, TR Rafting Morava, from the Czech Republic, took first, over their countrymen of Bestie Stream Troja, though only by 15 seconds. Team Brazil held their ground, winning third place in the slalom.

Tomorrow’s downriver (start order) is vital, as both Brazil and TR Rafting Morava are currently tied for first place. Following are links to updated results, a mixed gallery of photos from the past three days, and one more link to our YouTube video from yesterday’s head to head race.

Check back tomorrow for the final results!

Pura vida!

By IRF, on October 9th, 2010

Todays’ events had some highlights. 2 of the Czech men swam in the sprint but the overall result  for the men had Brazil in first, USA second and TR Rafting Morava in 3rd.   Int he women a  great showing by Costa Rica put them in 2nd place in front of the USA team but the team led by Michaela Kratochvilova reigned supreme.  The Head to  Head had some great battles but in general a pretty clean race.  Water levels have remained the same for the past 4 days which is unheard of in the rainy season.  Below is the results and a couple videos from the day are in the process of being uploaded.  Looking forward to a tough slalom tomorrow with some moves teams will need to think about and work on slowing down so they can make the gates and correct choices of line.. Will see how it all goes and get you the skinny after the days events, the drive back to Turrialba and of course dinner and and most likely a beer.

By IRF, on October 8th, 2010

Teams are set to go for the first day of racing.  Tomorrow’s events are the Sprint and Head to Head (H2H).  The sprint course is fairly straight forward, while the H2H start has been moved upstream to include the bigger rapids.  We will post race pictures and results tomorrow night after the event. The official opening ceremony was held last night, with teams parading down the main street of La Suiza.  Teams did a downriver run this morning and some slalom practice in the afternoon.  Not all the gates were up and a few surprises are in stall for the racers.  Enjoy the pics below (the town of La Suiza, the town of San Joaquin surrounded by jungle and the slalom course section). Check back tomorrow for more from the first day of racing. Pura Vida!

By IRF, on October 6th, 2010

Teams got their first opportunity to raft the sprint, H2H and Slalom section. Working around the collapsed bridge we moved all the events into one section of whitewater. So far teams seem pleased with it and are settling in.  The atmosphere is good with a lot of smiles, good conversation, relaxed teams when off the river and even a few beers got drunk.  No team had any trouble with the whitewater and safety did nothing more than watch which is always a good thing.  Tomorrow  teams will tackle the downriver. The first of 2 days training for the Downriver.

By IRF, on October 5th, 2010

Today was a fun day of adventure and final planning.  Our plan for the day was to find a new put-in for the river, so we could add 10 minutes to the downriver, just so competitors will have to work that much harder. We almost made it until we came across the part of the road completely washed out by recent rains. After backtracking a bit, we talked to some local farmers, who, in typical Costa Rican fashion, were fantastic people who were happy to allow us to use their property for access.  Once on the river, we found a public road on river left that will cut down the drive time, so we won’t have any access issues for the practice or the final race run.

The DR is a great racing section. It is continuous almost all the way down and has some good rapids. There are multiple options along the river channel, giving teams ample chances to pass in many places.  It is a definitely whitewater course, and one of the bigger races we have seen in the past few years.  The downriver race ends in San Joaquin, home of the sprint, H2H and Slalom. The sprint starts with a bang on a fairly straightforward run to the end. The H2H is shaping up to be a good race with nice lines, though we are still searching for that perfect fair start. We’ll see how it develops tomorrow, when teams help us practice the start. As for the slalom, there are some hard, powerful moves and the classic need for finesse.  Teams that can read water, use the water to their advantage and work well together are certainly at an advantage.

The Pre-Worlds officially begin tomorrow with practice runs. The first day of actual racing is Friday, with the Sprint and Head to Head; Saturday is the Slalom; and Sunday, the downriver.  Keep checking back each day for more news and photos.

Before we log off tonight, however, we want to make sure to say a huge thanks to all the people helping make this event happen. Not only the river crew pictured here, but also the people from all the communities who have been active in making things happen . . . making sure the food is there, the buses arrive on time, trails are made, and the people are there to cheer your accomplishments on the river.





Pacuare and Reventazon


6 – 10 October 2010




Rafael Gallo


September 15 , 2010


$100 per team (Transport, food and lodging will be covered by each team)


Oct 6 Training and opening ceremony
Oct7 R6 SPRINT/Pacuare
Oct 8 R6 H2H/ Reventazon Class IV plus
Oct 9 R6 SLALOM/ Reventazon Class IV
Oct 10 R6 DOWNRIVER/ Reventazon Class IV plus Closing ceremony


The Pre Worlds will use the IRF rules.








The Pacuare river is one of the best 10 in the world, for its rapids, its flora and fauna, it is inside the wild and scenic area next to Barbilla National Park. It is unofficial but it is about to be declared a free river from Dam threats. We will hold all the races on the Pacuare San Joaquin section which is a Class IV plus, pool drop section with large drops, big rocks and gradient close to 100 ft per mile. Depending on the water level  the down river will be between San Martin and Siquirres or from Bajo Pacuare to San Joaquin.  Either way we will have a world class race on a world class river.  You will not be disappointed by the whitewater sections we race on and the jungle experience will only add to this great location.


14 foot Sotar’s, with three thwarts.


This event will be filmed by a national television. Team’s branding is allowed only on paddles and helmets.


To check if you need the visa to enter into Costa Rica, please check this web site:


Click here for more information on Costa Rica and Turrialba